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436 pro audio installed sound ­ microphones voice tracker i array microphone www.bandh.com voice tracker ii array microphone 10 long mic for long range recording features acoustic magic s listening beam technology plus aec acoustic echo cancellation and automatic electronic steering of listening beam to talker location #acvtiiam 331.00 u841a unipoint boundary condenser microphone omnidirectional mic designed for highly intelligible sound reinforcement professional recording television and conferencing in surface-mount applications accurately reproduces audio at 360° #auu841a 199.99 acoustic magic s listening beam technology features 8 carefully placed elements to provide coverage throughout a large room ideal for capturing speech during conferences voice recognition software and much more acvtiam 229.00 pro-44 hemi-cardioid condenser boundary mic hemi-cardioid half-space cardioid condenser boundary microphone with an integral power module for non-permanent installations #aupro44 93.27 #aupro42 unidirectional boundary mic 74.99 ua851a unipoint boundary microphone cardioid pattern plus the ua851 s capsules are interchangeable omni-directional and hyper-cardioid polar patterns are available the output connection features a pivot motion for easy installation on flat surfaces #auu851a 199.99 ua851r unipoint boundary microphone features a frequency response curve designed to enhance intelligibility of speech cardioid pattern and pivot motion for easy installation on flat surfaces #auu851r 178.99 pro-49q cardioid condenser quick-mount gooseneck microphone · measures 13.07 · xlr base enables quick connection and release to any xlr mic input #aupro49q 89.99 #aupro49ql 16.46 89.99 u857ql gooseneck mic with cardioid capsule uniguard shielding rejects rf interference unisteep filtering reduces low frequency noise interchangeable hyper-cardioid and omnidirectional capsules are available as options #auu857ql 179.99 u853r unipoint series cardioid condenser hanging mic same as the u853a except it can be powered by 11-52v phantom power or 1.5v aa battery in black auu853r 169.00 in white auu853rw 166.89 u859ql unipoint series cardioid quick-mount 18 gooseneck mic xlr male output connector at the base optimized frequency response uniguard shielding unisteep filter and interchangeable elements #auu859ql129.99 pro 45 cardioid hanging condenser mic vinyl coated steel hanger allows inconspicuous positioning over a choir orchestra stage etc 25 cable attached between mic and xlr-m connector in black aupro45 or white aupro45w74.21 u853a unipoint series cardioid condenser hanging mic flexible steel suspension hanger wraps around the ceiling suspended cable and capsule features interchangeable capsules unisteep filter and rfi shielding phantom power only auu853a 199.00 727-18 miniature dynamic gooseneck mic ddu250 desktop dynamic gooseneck mic features deskotp base 16 flexible gooseneck cardioid polar pattern and push-to-lock and push-to-talk function #boddu250 113.00 u7 usb boundary condenser recording mic omnidirectional polar pattern effectively captures audio at all angles usb output for direct connection to windows and mac computers #cau7 49.99 18 gooseneck with xlr connection at the base dynamic cardioid capsule provides a 120° pick up pattern hardened wind screen resists dents scratches etc #as72718 49.86 pzm185 herisphereical half omni boundary condenser mic excellent clarity with consistent pickup anywhere around the mic output is balanced low impedance which allows long cable runs #crpzm185 229.00 pzm-6d small pressure zone boundary hemispherical pattern with low frequency roll-off wide frequency response features switchable contouring #crpzm6d 399.00 pzm-30d large pressure zone boundary hemispherical pattern with low frequency roll-off wide frequency response features switchable contouring has screw mounting terminals #crpzm30d 399.00 pcc-160 phase coherent cardioid mic industry standard stage mic with half super-cardioid pattern.frequency response of 50-18khz provides accurate signal reproduction bass tilt switch further reduces low frequency noise #crpcc160 349.00 fr-402 wide cardioid boundary wide cardioid condenser capsule ensures pristine audio quality without noise the low-profile design is ideal for unobtrusive use on stages conference tables desktops etc runs on +48v phantom power #mxfr402 82.50 no para exportación cbm 40x boundary mic features a sensitive condenser element with a cardioid polar pattern and smooth frequency response flat low-profile makes it an ideal for speech as well as instrument capturing includes a 16 mini to xlr cable nacbm40x49.99