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bacharach oil burner combustion testing kit bacharach bv410a ball valve hose set refrigerant leak detection fyrite gas analyzer stinger recovery unit nitrous oxide monitor top gun h10xpro propane gas pressure testing refrigerant leak detection system propane gas pressure test kit inside pvc pipe cutter natural gas to propane kit convert cubic meters to cubic feet 24 volt hot water heater repair kit for water trap name of the parts of calibre 45 ammonia refrigerant ammonia refrigeration refrigerant recovery unit refrigerant recovery units refrigerant recovery tanks refrigeration gas analyzer refrigerant gas analyzer refrigerant recovery system refrigeration tube fittings hvac vacuum pumps rubber boot hvac refrigeration tools tube cutter hvac tube expander vane pump catalog refrigerant static pressure hvac temp and pressure sensors smoking pipe catalog 20 cfm vacuum pump for hvac natural gas refrigerator kits system hvac for hospital dental and surgical catalogs dental and surgical instruments catalogs spare parts catalog 2001 bacharach fyrite pro bacharach refrigerant monitor smoke test bacharach nox sensor fin straighteners o2 co2 sensors smoke leak detectors oil burners draft gauges carbon monoxide meter propane leak detector nitrous oxide monitors flare swage tool refrigerant monitor pump refrigerant recovery tank oil fired boiler draft gauge oxygen carbon dioxide regulator

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catalog guide technical training seminars 2-3 s e rv i c e 4-5 comb us tionandenvironmen ta l a na ly zers eca 450 combustion environmental emissions analyzer 6-7 pca® portable combustion analyzer 8-9 fyrite® pro residential combustion analyzer 10-11 fyrite® tech residential combustion analyzer 12-13 combustion test kits 14 draft and pressure gauges 15 fyrite® gas analyzers 16-17 smoke tester 18 catalog guide indoorairq ua lity comfort chek 19 co2 analyzers 20-21 florite® floret® air velocity meters 22 temperature and relative humidity analyzers 23 a na ly zers moni to r s monoxor® iii carbon monoxide analyzer 24 monoxor® ii carbon monoxide analyzer 25 electronic single gas analyzers 26 co2 monitor 27 nitrous oxide monitor 28 snifit® 50 carbon monoxide analyzer 29 leak detection leakator® jr 30 leakator® 10 combustible gas leak detector 31 tru pointe® top gun h10xpro refrigerant leak detectors 32 h10pm h10g refrigerant leak detectors

eca 450 combustion efficiency environmental analyzer combustion environmental analyzers unlike any other industrial grade combustion efficiency and environmental analyzer on the market today the eca 450 from bacharach® conducts accurate combustion and emissions tests that will help you meet environmental regulations and ensure your equipment is burning efficiently the eca 450 measures oxygen carbon monoxide low range or high range nitric oxide nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide as well as combustibles temperature and draft it also calculates combustion efficiency excess air carbon dioxide nox nitrogen oxides and pollution units the eca 450 takes continuous samplings of furnaces boilers and other industrial combustion equipment for up to eight hours and generates precise reliable combustion and environmental measurements and calculations and it generates this complex data easily ­ even at selected intervals ­ enabling plants to make more accurate equipment adjustments and better

specifications measurement combustion air/ambient air temperature ranges flue gas temperature oxygen carbon monoxide draft differential pressure calculated ranges combustion efficiency carbon dioxide carbon monoxide air free excess air selectable fuels natural gas f1 oil #2 f2 propane f3 kerosene f4 four disposable aa alkaline batteries included up to 18 hours of continuous operation 7.5 h x 3.1 w x 2.1 d 19.0 cm x 7.9 cm x 5.3 cm 16 oz with batteries 0.45 kg 2 years including sensors 32 212°f 0-100°c 0 999°f 18 to 537°c 0.0 to 20.9 o2 0 to 2,000 ppm co -10.0 to +27.0 in wc 0.1 to 99.9 0.1 to a fuel dependent max value in percent 0 to 9,999 ppm 0 to 400 ordering information combustion environmental analyzers model p/n model 105 p/n 24-8202 model 110 p/n 24-8103 model 120 p/n 24-8104 measurements carbon monoxide draft differential pressure oxygen flue gas temperature oxygen flue gas temperature carbon monoxide oxygen flue gas temperature carbon monoxide draft differential

fyrite combustion environmental analyzers ® gas analyzers fast accurate and easy to use instruments for measuring and analyzing carbon dioxide or oxygen fyrite® analyzers are available for either co2 or o2 analysis and each model is produced in three scale ranges all six instruments are similar in appearance and size but differ in important construction details as well as in the absorbing fluids each model therefore is suitable only for the particular gas analysis or scale range for which it has been manufactured accuracy is within ±0.5 co2 or 02 applic at ions 0-7.6 co2 ­ co2 tests of controlled atmospheres in fruit vegetable meat storage rooms and incubator monitoring 0-7.6 o2 ­ oxygen determination in flammable gases oxygen tests to check inertness of atmosphere in silos fuel tanks etc 0-20 co2 ­ flue gas combustion tests co2 tests of heat treating atmospheres 0-21 o2 ­ flue gas combustion tests oxygen deficiency test checking oxygen concentrations in hydrogen cooled

