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pro audio large diaphragm microphones 800-947-1181 212-444-6681 nova m179 1.1” diaphragm yields a high spl rating and a wide 10hz to 20khz frequency response variable pattern control dial allows users to select cardioid omnidirectional and figure-8 patterns 20db pad switch provides higher headroom and high-pass filter eliminates noise and rumble #cam179 129.00 a large capsule condenser mic designed for vocals acoustic instruments guitar amplifiers or room recordings it features a 1.1” evaporated gold mylar diaphragm and class a solid state electronics housed in a solid brass body it has a cardioid polar pattern for directional recording and features a 20hz to 18khz frequency response manova 79.00 2003a 393 bcc-1 designed for radio broadcasts voice overs podcasts announcers and more features a cardioid condenser element that features its own isolation to minimize noise includes a windscreen and features a high-pass filter switch to minimize low-frequency noise #mxbcc1

402 pro audio microphone accessories podium flange mounts astatic flange mount for gooseneck mics asfm2a 12.37 astatic lectern/podium shock isolation mount asgsm1 64.98 audio-technica at8438 surface mount adap auat8438 .20.00 audio-technica shock mount for unipoint mic auat8662 30.00 heil sound fl-2 flange mount hefl2 26.32 neutrik gf1 heavy duty mounting flange negf1 25.49 windtech podium mounting flange wi8040b 6.75 windtech 8040 mic stand podium flange wi8040 6.75 windtech 8060b large podium mic flange wi8060b 8.25 atlas sound ad-11b surface mount mic stand flange atad11b 8.99 ad-11be desk top mounting flange atad11be 8.50 ad-12b desk top mounting flange atad12b 8.99 ad-12be desk top mounting flange atad12be 7.79 on-stage tm02c podium flange mount ontm02c 6.95 tm08b deluxe podium flange mount ontm08b 6.95 tm02b podium flange mount ontm02b 6.95 shure a12 mounting flange matte silver sha12 8.55 a12 mounting flange matte black sha12b 9.99 recessed shock

pro audio computer audio interfaces 800-947-1181 212-444-6681 4pre ultralite mk3 411 audio express firewire/usb midi interface 6-in/8-out firewire/usb midi interface 6-channel firewire/usb audio interface • half rack space mobile 24-bit 96khz recording studio with 10 inputs and 14 outputs • two mic/instrument inputs with preamps 48v phantom power 3-way pad switch and front panel trim knobs • on-board smpte time code sync can also generate time code • use built in 8-bus mixer to monitor all of the live inputs via the main outs headphone jack or any other output #maulmk3h 549.00 • 24-bit/96khz • 4 mic preamps with phantom power 20db pad precision digital trim and plenty of gain • four combo jacks four xlr mic two hi-z 1/4” guitar and stereo line-level 4 10 inputs • 8-bus digital mixer • stereo 24-bit/96khz s/pdif digital i/o • time code support standalone operation #ma4pre 449.00 hybrid firewire usb 2.0 connectivity

420 pro audio keyboard controllers masterkey 25 49 61-key portable usb midi controllers compact design fits perfectly on a computer desk while providing all the control needed for unfettered creativity the keys have a dynamic and fast response ideal for programming bass lines drums or synthesizer lines include presonus studio one artist software but is compatible with any standard midi program #acmk25 59.99 #acmk49 71.99 #acmk61 91.99 lpk25 25-key usb laptop performance keyboard less than 13” across and under a pound the lpk25 fits into a laptop case or backpack features arpeggiator sustain button octave up/down tap tempo controls and four memory bank djs can use it to trigger loops and samples in a live situation #aklpk25 69.99 new apc key 25 ableton live controller with keyboard akapckey25 129.99 25-key mini keyboard 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys four-way thumbstick for pitch and modulation manipulation 8 backlit velocity-sensitive mpc-style pads in

pro audio 428 electronic drums dm7x session triple-d5 drum kit dm lite kit • 5-piece kit • drum module with 327 drum sounds • three tom and two cymbal pads • snare pad with rim shot zone • 30 practice tracks and metronome • built-in performance recorder • reverb and chorus effects • compact aluminum stand • aux in headphone out stereo line out • usb with midi i/o • kick drum pedal with integrated pad includes dm lite drum sound module and a pre-assembled rack with snare pad 3 tom pads and 3 triangular cymbal pads in place also has a velocity sensitive kick drum trigger a hi-hat controller pedal cable snake and all required cables power supply and a pair of drum sticks blue leds light when drum pads are hit aldmlitekit 229.99 #acatd5 291.99 5-piece kit includes dm7x advanced drum sound module 8” dmpad dualzone snare pad 3 dmpad single-zone tom pads and stealthkick 2 kick drum trigger pad with bass

