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silver brown black black silver 35 in lbs foot lbs 17 in x 13 in photo frame tube fitting plastic for squared tube sb r200 wireless speedlight aa nimh rechargeable batteries iogear pocket card reader writer canon 5d mark ii pocket card reader writer sg 3ir ir panel uc e4 usb cable acid free tissue paper vga to vga monitor cable post bases 10 x 10 13 in x 13 in photo frame convert 20 in lbs in n m signal to noise ratio gigapan epic pro epson stylus photo r800 printer epson stylus photo r800 nikon sb 900 nikon sb 600 nikon sb 800 digital slr camera canon digital slr camera rechargeable li ion battery en el5 pocket holsters small holsters sd micro memory card shutter release cable adobe photoshop element 6 flat camel hair brush tc 17e ii nikon 80 200mm underwater led light nikon 10 pin brass reducer bushing memory stick pro balancing lithium ion batteries cell foam padding usb cable uc e6 remote trigger release balancing li ion batteries quick release buckle photo storage boxes shadow box frame camera control pro 2 quick release clamp socket usb cable uc e6 adapter ac adapter eh 64 fiber optic y cable connectors extra large heavy duty zippers soft leather pouch battery charger for ds glass bottle with lid illuminated magnifying glass with stand

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photography 800-947-7785|212-444-6635 point shoot digital cameras 131 coolpix l28 · 20.1 mp ccd sensor ·5 x optical 26-130mm zoom · 3 lcd monitor · 20 different scene modes ·h d 720p video · easy auto · electronic vr image stabilization · runs on aa batteries in black nicpl28b red nicpl28r or silver nicpl28s log-on coolpix l610 · 16mp cmos sensor · 14x 25-350mm optical zoom · optical vr image stabilization · 3 460,000-dot lcd · full hd 1920 x 1080 video with stereo sound and hdmioutput · macro shooting to 0.4 · runs on aa batteries black nicpl610b red nicpl610r silver nicpl610s log-on coolpix l820 · 16mp cmos sensor 30x 22.5-675mm optical · zoom plus 4x digital zoom optical vr image stabilization · · 3 921k-dot lcd full hd 1920 x 1080 video with stereo sound and hdmioutput · · supports eye-fi memory cards · runs on aa batteries in black nicpl820b or red nicpl820r call or log-on coolpix s01 · 10mp ccd sensor · 3x optical zoom 29-87mm · 720p hd video

photography 800-947-7785|212-444-6635 dslr cameras accessories 143 ef auto focus fixed lenses after lens hood or case means it is optional 14mm f/2.8l ii usm ts-e 17mm f/4.0l tilt shift 20mm f/2.8 usm 24mm f/1.4l ii usm 24mm f/2.8 is usm ts-e 24mm f/3.5l ii tilt shift 28mm f/1.8 usm 28mm f/2.8 is usm 35mm f/1.4l usm 35mm f/2.0 35mm f/2 is ef usm 40mm f/2.8 stm pancake ts-e 45mm f/2.8 tilt shift 50mm f/1.2l usm 50mm f/1.4 usm 50mm f/1.8 ii 50mm f/2.5 macro 1:2 65mm f/2.8 mp-e macro 85mm f/1.2l ii usm 85mm f/1.8 usm ts-e 90mm f/2.8 tilt shift 100mm f/2.0 usm 100mm f/2.8 macro usm 100mm f/2.8l macro is usm 135mm f/2.0l usm 180mm f/3.5l macro usm 200mm f/2.8l ii usm 200mm f/2l is usm 300mm f/2.8l is ii usm 300mm f/4.0l is usm 400mm f/2.8l is ii usm 400mm f/4.0 do is usm 400mm f/5.6l usm 500mm f/4.0l is ii usm 600mm f/4.0l is ii usm 800mm f/5.6l is usm price filter size lens hood lens case ca1428lef2 2359.00 gel rear built-in lp1016 ca174ltse 2499.00 ­­ ­­lp1219 ca2028ef 539.00 72mm

