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optics telescopes binoculars accessories microscopes trailsolar cameras spotting scopes solar telescopes white light mini-sunocular » » » » » 6x30 binocular allows for safe solar viewing ce-certified objective-lens filters rubberized textured grip optical density 5 100 uv and ir filtration blue luminisunocl 29.95 red luminisunocr 29.95 yellow luminisunocy 29.95 white light sunocular » » » » » 8x32 binocular allows for safe solar viewing ce-certified objective-lens filters rubberized textured grip optical density 5 uv and ir filtration black lusunocularb 129.00 blue lusunocularl 129.00 eclipsmart solar binoculars » non-removable glass solar filters » reveals solar details in neutral tones » weather-resistant rubber armor » filters meet iso12312-2 safety standard 10x25 cees1025s 34.95 10x42 cees1042s 69.95 red lusunocularr 129.00 yellow lusunoculary 129.00 360mm f/7.2 ceest50b 99.95 pst h-alpha 1.0 angstrom copst call or log-on

optics solar eclipse intro buying guide solar eclipse intro/buying guide by christopher witt on august 21 2017 north america will be treated to a rare occurrence a total eclipse of the sun that will traverse the united states from coast to coast while not exactly unique on a global or historical scale the last time a total eclipse crossed the entire continental u.s was on june 8 1918 so astronomers astrophysicists and solar observers are quite excited traditionally even for the most seasoned and experienced astronomer the question of the sun and how to properly view it tends to be confusing and daunting as north america gears up for the eclipse we here at b&h are here to help you get the equipment you need to view the sun safely and effectively in general as well as the eclipse it shouldn’t come as a surprise but we cannot stress this enough you should never look at the sun without taking the proper precautions and using only those optics specifically designed and certified

solar eclipse intro buying guide optics but not dramatically so by selectively isolating a specific wavelength and blocking all others much more detail can be teased from different areas of the sun the most common is hydrogen-alpha h-alpha or ha hydrogen makes up more than 70 of the gas in the sun and is the primary fuel that keeps it going it is in the red end of the visible spectrum and is the easiest to isolate—it’s also the most “general-purpose” wavelength in terms of what you can see when viewing through it depending on how finely this wavelength is isolated ha filters improve details and contrast on surface and prominence features chromosphere details and surface texture finally there is sodium the sodium d-line na-d is an extremely thin but bright emission line from the surface continuum these filters need to be extremely delicate and precise but produce highly detailed views of granulation supergranulation daystar calcium h-line filter the sun

optics binoculars point ‘n view 8x32mm 8mp digital camera binocular » » » » trophy xlt series 1.5” tft lcd color display roof prism » 1-4x digital zoom sd slot supports cards up to 16gb downloadable to pc via usb port prism minimum focus eye relief angle of view weight sku price ba8x32pnvdz 164.49 deep sea 8x42 green 10x28 green 10x42 green 12x50 green 10x42 camo bak-4 roof 9.8’ 16.5mm 7.5° 15.5 oz bu8x32txlt 69.99 bak-4 roof 7.5’ 17.5mm – 25 oz bu8x42txlt 104.00 roof 10.83’ 15.3mm 5.7° 12 oz bu10x28txltg 60.20 bak-4 roof 8.2’ 15.2mm 6.2° 26.98 oz bu10x42txltg 114.00 roof 13.12’ 18.2mm 4.6° 27.97 oz bu12x50txltg 139.00 roof 15.2’ 15.2mm 4.6° 27.97 oz bu10x42txltr 129.49 imageview marine with digital compass 7x50 wp floating binocular » internal rangefinder compass » bak-4 porro prisms » minimum focus 22.3’ » eye relief 23mm » distance scale » rubber armor » angle of

optics binoculars bca trinovid binoculars skymaster series 8x56 prism min focus eye relief f.o.v 1000 yards angle of view weight sku price 15x70 bak-4 porro 25’ 18 mm 304’ 5.8° 36.3 oz ce8x56sdx 185.99 porro 43’ 18 mm 231’ 4.4° 47.84 oz ce15x70sm 65.50 20x80 25x70 bak-4 porro 80’ 17 mm 168’ 3.2° 93.76 oz ce20x80sm 99.99 porro 75’ 13 mm 141’ 2.7° 52 oz ce25x870sm 65.99 nature dx binoculars » phase-corrected bak-4 roof prisms » 6.5’ close focusing distance » polycarbonate housing » nitrogen-filled fogproof/waterproof 8x32 ce8x32ndx 89.99 8x42 ce8x42ndx 139.95 10x42 ce10x42ndx 107.28 25-125x80 porro 98’ 13 mm 3.2’ 1.2° 75.2 oz ce25125x80zb 124.95 25x100 bak-4 porro 80’ 15 mm 157’ 3.0° 156.96 oz ce25x100sm 304.99 8x20 le8x20bcabp 429.99 10x25 le10x25bcabp 459.00 outland x endeavor ed ii 8x42 binocular 8x42 ce8x42ob 56.99 10x42 ce10x42ob 57.99 8x42