co2 analyzer 2810 2815 2820 carbon dioxide analyzers bacharach s co2 analyzers 2810 2815 2820 are compact and lightweight and provide fast and accurate co2 measurements all instruments use a maintenance free dual wavelength infrared pressure and temperature compensated sensor the 2815 2820 have a powerful internal pump for extracting samples the 2820 includes a nafion tube to remove moisture from the sample when testing incubators the nafion tube requires no maintenance or replacement all instruments feature built in data-logging for record keeping indoor air quality f e at ures · · · · · · · · · · · stores up to 850 co2 readings quick intelligent charge in less than two hours two way irda communication link easy calibration with built-in user cal feature pressure temperature compensated sensor 2810 range 0-10,000 ppm 10 ppm resolution 2815 range 0 10,000 ppm 10 ppm resolution 2820 range 0-60 0.1 resolution low flow indicator 2815 2820 powerful internal pump for

single gas analyzers family of products analyzers monitors light and rugged bacharach s family of hand-held digital analyzers measure toxic gases or oxygen now you can quickly measure and display levels of oxides of nitrogen nox sulfur dioxide so2 carbon monoxide co or oxygen o2 more accurately efficiently and economically than ever before just turn on the instrument zero it and insert the probe into the stack or air being sampled the analyzer will continuously measure and display readings of a specific gas single gas analyzers operate on four replaceable c-size batteries for approximately 14 continuous hours of operation applic at ions · · · · · · energy audit testing furnace and boiler servicing or replacement environmental emissions monitoring analyzing indoor air quality iaq spot checking continuous emission systems safety checks on combustion stack gas specifications for all instruments nonoxor® ii nox range factory calibrated instrument accuracy sensor life typical

leakator 10 combustible gas leak detector bacharach s leakator® 10 is a low maintenance combustible gas leak detection unit small enough to be operated with just one hand yet loaded with the kind of advanced features and technology professionals demand powered for up to 30 hours of continuous operation by alkaline c-cell batteries leakator® 10 comes complete with a flexible 20-inch long probe for hard-to-reach areas and a solid state sensor that will last for up to five years leakator® 10 allows you to pinpoint large and small leaks quickly while checking a relatively large area in a short amount of time ® leak detection f e at ures benefi ts · visual indicator 10 ultra-bright leds · audible indicator loud audible ticking rate · 30 hour battery life easily replaced c-cells · sensitivity thumb-wheel aids pinpointing leak detection · operational status leds english and international systems · solid state sensor plug-in sensor five year typical life · 20 inch flexible probe

h25-ir industrial refrigerant leak detector leak detection the h25-ir is an industrial leak detector used for lowlevel detection and leak rate quantification of cfcs hfcs hcfcs and halogen gas compounds that are used in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment fire suppression systems and various other residential commercial and industrial apparatus the instrument can be used to locate and quantify leaks as well as log and totalize the entire group of leaks in a system to ensure quality assurance compliance the unit is capable of detecting 29 of the most commonly used refrigerants and halogen gas compounds specifications gases measured r-11 r-12 r-22 r-23 r-113 r-114 r-123 r-124 r-134a r-227 r-236fa r-401a r-402a r-402b r-404a r-407a r-407c r-408a r-409a r-410a r-500 r-502 r-503 r-507 r-508b h-1211 h-1301 h-2402 n-1230 sensor measurement units measurement range warm-up time probe operating modes infrared oz/yr g/yr ml/s pam3/s ppm 0.00 5.00 oz/yr 2 minutes 8 20.3 cm flexible

ordering information for monitors specifications refrigerants hgm300 model cfc hfc r-11 r-12 r-113 r-114 r-502 r-404a hp62 r-407a r-407c ac9000 r-134a r-410a az20 r-507 az50 r-508b suva95 code b -11 -12 -13 -14 code c -1 -2 -3 ndir multi-zone sample draw systems code a hgm300 agm300 model number for use with cfc hfc hcfc and halon refrigerants for use with ammonia refrigerants number of zones and connection type 4 zones with metal tube fittings 8 zones with metal tube fittings 12 zones with metal tube fittings 16 zones with metal tube fittings input power type 120vac 60 hz standard 240vac 50 hz export applications only 240vac 60 hz domestic applications only air conditioning refrigeration hcfc r-22 r-123 r-124 r-500 r-503 r-401a mp39 r-402a hp80 r-40b hp81 r-408a r-409a r-23 halon:1301 measuring range 0 to 10,000 ppm agm300 model inputs output signal ammonia nh3 also known as r-717 measuring range 25 to 10,000 ppm 4 point standard expandable to 16 points in 4 point

refrigeration hand tools refrigeration hand tools manifolds hoses r-12/22/134a manifold set r12/22/134a manifold set w/sight glass r-410a manifold set r-410a manifold set w/sight glass r-12/22/134a ball valve hose set r-410a hose set 2002-5000 2002-4000 2002-4400 2002-4300 2002-0003 2002-4600 both models have a brass body with hook hose holder and 2 hand wheels model ms050 model ms040 model ms440 both models have a brass body with hook hose holder and 2 hand wheels model ms430 3 pcs 6 ryb hoses with 1/4 flare fittings model bv3 3 pcs 60 ryb hoses with 1/4 flare fittings model hs460 includes 3 pieces 60 ryb hoses with 1/4 flare fittings hoses rated at 2500 psi.burst 500 psi max w.p includes 3 pieces 60 ryb hoses with 1/4 flare fittings hoses rated at 4000 psi burst 800 psi max w.p hoses rated at 2500 psi burst 500 psi max w.p hoses rated at 4000 psi burst 800 psi max w.p 0-250 0-500 psi gauges r134a low side coupler r134a high side coupler 0-500 0-800

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