pro audio wireless mic accessories 800-947-1181 212-444-6681 antennas for wireless mic systems atw-a49 uhf lpda log periodic dipole array antennas provide enhanced signal pick up while extending range and reliability the directional coverage pattern features a beam-width of 90° and is often useful in theatrical and musical performances as well as presentation #auatwa49 pair 255.25 uhf log periodic antenna wireless receiver antenna for use in the field where long range use is often necessary the antenna’s coverage ranges from 450mhz to 900mhz with an average gain of 4.5db over that of a dipole antenna the antenna features a standard bnc style connection unobtrusive black finish and 3/8”-16 thread fitting for mounting on microphone and tripod stands psulpa 156.75 ua874 active directional antenna log periodic dipole offers enhanced reception when directed toward the desired coverage area integrated amp and four gain settings compensate for varying degrees of cable

pro audio 446 power conditioners ap7900 av network 20 amp g type rack power filter horizontal pdu power distribution unit remotely controls power to individual outlets and monitors the aggregate power consumption features power on and off delays current monitoring alarm thresholds and network management individual outlet control to turn outlets on turn outlets off or recycle power to equipment apap7900 406.98 nine outlets with peak load power and energy monitoring for each connected device voltage monitoring current monitoring for outlet banks and power monitoring for phases isolated filter banks eliminate emi and rfi data line protection prevents potential surges to connected equipment on data ports built-in removable flashlight for inspection in dimly lit environments on front panel apg50netb20a 399.95 pb 4x4 ◆ pb 4x4 pro ps 4x4 pro “4x4” power distribution systems “4x4” power distribution system four of the outputs are 1.25” apart

454 pro audio studio headphones hd 380 pro • large drivers provide a wide accurate frequency response and a high spl • e.a.r technology and patented duofol diaphragms • closed-back design and around-ear cushions • padded adjustable headband #sehd380p 125.99 hd650 • audiophile playback headphones • open-back design • 10hz-39.5 khz frequency response • comfortable plush velour-covered cushioned earpads for extended wear • adjustable headband with interior padding #sehd650 409.00 srh1440 • 40mm neodymium drivers • open-back earcups • around-ear velour cushions • padded steel frame headband #shsrh1440 299.00 srh1540 premium closed-back shsrh1540 499.00 srh1840 open back headphones shsrh1840 499.00 mdr-7506 • circumaural closed-back design stops “headphone bleed” when overdubbing in the studio • 40mm diameter drive neodymium magnets for maximum energy and minimum size

pro audio personal pa systems 800-947-1181 212-444-6681 5w amp with mic input adjustable volume control and 44” adjustable belt includes headset and clip-on lapel mics runs on 6 aa batteries ams206 call or log-on small super powerful voice amplifier for a projection range up to 1/2 mile built-in rechargeable battery aux input for mp3 player or ipod includes headset mic in black pypwma50b silver pypwma50s or white pypwma50w 28.92 pwma200 wireless portable amplifier packs a lot of power in small easily transportable package comes with wireless lavalier mic wired mic fm radio support and more runs on a rechargeable battery simply plug in with the included ac adaptor and charge pypwma200 67.00 same as the beltblaster above plus includes ac adapter six nimh batteries 12” band extension and sport pack #ams207 call or log-on waistband portable pa system waistband portable pa system pro beltblaster pa system and accessory pack pwma60 pwma50 beltblaster waist-worn pa system

472 pro audio dj and dj ipod mixers xone:23 dif-1s m101usb 2+2 channel dj mixer 2-channel dj scratch mixer two-channel dj mixer • xone filter with resonance control • 3-band total kill eq • vca faders • crossfader curve selector • balanced xlr mic input/outputs • 9-segment level monitoring • dedicated monitor output • external fx loop #alxone23 299.00 xone:23c dj mixer soundcard alxone23c 399.00 features the audio innovate mini innofader as the crossfader it provides a smooth yet robust feeling for scratch djs the contactless design gives a long life of over 4,000,000 cycles the cut-in position can be adjusted by users with simple calibration steps to fit their taste the reverse switch allows you to perform different styles of scratching djdif1s log-on • replaceable crossfader • two pairs of phono/line inputs stereo line out • level control gain control and 2-band eq on each channel • 1/4-inch

480 pro audio audio cables digital audio cables audioquest forest toslink to toslink digital audio cable 2.5’ auoptfor.75 28.75 10’ auoptfor3 48.75 cinnamon toslink to toslink digital audio cable 2.5’ auoptcin.75 64.75 5’ auoptcin1.5 78.75 comprehensive 6’ toslink digital audio cable cotsktsk06st 6.39 6’ bnc-m to xlr-m time code cable coxlrpbp6b 22.39 6’ bnc-m to xlr-f time code cable coxlrjbp6b 11.99 xlr-m to xlr -f aes/ebu cable 3’ cocaes3 15.99 6’ cocaes6 14.95 10’ cocaes10 12.49 xhd xd1 digital toslink audio cable 3’ cocttxd13 14.18 6’ cocttxd16 16.24 12’ cocttxd112 23.90 hosa technology s/pdif rca male to rca male digital cable 3.3’ hos3 3.36 6.5’ hos6 4.13 13’ hos13 8.99 20’ hos20 10.99 toslink male to toslink male fiber optic cable 2’ hoo2 6.62 3’ hoo3 6.14 6’ hoo6 4.95 9’ hoo9 6.28 16’ hoo16