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412 pro audio wireless microphone accessories wireless mic cables wireless mic cables sescom line to mic attenuation cable sel2mpcdm5026.95 3.5mm mic to mic with audio monitor sedslrmicmon31.95 line out to camera mic in headphone sel2mzmh4mon35.95 canon 5d mkii a/v out headphone cable se5dmkiihocf22.45 line to mic attenuation cable sel2mzh4n26.95 line out to camera mic level in cable sel2mtdr10026.95 xlr to right angled mini mic cable sestr15328.99 line out to camera mic level in cable sel2mzh4n2.523.95 agc-disable y-splitter cable sedslragcy27.99 line to mic attenuation cable sel2mzh4n626.95 50db line out to camera mic level in sel2m50db26.95 www.bandh.com power accessories for wireless azden bc-27h power supply for fmx-42 azbc27h37.33 shure sb900 lithium-ion battery shsb90099.00 akg mini-xlr to standard xlr mic cable akmpavl69.00 azden mx-2 y cable azmx224.95 azden mx-1 mini stereo to xlr-m cable azmx117.95 beachtek sc25 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo besc25 9.00 comprehensive 3-ft xlr-m to mini xlr-f coxmmxf315.99 point source hirose 4-pin connector poconat11.95 anton bauer powertap cable f/lectrosonics anpowertapl59.95 audio-technica in-line powering module auat853168.16 ac adapter for 3000 series auatpa300022.58 samson saec50 repl cable for se50t saec50tl24.73 xlr-m to p3-f cable sax319.99 lectrosonics ac power supply for receivers lech12 16.17 ch20 115v ac adapter/charger lech20 25.95 ps-12 hirose 7-4 pin plug leps12 68.25 ps-212 dual hirose 7-4 pin leps212 99.99 ps200 lzr to hirose 7 to 4-pin leps200 80.50 sr battery sled lesrbattslet 250.00 audio-technica instrument guitar cable auatgcw10.68 cp8306 adapter cable aucp830614.57 xlrw input cable auxlrw16.95 shure rpm654 repl cable for the wce6 tan shrpm65454.50 c122 replacement cable shc12248.50 wa302 intrument guitar cable shwa30214.97 wa310 adapter cable shwa31017.67 wa360 in-line remote mute switch shwa36059.00 wa451 ta3-f to xlr-m cable shwa45134.95 wa-460 vp3 to trs mini cable shwa46023.95 wa461 ta3-f to mini cable shwa46123.95 countryman e6 e6i snap-on replacement cables 1mm diameter cable for sennheiser beige coe6cl1sr or tan coe6ct1sr 59.00 1mm diameter cable for shure tan coe6ct1sl or beige coe6cl1sl57.50 2mm diameter cable for sennheiser beige coe6cl2sr59.00 2mm diameter cable for shure tan coe6ct2sl or beige coe6cl2sl57.50 sennheiser ba 2015g2 rechargeable battery seba2015g2 83.95 charger for ba 2015g2 batteries sel2015g2 158.95 dc2 dc camera power converter sedc2 69.95 mza 900 p in-line preamplifier semza900p 159.95 nt 2-3-us power supply sent23us19.95 nt 1-1 us power supply sent11us83.95 dpa microdot to xlr adapter belt clip dpdad6001bc99.00 microdot to locking 1/8 mini connector dpdad603480.00 miniature series microdot to ta4f mic dpdad601087.00 sony ec-15cf smc/xlr microphone cable soec15cf69.95 ec-0.8bm 3-pole locking mini to mini soec0.8bm13.95 ec-0.46bx 3-pole locking mini to xlr-m soec0.46bx29.95 ec-1.5bx 3-pole locking mini to xlr-f cable soec1.5bx34.95 shure sbc200 transmitter charger shsbc200us 218.40 in-line power supply for ua844us shps45us65.99 rk100pk rfi resistant preamp shrk100pk 114.00 repl battery cup for handheld trans shslxtbc 10.94 120v ac adapter for shure wireless shps41us24.00 rpm626 in-line mic preamp shrpm62676.95 sony batc-2aa battery holder case sobatc2aa16.00 sony dc78 battery power supply sodc7891.80 tram tr-79 power supply trtr79mlp 173.00 tram tr-79 power supply trtr79setp 174.95 lectrosonics 20 ta5-f to dual xlr out cable for sr lemcsr5pxlr2 118.00 right angled ta3 and ta5-f connector leratpac36.18 xlr-f to ta5-female line level cable lemc3550.00 cm40 xlr-f to ta5-f mic level adapter lemc4050.00 mc41 37 xlr-f to ta5f 5-pin cable lemc4192.90 mc55 mono mini angled male to xlr-m lemc5565.00 mc-60 xlr-f to ta5-f cable lemc6045.75 mc65 10-ft trs 1/4 to 3.5mm cable lemc65 17.85 15 stereo mini to 2 rca