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lighting weddings are about light weddings are about light by steven gladstone weddings span the gamut from small intimate ceremonies to monstrous affairs with the ceremony wedding reception after-party and occasional after-after-party chances are if you are working on the latter then you are going to be working with a large entertainment company and they will be handling the lighting so let’s look at weddings from intimate to lavish without extending into excessive there are four phases of a wedding the pre-wedding prep the arrival the ceremony and the reception the key to your lighting will be to match the mood of each of these segments as far as recording the end of the reception no one wants to be recorded looking bedraggled after several hours of quaffing and dancing so there usually aren’t many requests for recording the people leaving at the end of the reception on-camera lighting if you your main lighting tool is going to be an on-camera light leds have taken

monolight kits lighting for the photographer on the go b&h offers plug-and-play monolight flash kit solutions from major manufacturers the kits come in travel bags or backpacks and many include light shapers such as reflectors umbrellas or softboxes a large array of accessories like snoots and grids are also on hand abcade elinchrom d-lite rx 4/4 softbox to go kit to view a full listing of all monolights and accessories eldlr4sgkt 949.99 b broncolor siros l 800ws battery-powered outdoor kit 2 brs800lod2lk 4,699.10 c domes impact vc-500wl 3-500ws monolight/transmitter kit scan this code flashtubes imvc500wl3kn 1,099.95 d profoto b1 500 air battery-powered 2-light location kit prb1500alk 4,148.00 dynalite baja b4 battery powered 2-monolight kit with case dybk42200b 1,299.00 e snoots or visit our website reflectors

lighting fluorescent lights kits » » » » 2-light kit octacool-9 diva-lite 415 kit fluorescent light with octabox with travel lamp cases 9x 28w lamps ideal for portraiture events for still photo or video daylight balance 5000-5500k » » » » » imoc9sb 259.00 octacool-6 2-light kit with softboxes and bag imoc6sbk 524.85 octacool-9 2-light kit with roller case imoc9sb2jrk 514.95 diva-lite 415 fixture flozier diffuser diva-lite 400 gel frame 90º honeycomb louver baby receiver steady cool 2x spiderlite td6 110vac 2x tilter bracket 12x fluorescent lamp shallow softbox 36 x 48 strip softbox 12x36 with silver interior wetd62lpk 1,090.00 spiderlite td6 36 x 48 shallow softbox kit wetd6ssbk 599.90 ff-s4 fluorescent fixture 2-lamp fluorescent fixture 3-light kit » 3x fluorescent steady cool lights » 6x 55w daylight balanced lamps » 3x air-cushioned 8 stands » 3x padded carrying cases » fixture 22.25 x 7 x 3.25 » built-in barndoors »

tungsten kits accessories lighting a staple of film and video productions quartz halogen and hmi hotlights are available at b&h bundled in simple 1-light kits or in multi-light setups for larger venues many include cases and filters other accessories like gobos and barndoors are also readily available abdcae savage variable power 3 flood light kit sam311000 548.95 b to view a full listing of all tungsten lights and accessories gobos arri softbank d1 three-light kit arsbd1wck 2,528.75 lowel dv creator 55 kit to-83 case lodv903z 1,179.88 c d scan this code barndoors snoots impact tungsten two-floodlight kit imfl5006k 114.95 e chimera tl lightbank kit w/o grid chvpp11000k 583.00 lenses reflectors or visit our website

q400 2-monolight kit pro starter fashion kit • 2x angler 400ws q400 monolights • 2x air-cushioned light stands 10 • controlsync 16 radio transmitter • controlsync 16 radio receiver • convertible umbrella 45 • luxbanx octagonal softbox 39 • luxbanx grid for octagonal softbox • angler bowens s-mount speedring • 3x glamour flash 300ws monolights • powersync16 transmitter and receivers • 7 silver parabolic umbrella • 7 grid set 10 20 30 and 40° • 18 and 36 softboxes with speed rings • 22 beauty reflector grid with adapter • 12.9 wide pro backdrop support kit • white seamless background paper roll • 2x 10 air-cushioned light stands • combo boom stand #anq400fgfk $898.54 #ang633psfk $1,398.00 ultimate portrait kit basic portrait kit • 2x angler q400 monolights • black and white 7 umbrella • 18 in octa softbox speedring

lighting softboxes and accessories luxbanx rotalux softboxes for strobe lights » » » » for strobes leds and fluorescents removable recessed front diffuser removable inner baffle fits speed rings for most popular brands large luxbanx 36 x 48 imlbrl 89.00 medium luxbanx 24 x 32 imlbrm 84.95 for continuous lights small 24 x 32 ch1020 219.00 medium 36 x 48 ch1130 338.00 for led lights elsbrd27 288.99 3 prsbor3 257.00 4 prsbor4 326.00 53 octabox elsbrjo53 324.99 luna 43 folding octa softbox » softens and diffuses light » quick setup and breakdown » heat-resistant material » removable front diffuser inner baffle » carrying bag included ph82754 89.95 2 in 1 strip softbox with grid 16 x 71 ph82673 119.95 » » » » » silver interior » removable face baffle » requires speed ring xxs 12x16 chvppbxxs 202.00 xs 16x22 chvppbxs 266.00 s 24x32 chvppbs 366.00 69 octabox elsbro69 423.99 m 36x48 chvppbm 586.00 l 54x72