154 photography slr lenses composer f/canon ef lelccef 199.95 f/nikon f lelcnf 199.95 dg models optimized for digital slr s these are large aperture wide angle lenses with short minimum focusing distances and an abundance of peripheral illumination while they are ideal lenses for digital slr cameras they are also suitable for traditional 35mm slr s dc models for digital slr s only these lenses feature an image circle matched to the small sensor found in digital slr cameras this method results in a lens ideally suited to digital reproduction with the added bonus of reduced weight composer pro with double glass optic for canon ef lelc2ocef 299.95 for nikon lelc2on 299.95 with sweet 35 optic for canon ef lelc35oceflog-on for nikon f lelc35on 399.95 dg models lens 8mm f/3.5 circular fisheye 15mm f/2.8 diagonal fisheye 20mm f/1.8 diagonal fisheye 82ø 24mm f/1.8 diagonal fisheye macro 77ø 28mm f/1.8 wide angle macro 77ø 35mm f/1.4 wide angle 67ø 50mm f/1.4 77ø 50mm

166 photography on-camera flashes vs-260 vs-510 wireless shoe mount ttl flash · guide number 141 at iso 100 50mm · auto manual 24-105mm zoom head · adjustable tilt swivel head · 1.8 rear backlit lcd display for canon bovs510c nikon bovs510n olympus bovs510op pentax bovs510p or sony bovs510s 179.00 vx-710 wireless shoe mount ttl flash · guide number 164 at iso 100 50mm · auto manual 24-180mm zoom head · adjustable tilt swivel head · 2.0 rear backlit lcd display · wireless optical slave for canon bovx710c 224.95 for nikon bovx710n 224.95 vx-760 wireless shoe mount ttl flash · guide number 164 at iso 100 50mm · wireless ttl master and slave · multiple channels and groups · multi stroboscopic mode · auto manual 24-180mm zoom head for canon bovx760c 269.00 for nikon bovx760n 269.00 compact shoe mount ttl flash · five-position flash head · af assist for low-light photography · rear-curtain sync · automatic power-saving function for canon

photography 800-947-7785|212-444-6635 cokin round filters cokin universal filter holder system allows you to use one of 160 different filters on many different-sized lenses the filter holder is the key to the system it is attached to the lens by the adapter ring and takes specially designed round or square filters.there are 3 different series in the cokin system · a series for lens diameters from 36mm to 62mm · p series for lens diameters from 48mm to 82mm · z-pro series for lens diameters from 49mm to 96mm pure harmonie variable density neutral gray filter 52mm coch150b52a 111.99 55mm coch150b55a 121.99 58mm coch150b58a 135.99 62mm coch150b62a 142.99 67mm coch150b67a 154.99 72mm coch150b72a 167.99 77mm coch150b77a 184.99 82mm coch150b82a 216.99 pure harmonie circular polarizer filter 37mm coch164b37a 79.99 39mm coch164b39a 82.99 40.5mm coch164b405a 85.99 43mm t coch164b43a 92.99 46mm coch164b46a 92.99 49mm coch164b49a 93.99 52mm coch164b52a 94.99 55mm coch164b55a 96.99 58mm

188 photography tripods and accessories aluminum tripod kits oben tripod kits provide a sturdy base of support for any dslr yet fold up small enough to fit easily into a backpack or other bag load leg max.folded modelhead weightsku price capacitysections height length tripod kits load leg max.folded modelhead capacitysections height length weightsku price pltri42 2 lbs 8 42 11 1 lbs popltri42 19.99 3-way popltri72 39.99 pltri72 3-way 20 lbs 3 72 28 3.8 lbs pltric ball head 20 lbs 4 65 24 5 lbs popltric log-on pltric75 ball head 20 lbs 5 75 26 6 lbs popltric75 log-on ac-1300 ac-1310 ac-1320 ac-1400 ac-1410 ac-1420 at-3400 at-3410 at-3420 ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead ballhead 6.6 lbs 11 lbs 16.8 lbs 6.6 lbs 10.4 lbs 16.8 lbs 13.2 lbs 17.6 lbs 26.4 lbs 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 57 61.3 65.2 57 59.4 64 56.7 59.4 62.3 22.8 24.7 26.7 20 21.1 22.8 15.4 16.5 17.7 2.9 lbs 3.4 lbs 4.1 lbs 3 lbs 3.2 lbs 4.1 lbs 3 lbs 3.4

