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pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 ada8000 ultragain pro 8-channel a/d and d/a converter a/d-d/a converters · digital format converters 379 ultramatch pro src2496 high-resolution d3 d/a audio converter accepts digital coaxial or optical signals and converts it to a 2-channel analog audio output you can toggle between coaxial and optical inputs in addition the converter can be powered via the mini usb power supply port sample rate/format converter · use for virtually any digital recording/mixing environment · eight mic preamps with phantom power · all mic/line inputs are routed to the adat output · adat input can be routed to all line outputs #beada8000 217.99 taishan-d03k s/pdif digital to analog converter converts coaxial or optical s/pdif digital audio into a stereo analog output dual rca phono outputs can be connected to an amplifier while a 3.5mm mini stereo output can be used to supply signal to a wireless headphone system #fid03k27.99 24-bit/96khz a/d and d/a conversion plus format conversion between aes/ebu and s/pdif coaxial or optical with high-quality signal output at 16 20 or 24-bit resolution universal sample rate synchronization is done via word-clock or digital input rca and optical outputs are simultaneously operational with separately selectable inputs turning this unit into a digital patch bay #besrc2496 199.99 gtv-aaud-2-digaud a/d audio adapter · converts rca analog l/r audio to s pdif or toslink digital audio · operation of the unit simply requires connecting input and output devices #geatvda63.50 dacmagic 100 digital to analog converter provides two channels of high end digital to analog conversion the result is audio with greater detail sparkling clarity and reduced distortion delivers studio-master-quality audio from sources up to 24-bit/192 khz usb implementation also means high-resolution digital audio files stored on a computer can be shared with a hi-fi three digital connectios are available coaxial and optical s/pdif and usb providing the ability to connect four devices simultaneously in black cadamagi100b or silver cadamagi100s369.00 dacmagic plus digital to analog converter steps up with balanced and unbalanced audio outputs and audio streaming via the optional bt100 bluetooth wireless receiver in black cadamagipb or silver cadamagips 599.00 bt100 bluetooth wireless audio receiver cabt100 99.00 aurora 8 lt-usb a/d-d/a converter a/d-d/a converter that provides digital i/o to computers via its usb 2.0 port it features 8 channels of analog i/o at up to 24-bit and 192khz front panel provides access to settings for sample rate sync source routing and metering included aurora remote control or arc software allows you to adjust the trim settings of individual inputs it also gives you control over the input and output routing of the aurora 8 lt-usb acting as a built-in digital mixer for the unit #lya8cusbc2195.00 ext-ddigaud-2-aaud digital audio to analog adapter · converts s/pdif or toslink digital audio signals to analog l/r audio · samples at 32 44.1 48 and 96khz · 24-bit s/pdif incoming bitstream on left and right channels #gecdaaa53.88 gtv-dd-2-aa digital audio decoder · converts s/pdif or toslink digital audio to l/r analog audio supports up to 6 channels 5.1 surround · of audio encoded in dolby digital · 24-bit incoming bitstream on left and right channels #gecdda 88.99 dacx digital to analog converter two channel stereo digital to analog converter that features an overengineered power supply for delivering high resolution digital audio conversion dual output stage allows for selecting either tube or opamp flavoring the clean op amp stage is best used for a monitoring chain while the tube output stage can be of used in a mastering chain the dacx features dual aes/ebu inputs coaxial and optical s/pdif and usb audio input the selectable up-sampling feature allows for setting multiple output sample rates #lidacx 2299.99 cdl-313 coaxial s/pdif to xlr aes/ebu data link allows simultaneous transfer of two channels of digital audio in either or both directions between aes/ebu on xlrs and s/pdif on rca coaxial connectors make transfers without leaving the digital realm scms is disabled when transferring from s/pdif to aes/ebu #hocdl313 91.95 dacport reference quality usb headphone dac proprietary adaptiwave 24-bit usb audio technology jitterguard clock management system and an audiophile headphone amp deliver pristine-quality playback anywhere plug `n play operation in a cigar-sized anodized aluminum tube #cedacport 299.95 odl-312 optical s/pdif to xlr aes/ebu data link allows simultaneous transfer of two channels of digital audio in either or both directions between aes/ebu on xlr connectors and s/pdif on toslink optical make transfers without leaving the digital realm scms is disabled when transferring from s/pdif to aes/ebu #hoodl312 86.40 toslink optical f to mini-toslink male adapter hooatmp 4.03 uad-2 satellite duo · quad firewire dsp accelerators a simple firewire connection is all it takes to plug your intel-based mac or windows 7 pc into the world s finest analog hardware emulations the uad-2 satellite dsp accelerators offer full access to uad powered plug-ins including exclusive titles from studer ampex lexicon neve manley roland ssl and more uad-2 satellite dsp accelerators are available in two processing levels duo or quad with either two or four individual analog devices sharc processors respectively this outboard processing can provide a big mixing horsepower boost for your host computer letting you run larger mixes filled with rich sonically complex plug-ins no matter what the rest of your system is doing uad-2 satellites are available as custom and ultimate software packages custom includes analog classics bundle plus you can pick any three individual uad plug-ins at registration quad ultimate includes over 55 ua-developed plug-ins up to and including uad software uad-2 satellite duo custom unuad2sduoc 1099.00 uad-2 satellite quad custom unuad2squdcu 1399.00 uad-2 satellite quad ultimate unuad2squadu 4999.00 uad-2 duo custom pcie dsp card with custom bundle unuad2duocus 1099.00 uad-2 octo custom pcie dsp card with custom bundle unuad2octcus 1899.00 no para exportación ce-ctc012-s2 toslink-to-coaxial converter convert a s/pdif signal from toslink optical to rca coax digital audio signal will work with any device with a toslink output or rca coaxial input #sicectc012s222.17 av toolbox pof-830 optical-to-coax avpof83016.15