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pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 perception 120 usb takes all the quality features of the perception 120 and adds a usb output for plug-and-play operation this is a cardioid large-diaphragm condenser mic with low-frequency roll-off switch and -20db pad includes a table-top tripod stand usb cable and mic stand adapter #akp120usb 149.00 usb microphones podcasting solutions mic studio quality cardioid condenser miic with a suudio quality mic preamp with up to 40db of gain record vocals and instruments with confidence delivers fully digital audio to mac iphone ipad 1/8 headphone output with level control for monitoring about the size of an iphone its the perfect option for field and remote recording applications #apmic 199.00 367 microphone x built-in aphex preamp and a switchable optical compressor for controlling your dynamic range built-in aphex aural exciter increases warmth and intelligibility while big bottom adds low frequency harmonics without boosting levels both

376 pro audio mic preamps tube mp tube mic preamp mictube solo · duo single or dual-channel tube mic preamps isa one mic preamp · independent gain control output for routing to an amp independent xlr output on the rear · four switchable input-impedance levels · independent di · headphone output with volume control #foisaone 499.99 · high-quality 12ax7a tube adds warmth to source material · all-aluminum stackable chassis · phantom power · precision led metering · up to 70db of clean musical gain · use as a direct box #artubemp48.00 · 20db pad phase reverse and 80hz low cut filter · 1/4 high-impedance di inputs for instruments · gain and drive controls vintage-style vu meter mictube solo almicts mictube duo almictd80.39 tube mp studio v3 · steps up from the tube mp with v3 technology which presets that allow you to select between preamp settings designed for guitars keyboards bass guitars drums vocals and more · opl output protection limiter precisely and

384 pro audio computer audio interfaces profire 2626 26 x 26 firewireinterface blackjack 2 x 2 usbinterface blackjack is a 2 x 2 usb recording interface with two boutique-quality onyx preamps and 24-bit/96khz conversion in a convenient tabletop housing built-in di on each input for direct connection of guitars basses etc true analog hardware monitoring of inputs in mono or stereo for easy zero-latency recording #maonyxbj149.99 uln-8 · boutique-quality mic preamp · adjust input character clean to gooey · on-board dsp engine full +dsp license · link 3 uln-8 s link with uln-2 2882 · stand-alone preamp converter mode · top quality converters · v.5 mixing engine with 7.1 surround #meuln8 5745.00 eight m-audio octane mic preamps along with extensive digital conversion 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs each with an onboard dsp mixer sourced from up to 52 audio streams also function as a standalone preamp and digital converter connections include eight analog inputs

drum pad and wind controllers pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 sound forge pro 10 professional digital audio production suite recording and mastering sound design audio restoration editing cd creation support for 24 and 32-bit 192khz file avi wmv and mpeg-1/2 40 studio effects noise reduction also instrument file processing audio conversion and time stretching #sosfp10308.34 audio pro controlpad usb/midi percussion controller · eight high-quality velocitysensitive percussion pads · pad sensitivity adjustment · usb bus-powered ·t wo trigger inputs ·t wo switch pedal inputs and up/down footswitch input · midi i/o stores midi setups with program change capability · includes bfd lite a virtual drum module from fxpansion #alcp 129.37 393 mpc fly music production controller for ipad 2 multifunctional double-hinged design houses a controller section with 16 genuine mpc pads and numerous control buttons along with a fitted compartment for ipad 2 not included the case can sit

pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 sr-18 portable drum machine 12 responsive pads 32mb drum kits electronic drums hits and other sounds allow you to create music in any genre integrated effects plug in a guitar and play along play in bass parts using the pads or connect a midi keyboard for fast musical low end two footswitch jacks runs on ac power or six aa batteries #alsr18199.00 #alsr16 sr-16 16-bit stereo drum machine 134.95 drum machines samplers xr20 beat production station make hip-hop and r&b wherever and whenever inspiration strikes over 700 sounds by chronic music cover standard and electronic drums one-shot hits bass and synth sounds 99 preset and 99 user patterns drum roll note repeat for realism and expression includes reverb eq and compression plug in a mic and mix vocals with your beats runs on ac or battery power bright blue pads light with the beat akxr20 call or log-on 401 mpx8 sd sample pad controller features 8 backlit velocity and pressure sensitive mpc pads

pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 encore duet dual lavalier vhf wireless system individual or simultaneous wireless operation over two vhf frequencies system includes a rugged receiver with dual antennas rf and af 5-led displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level and 1/4 phone and xlr outputs comes with two bodypack transmitters and omnidirectional lavalier mics for hands-free operation naeduetltopr 169.99 wireless microphones 409 pg series wireless mic systems uhf wireless technology with up to 8 user selectable frequencies the pg4 receiver is a table-top or rack-mounted unit with 1/4 phone and xlr outputs and diversity reception systems combine the pg1 body-pack or pg58 handheld transmitters and the pg4 pg1 with pg185 lavalier mic and pg4 receiver in channel h7 shpg14pg185h k7 shpg14pg185k or m7 shpg14pg185m 299.00 pg1 with pg30 headworn mic and pg4 receiver in channel h7 shpg14pg30h7 k7 shpg14pg30k7 or m7 shpg14pg30m7 299.00 pg58 with sm58 cardioid

418 pro audio power amplifiers ra150 150-watt stereo power amplifier sla-1 · sla-2 100w and 200w 2-channel power amplifiers two-channel power amps with xlr and 1/4 inputs along with five-way binding post outputs they can operate in stereo or bridged mode have a ground-lift switch and offer full protection against short circuits overloads and overheating smartfan system offers silent fan-assisted convection cooling to keep them running reliably sla-1 100w arsla1 269.00 sla-2 200w arsla2 369.00 sla-4 4x 140w power amplifier arsla4 439.00 constructed on heavy gauge steel chassis the ra150 uses convection cooling with massive extruded aluminum heat-sinks for reliable operation features electronicallybalanced 1/4 balanced trs and balanced rca inputs detented front panel input level controls and overload/protect indicators outputs are heavy-duty dual binding posts active circuitry continuously monitors the output stage for short circuits and thermal overload protection

426 pro audio studio headphones hd 380 pro hd 600 · open circumaural high-def stereo headphone ·h igh-quality open metal mesh earpiece-covers aid in delivering extremely transparent sound ·c omputer optimized magnet system · neodymium ferrous magnet system · extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils #sehd600 399.95 multimix 6 cue 6-channel stereo headphone amplifier/mixer · large drivers provide a wide accurate frequency response and a high spl · e.a.r technology and patented duofol diaphragms · closed-back design and around-ear cushions · padded adjustable headband #sehd380p 199.95 · slim 1ru rackmount chassis · individual input/mix sections · 3 headphone jacks on each channel #almultmix6c 127.90 hd650 · audiophile playback headphones · open-back design · 10hz-39.5 khz frequency response · comfortable plush velour-covered cushioned earpads for extended wear · adjustable headband with interior padding #sehd650 499.95 senal smh-1000 headpod 4-channel

pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 beltblaster waist-worn pa system with microphone 5w amp with mic input adjustable volume control and 44 adjustable belt includes headset and clip-on lapel mics runs on 6 aa batteries #ams206 91.07 personal pa systems passport p-10 personal portable sound system ideal for small crowd or audience 27-watts of power and 5 speaker runs 8 hours on built-in rechargeable battery 1/8 line input includes handheld dynamic cardioid mic with coiled mic and shoulder strap fep10 log-on 435 passport p10 wireless uhf kit battery powered up to 8 hours self-contained system with a wireless dynamic mic battery charger and shoulder strap 1/8 auxiliary input jack #fep10wauhf 489.99 passport p10 wireless uhf executive kit fep10waeuhf log-on pro beltblaster pa system and accessory pack same as the beltblaster above plus includes ac adapter six nimh batteries 12 band extension and sport pack #ams207 114.73 pwma50 waistband portable pa system small super powerful

pro audio 800-859-5252 212-444-5072 idj3 digital dj controller · large touch-sensitive turntables for scratching and song cueing · music playback using the built-in ipad/iphone dock · preview master outputs · complete mixer section with eq loop and effects controls · includes virtual dj le professional mixing software #nuidj3 call or log-on 4trak 4-deck dj controller and mixer nu4trak call or log-on dj controllers · dj computer hardware software mixdeck express premium dj controller · fast slot-loading drives with large touch-sensitive platters · play from mp3 cds usb flash drives computers external inputs · midi integration of decks for controlling computer software · 3-channel mixer with eq/rotary kills replaceable crossfader and external inputs · brake reverse and scratch effects #numdexp with virtual dj audio/karaoke/video software log-on 443 live 8 music production software · real-time audio/midi production · multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192khz · apply and