200 photography protective wraps pouch cases photo/digital covers protective wrap constructed of padded knit nylon with a non-scratch nylon backing touch fastener tabs on all four corners allow them to be wrapped in any shape available in black gray red or yellow bodyguard pro a camera body cover made from soft shock-absorbing neoprene protecting your camera from the nicks dings and scratches of accidental impact while your lens is attached it also keeps the camera body free from dust and dirt as well as protects it from the elements the bodyguard makes storage and access quick and easy body guard pro in black lelcbgpbk 28.99 33.99 forest green lelcbgpfg 33.99 rt max4hd lelcbgpm4 33.99 dig camo lelcbgpdc 33.99 rt ap snow lelcbgpap pro with clear back realtree max4 hd lelcbgpcbm4 44.99 bodyguard black lelcbgbk 24.99 bodyguard cb black lelcbgcbbk 39.95 · one-piece wrap-around cover stretches over lens and self-secures without buckles snaps or zippers · removable

photography 800-947-7785|212-444-6635 backpacks 211 pro runner aw backpacks · fits d-slr and lenses · weather-resistant 600d ripstop pu · padded interior · padded inserts and adjustable dividers · all weather aw cover and rain flaps · hideaway tripod mount 200 flipside backpacks 400aw · fits d-slr and lenses · weather-resistant · detachable waist belt removable accessory pouch · hideaway tripod mount 300 photo hatchback backpacks · holds dslr with 18-55mm lens 2 lenses · dedicated ipad/tablet compartment · removable camera box with flap closure · converts to daypack when box is removed · top loading compartment · room for water bottle personals · 210d nylon ripstop polyurethane · ykk zippers all-weather cove photo hatchback 16l aw galaxy blue lophb16lgbl 89.95 pepper red lophb16lpr 89.95 slate grey lophb16lsg 89.95 photo hatchback 22l aw galaxy blue lophb22lgbl 107.95 pepper red lophb22lpr 107.95 slate grey lophb22lsg 107.95 pro runner 200 aw available in

photography 800-947-7785|212-444-6635 ds-rx1 dye-sub color photo printer compact 12.6 w x 11 h printer ideal for photo booth applications the ds-rx1 outputs a 4x6 300 dpi photos in just 15 seconds it can also output 2x6 5x7 and 6x8 photos with both glossy and matte papers output 700 4x6 photos in a single run #dnrx1 823.95 2 rolls of 4x6 media 700 prints/roll dn900931c 179.00 2 rolls of 6x8 media 350 prints/roll dn900932c 204.00 ds-sl10 snaplab digital photo system dndssl10 989.00 4 x 6 print pack for ds-sl10 dn2upcc14 84.99 4 x 8 print pack for ds-sl10 dn2upcc48 129.95 4 x 8 print pack for ds-sl10 dn2upcc48ts 184.00 5 x 7 print pack for ds-sl10 dn2upcc15 244.95 3.5 x 5 self-laminating color print pack dn10upcx34 199.00 4 x 6.9 self-laminating color print pack dn10upcx46 209.95 4 x 6 print pack for sony up-dr150 dn2upcr154h 229.95 5 x 7 print pack for sony up-dr150 dn2upcr155h 469.00 4 x 6 print pack for sony up-dr200 dn2upcr204 229.95 5 x 7 print

234 photography inkjet media inkjet paper photo glossy 190 gsm fine art bright white 230gsm premium rc photo luster 255 gsm canon inkjet photo paper delivers high-quality photo prints that have the look and feel of traditional photographs and are virtually indestinguishable from professional-lab results from glossy to platinum from candid to professional you ll discover a wide variety of genuine canon photo papers to meet your needs and expectations 4x6 50 cagpp4650 4.99 4x6 100 cagpp46100 7.29 8.5x11 50 cagppl50 10.99 8.5x11 100 cagppl100 18.95 photo glossy 2 260 gsm 8.5x11 50 cafabw8550 19.95 13x19 50 cafabw131950 46.95 17x50 matte rollcafabw1750 42.99 fine art bright white 330gsm 17 x100 rollcaprpl17100 82.95 matte coated paper 90 gsm 17 x100 rollcamc17100 25.63 24 x100 rollcamc24100 22.99 matte coated paper 170 gsm value packcappg2vp 18.95 4x6 50 cappg24650 7.95 4x6 100 cappg246100 12.95 4x6 400 cappg246400 29.95 5x7 20 cappg25720 6.25 8x10 20 cappg25720