optics is binoculars night vision rangefinders monoculars opera glasses ts1440 techno-stabi image stabilized is 14x40 image stabilized binocular 8x25 is 11.5’ 13 mm 6.6° ±1° 17.28 oz ca8x25 299.99 minimum focus eye relief angle of view image stabilization weight sku price 10x42 l is wp 8.2’ 16 mm 6.5° ±0.8° 36.79 oz ca10x42l call or log-on 18x50 is aw 19.7’ 15 mm 3.7° ±0.7° 41.6 oz ca18x50 call or log-on 4.5x40 bu45x40ezdnv 229.99 6x50 bu6x50enzdnv 289.49 lto-tracker thermal monocular 30 hz refresh rate 5.1 12.4µm spectral range 206 x 156 uncooled thermal sensor continuous up to 6x digital zoom waterproof aluminum housing matte black leltotmmb 649.99 » » » » » » » » » » phase-coated bak-4 roof prisms full fujinon ebc multicoatings ±5° stabilization waterproof fogproof 4.0° angle of view futs1440 1,299.00 aculon 6x20 4-16x digital binocular day/night use with digital night vision

optics microscopes trail cameras spotting scopes mm-200 micromax pocket microscope » » » » » 60x -100x magnification separate coarse focusing and zoom knobs led illuminator clear stand rubberized eyecup lightweight and portable camm200l 9.08 handheld pro tetraview digital microscope » 5mp digital photo/video » led top illumination » 20-200x magnification » mac/windows compatible » image capture/organization software » calibration ruler included » » » » » cehdmp 75.99 cetvdtsm 257.95 dark ops elite hd 5mp digital microscope with 180° tft lcd display trophy cam hd essential e2 4.3” tft lcd color touchscreen built-in 5mp camera sd card slot 32gb capacity 4x,10x 20x 40x achromatic objectives 40x 100x 200x 400x magnification wingscapes timelapsecam pro sub micro series trail camera » 10mp resolution » pir motion sensor 55 detection range » 0.4-sec trigger speed » infrared led flash with 70 range » timelapse

optics telescopes astronomy 3d astronomy space walker 8x42 infinity ed127cf apo triplet 102mm alt-azimuth refractor telescope » 600mm focal length f/5.99 focal ratio » 1.25” rack-and-pinion focuser » manual alt-azimuth mount 3mm » three eyepieces 26mm 9mm 6.3mm » red-dot finderscope 3d astro binocular » lederman optical array loa » wide-angle viewing 60° » closed-bridge configuration » magnesium alloy chassis » phase-corrected bak4 roof prisms » nitrogen-filled water and fogproof refractor telescope » exos-2gt computerized german equatorial mount with tripod » 127mm 5 aperture f/7.55 focal ratio » 100,000-object astronomical database » lightweight carbon fiber optical tube » startracker go-to computer kit me102iar 209.00 3dsw8x423d 299.00 exedt127075e log-on powerseeker 127 eq starnavigator ng goto telescopes » anti-reflection multi-coated optics » audiostar computer hand controller » updateable 30,000 object

holographic sights riflescopes exps3-0 » » » » » » rm07 rmr holographic weapon sight illuminated circle w 1 moa dot reticle holographic red-dot sight quick release throw-lever mount night vision compatible submersible 33.0’ » fogproof 7.0mm raised base » left-side buttons tan eoxps30t call or log-on » » » » » » deltapoint pro reflex sight 6.5 moa red dot reticle led reticle illumination adjustable brightness waterproof to 65 cerakote ceramic coated aluminum windage and elevation adjustment reflex sight 2.5 moa dot reticle » 1.0 x 0.75 aspherical sight window » 1 moa/click impact point correction » submersible to 66 feet » ere diamondcoat lens coating system » automatic brightness and sleep-modes » 120 moa windage/elevation adjustment sniper gray trrals650o 645.00 spc-ar1 1x viper red dot sight » 6 moa red-dot reticle » variable dot illumination auto shutdown » parallax-free at 100 yd » 120 moa windage