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paella-recipe and cookery classes recipe of the original paella from valencia ingredients for 4 servings 400 g chicken 300 g rabbit 240 g green beans 160 g white beans 150 g chopped tomatoes 100 ml olive oil 800 ml water 350 g rice 20 g salt 2 g chili powder 1,5 g saffron preparation cut meat to pieces put oil in paellera and heat it then add the meat as soon as it is golden brown add tomatoes and chili powder as well as green and white beans salt saffron and water and bring it to the boil and let it well steam then sprinkle the rice evenly onto the paella and steam it for 10 minutes you might like to add a little more water and have the paella steam for another 10 minutes with reduced heat as soon as the rice is dry take the paellera from the fire and let it rest for a few minutes before you serve it paella-cookery classes for everybody for more information and online-enrolling please visit our online-shop if you like we can also arrange for a cookery-event at your premises.