cable for ucr100 lemc100rca 7.30 mini to xlr output cable for ucr100 lemc100xlr60.00 12 ta3 to xlr cable for sr receiver lemcsrxlr40.00 whirlwind 3.5 line to mic attenuation cable whh4nl3.521.00 3.5 mon line to mic attenuation cable whh4nl3.5mon35.99 antennas for wireless mic systems psc uhf log periodic antenna wireless receiver antenna for use in the field where long range use is often necessary coverage ranges from 450mhz to 900mhz with an average gain of 4.5db over that of a dipole antenna features a standard bnc style connection unobtrusive black finish and 3/8 16 thread fitting for mounting on mic and tripod stands #psulpa 156.75 wireless receiver camera mounts idx a-wmr receiver mounting bracket idamwr 298.00 j-rod super-strong twin mic mount jrtmss44.95 j-rod -cube accessory shoe adapter mic mount jrjc 79.95 k-tek k-spt shoe plate mount ktkspt35.10 rycote wireless receiver camera bracket rywrcb 99.00 sennheiser ca2 shoemount adapter seca220.95 pearstone deluxe receiver output cable 18 peroclm229.95 locking 1/8 trs connector pemlcse 7.99 que audio qad2 1/8 3.5mm to xlr male adapter quqad224.99 q-compact to xlr-m phantom power adapter quqad334.99 lectrosonics antennas for 200 400 series in frequency block 21 lea8u21 22 lea8u22 26 lea8u26 21.50 antenna for 400 series in frequency block 21 leamm21 22leamm22 34.50 antenna kit for 400 series leammkit 36.00 a8u kit whip antenna template guide lea8ukit 21.50 anton bauer universal bp required for certain gold mounts anubp 32.00 wireless receiver side mounting plate anabwmksi49.50 jvc-bp jvc wireless mounting plate kit anjvcbp34.95 wrb-185 wireless receiver box anwrb18555.95 wrb-200 wireless receiver box anwrb20060.81 remote audio ta4-male connector reta4mb 6.49 ta4-female connector reta4fb 6.99 ta5-male connector reta5mb 8.49 ta5-female connector reta5fb 8.49 bec hot shoe adapter kit for v/h mounting behsakit74.95 side plate for gold mount system beabspu44.95 horizontal shoe adapter for wireless boxes behsahorz 64.95 mounting box for mounting ucr 100 be10074.95 at-1820 wireless reciever beat182074.95 rode micon-1 adapter romicon118.00 micon-2 adapter romicon218.00 micon-3 adapter romicon323.00 micon 4 adapter romicon427.00 micon-5 adapter romicon527.00 micon 6 adapter romicon623.00 micon 7 adapter romicon723.00 micon 8 connector for hs1 microphones romicon818.00 micon cable romiconc1.232.00 micon cable romiconc339.00 remote audio miracle whip antenna for lectrosonics receivers bnc connector reanbnc14.99 miracle whip antenna for lectrosonics transmitters sma connector reansma22.99 ansmap-f kit ultra flexible sma antenna kit reansmapf26.99 bracket1 sennheiser s72817 2-section telescoping antenna ses7281710.99 a181 whip antenna sea181 12.95 182 whip antenna sea18211.95 a1031u omni uhf antenna f/evolution series sea1031u 159.95 sennheiser xlr female microphone cable secm139.95 ci1 mini-m to 1/4 m seci134.99 cl-100 1/8 m mini to xlr-m secl10032.00 cl1 mini to mini cable for ek100 secl120.95 cl-2 transmitter line cable 1/8 m to xlr-f secl219.95 locking 1/8 3.5mm connector sewlmc18 9.99 shure ua820 1/2 dipole receiver antenna shua820g30.45 antenna for p6r p7r and psm series receiver shp6p7ra29.03 ua820d 1/2 wave dipole receiver antenna a820d30.92 ua820l3 1/2 dipole receiver antenna shua820l330.00 ua860swb passive omni antenna shua860swb 241.00 a874us active directional antenna shua874us 317.00 no para exportación quick plate receiver mounting plate brqp29.95 attachment clip for sony uwp receivers brsclip19.95 cold shoe 1 optional shoe mount brcs111.95 cold shoe threaded adapter brcsta14.95 micro multi-cold-shoe bracket brb1micro59.95 mini2 wireless camera bracket brb1m2 112.95 attachment clip for sennheiser ew-100 brewclip18.95 lectrosonics sruni mounting kit for unislot lesruni 129.00 srext sr receiver mounting kit lesrext 129.00 srsny mounting kit for sony lesrsny 129.00 sony shoe mount adapter for urx-p2 receiver sosmadp217.95