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390 pro audio cassette recorders/players · recording accessories tape 2 pc cable testers tone generators behringer ct-100 cable tester bect10029.99 ebtech swizz-ct cable tester ebswizzct81.49 hosa cbt-500 audio cable tester hocbt50039.95 pyle-pro pct-10 8-in-1 audio cable tester pypct1019.99 pyle-pro pct-40 12-in-1 audio cable tester pypct40 log-on pyle pro pct-60 13-in-1 audio cable tester pypct6042.99 rolls mo2020 testoscillator wave generator romo202061.50 rolls mu118 digital multimeter romu11829.95 sm pro audio ct-2 cable tester smpct2131.99 sm pro audio ct-3 multi format cable tester smpct31 103.99 whirlwind dct-9 cable tester whdct9 96.99 whirlwind mct7 multi connector cable tester whmct7119.00 whirlwind qbox line cable and tone generator whqb log-on www.bandh.com usb cassette-to-mp3 converter · convert your tapes to mp3 files can also be used · as a standard cassette deck #iotape2pc call or log-on art splitcom pro whirlwind sp1x3 pyle-pro pct-40 rq-2102 portable cassette recorder uses standard cassettes to record voice or other ambient sounds external mic input and headphone output parq2102 29.99 whirlwind qbox allen-avionics agl-600-2 jk audio pureformer pt649d rackmountable dual cassette player · dub tapes at normal or high speed · auto stop with a 3 digit tape counter automatic recording · level setting plus a selector for chrome tapes #pypt649d call or log-on level matching transformers art cleanbox arsc65.00 audio-technica low to high impedance transf aucp820111.39 audix t50k impedance matching transformer aut50k24.95 canare 110 ohm to 75 ohm digital audio cabcjxjtrc29.00 canare 75 ohm to 110 ohm digital audio cabcjxptrc27.99 dsan lsp-1 laptop soundport dslsp1 76.49 ebtech 2-ch line level shifter hum elliminator eblls274.99 ebtech lls-2-xlr eblls2xlr 95.99 henry engineering the matchbox hd hembhd 149.99 hosa hi-z to low-z mic transmformer homit1299.51 hosa low-z xlr-f to hi-z 1/4 male transformer homit17616.99 hosa xlr-f low-z to 1/4 phone-m hi-z mic homit4359.76 motu zbox guitar pickup impedance adapter mazbox39.95 neutrik aes/ebu impedance transformer nenaditbncf 31.80 pearstone low to high impedance pelmt10019.95 pro co sound av1 audio/video interface prav1a 118.69 rolls mb15b promatch 2-way stereo converter romb15b58.50 sescom inline xlr line matching transformer sesesxlriso20.35 shure a15la line adapter sha15la37.09 shure a85f impedance mic matching transformer sha85f18.75 whirlwind lm2b 2-ch line level converter whlm2b 140.00 canare bcj-xp-trb whirlwind lm2b pro co sound av1 splitters combiners art s8 3-way microphone splitter ars83way 279.00 art splitcom pro mic splitter/combiner ar2ms 35.00 art s8 8-channel mic signal splitter ars8 239.00 art splitmix4 4-channel passive splitter/mixer arsm4 50.00 galaxy audio jack in the box source combiner gajibr 29.99 galaxy audio jack in the box signal splitter gajibs 29.99 galaxy audio jack in the box mic splitter gajiby 29.99 pro co sound 1 into 3 mic splitter box prms3 89.00 pro co sound 1 into 2 mic splitter box prms2 79.95 sescom pro line-level audio converter sesotlmax 184.95 whirlwind lbs 1x2 line balancer and splitter whlbs 86.00 whirlwind sp1x2 1x2 mic splitter whsp1x2 79.00 whirlwind sp1x3 1x3 mic splitter whsp1x3 82.50 whirlwind split6 1x6 line splitter whsplit6 65.00 202mk v rackmount dual cassette recorder/player · auto-reverse · rca i/o · mic input · pitch control · a-b repeat · normal and high-speed dubbing · continuous or simultaneous recording #ta202mkv 329.99 cc-222slmkii rackmount cd/cassette recorder · use as two individual recorders record one source · to both mediums consecutively · dubbing is also supported from cd to cassette and vice-versa · analog rca i/o digital coaxial and optical i/o riaa phono input #tacc222slmk2 call or log-on #tacda550 cd-a550 cd player/cassette recorder320.80 cassette tape maxell communicator series normal bias 90 macom901.29 maxell normal bias ur 90-minutes manbuat1.09 notation utility software pyro audio creator · edit audio · burn and rip cds · clean and convert audio · encode tag and organize sound library · back-up files · publish music to internet · works with windows xp/vista/7 #capac 39.00 arc 2 room correction system studio-acoustics room correction solution combines a calibrated measurement mic with software that captures the sound information and calculates proper room correction and a multi-platform plug-in #ika2cs 246.48 finale 2012 finale printmusic 2011 music notation and composition software · manually enter notes extract parts arrange full ensembles · plays music with pro sounds and nuance · scan existing sheet music import and export mp3 files · 128 virtual instruments #mapm2011 89.99 songwriter 2012 mas2012 39.95 professional notation software lets you compose arrange notate and print engraver-quality sheet music entering notes can be achieved in multiple ways from midi to mouse from scanning to exclusive micnotator experiment freely and compose any imaginable music without constraints #maf2012p 449.00 #maf2012a academic version 249.00 hum eliminators allen-avionics agl-600-2 alagl6002 255.00 art dti dual input inline transformer/isolator ardti 60.00 art t8 8-channel transformer isolator art8 149.00 behringer microhd hd400 behd400 29.99 ebtech he-2 2-channel hum eliminator ebhe2 65.99 ebtech he-2-xlr same as above w/xlrs ebhe2xlr 84.99 ebtech hum x plug-style ac hum eliminator ebhx 59.77 jk audio pureformer stereo isolation transformer jkpur 56.05 pro co sound it1 isolation transformer box prit1 89.95 rolls db25 passive direct box rodb25 21.27 rolls he18 buzz off rohe18 41.50 whirlwind isoxl line-level isolation transformer whisoxl 39.95 sescom il-19 inline audio hum eliminator seil19 44.95 sescom il-19-prs-gls w/ground lift switch seil19prsgls 69.95 sescom il-19-2 2-channel audio hum eliminator seil192 84.95 first 7 notation software fast and easy way for anyone to start writing and sharing music intuitive interface guides you through the process time-saving tools make it easy to get professional results fast #sisf799.99 no para exportación sibelius 7 music notation software write play print and publish input music by singing or playing an instrument then hit a button to put the results into the score sibelius 7 sis7 369.95 sibelius 7 academic sis7a 249.98 sibelius 7 upgrade sis7ug 114.99