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specialities spanish olive oil make olisoy sort serrana de espadán type fruity ripe mellow origin alto palancia castellón ­ spain these classical and partly rewarded olive oil sorts are ideal for salad paella and also refine many other dishes have a fantastic taste adventure for more details please see our price list 4805 4806 4807 4808 spice mills make molinillos a wide range of condiments from all over the world from classic to exotic each jar with integrated mill for very intensive and fresh taste-adventures also available as a set 4707-4712 order nr nr 4713 detail the integrated mill 4712 4711 4710 4709 4708 4707 4706 4705 4704 4701 for fish salad vegetables pasta chicken bbq for more details see our price list order nos 4701 to 4713 4707-4712 6 spices as a set order no 4713 basic ingredients for paella no 1 bbq sauce with the fine racy piquancy of chilly and a whisky-note combined with a unique smokeflavour try this unique no.1 bbq sauce together with grilled and other dishes you will be enthused the bbq-season can come along now together with our own bbq-sauce original paella-rice 1 kg order nr 4803 original paella condiment for 30 servings with saffron order nr 4801 degree of piquancy 2.500 ­ 4.000 scu 200 ml order nr 4901