lighting collapsible reflectors panel kits collapsible reflectors omega reflector 360 40 with carry case » » » » » » » 15-in-1 reflector » creates a ring light effect removable 13 center reflector discs can shoot through center white silver sunlight surfaces black and 1-stop diffusion surfaces folds down to approx 1/3 its open size carry case wero360 129.90 5-in-1 collapsible reflector disc » white silver gold and black surfaces » one stop diffusion panel » folds to 1/3 size for storage » carrying bag included 32 rar5132 19.95 42 rar5142 23.95 reflector holder 5-in-1 collapsible circular reflector with handles 42 » handy convenience features makes it easy to use and delivers impressive results » two handles hand grips » two threaded 3/8 sockets » collapses to approx 1/3 its open size » includes carry/storage case » translucent disc » silver gold white black surfaces imr254251 49.95 5-in-1 collapsible circular

light stands booms accessories c-stands casters available in a variety of configurations that include removable bases long or short lengths black or silver finishes and with accessories such as grip arms and heads c-stands are indispensable for the well-equipped studio bases feature rotating legs that fold flat or compact storage and easier transportation c-stands outfitted with a grip arm may be used as short booms for holding reflectors or flags and more supporting heavier lights with a sandbag or two over the legs is one of the primary ways c-stands are used air cushioned stands sand bags head grips booms booms are often used to suspend a light or microphone over a set some booms feature multiple sections and cranks to control rotation and other functions the key to using a boom safely is to make sure it’s properly counterbalanced to prevent the light or stand from tipping over attaching a counterweight and tightening the boom to the stand where the weight is balanced are

lighting lighting cases background supports pstc 400 pro series lkb-r2 light kit bag roller #2 medium » fits up to 3 compact strobe monolights led monolights or battery strobe systems » rigid unibody construction » heavy-duty casters imlkbr2 128.95 lkb-r1 light kit roller bag #1 small imlkbr1 88.95 pro-light case rolling lighting gear organizer » water-repellent exterior » camera protection system » side top grip handles » two rear transport wheels » front zip lid closure » padded touch-fastened dividers large 39.4 mambpllw97w 349.88 extra large 44.9 mambpllw99 394.88 for light stands » high density closed cell moisture resistant foam padding » interior strap to secure equipment » 600d polyester tripod case » rubber feet 2lsc 1x1 2-lite carrying case » designed to carry the litepanels 1x1 2-lite kit » 2x dividers » light stand bag » accessory bag for 1x1 hapstc400 59.59 pstc 300 haptcxl 49.95 licc2l1x1k 166.50 ballast

savage backgrounds lighting infinity vinyl background » professional quality vinyl » no glare shooting surface » durable printed background worn planks sapa5318wrn special white brick sapa5318wtb 10 off paper rolls sapa5318whw whitewash sapa5318grp gray pine pale washed wood sapa5318pww sapa5318vfl sapa5318wbr weathered brick red brick grunge brick floating hearts rosy polka dots aqua polka dots sapa5318rbr sapa5318gbr sapa5318flh sapa5318rpo sapa5318apo rainbow sprinkle party banners sapa5318rsp sapa5318pba red chevron sapa5318rwc gray chevron deep blue haze winter frost sapa5318gwc sapa5318bh2 sapa5318wfr gray floral congratulations romantic script 9x10 matte black pure white chroma green photo grey price 5x12 kit sapas512mkbv sabgiv910w sapas512mkwv sabgiv910cg sapas512mkcg sabgiv910pg sapas512gv vintage floral sabgiv910b 99.99 179.00 also available in 8x10’ 8x20’ 9x20’ 10x10’ 10x20’ ivory glow sapa5318ivg continuous printing for 18 feet

innovative lighting tools viola 5” multi-color on-camera led light on-camera led ring light daylight • 3000-10,000k color temperature • adjustable full color light • discreet dimming and color knobs • 100 to 0 brightness dimming • flicker-free lighting unit • animated light effects via ios app • link multiple units via bluetooth • rechargeable and replaceable battery • 1/4”-20 mounting thread • 441 daylight-balanced leds • 100 to 10 manual dimming • 5.7” vertical adjustment • supports lenses up to 4.7 in • magnetically attached filters • accepts l-series batteries • on/off switch and battery gauge • integrated handle • soft-sided case included 499.95 #luorcviola5 softi small diffused bi-color on-camera led light large block bi-color on-camera led light 149.00 luxli monobright daylight led 1200 #gemb100dwv 354.95 spectroled studio 500 bi-color led #gesps500b