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facility systems facility systems contents desktop connection panels fitting in desks slide 6 opening and closing by means of a control unit when the unit is closed the cut-out in the desk or table is flush with the surface and items can be placed on top of it features torque limitation conference 8 practical power and data supply recessed in the top of the desk or table when not in use simply press down with your thumb to open the unit features a spring clip can be closed once cables have been connected top frame 12 top frame is the new power and data supply solution for conference facilities thanks to the foldaway cover power and data can be conveniently accessed from any seat around the conference table coni 18 unrestricted access to power and data supply from the comfort of a desk or table

coni integrated functionality bachmann.com

facility systems conference built-in frame elevator introducing power in the elevator elevator fits in perfectly in any work environment with a 79 mm diameter elevator is ideally suited to integrating power and data connections in tight spaces apply thumb pressure to raise and lower elevator elevator is available in two versions with three socket outlets or with one socket outlet and two data connections installation is incredibly easy elevator is placed in a cut-out 79 mm in diameter and secured to the top of the desk or table from below using a lock ring the benefits at a glance • apply thumb pressure to raise • 2 configurations • suitable for 79 mm standard hole • quick and easy to assemble • suitable for retrofitting • aluminium nickel-plated brushed • classic design • for desk or table top thicknesses of 16 40 mm 34

desk connection panels desk 1 automatic switchoff automatic switchoff modules art no version step alu automatic switchoff 906.005 length approx 263 mm ∙∙anodised aluminium profile ∙∙1 x automatic switchoff with socket outlet ∙∙1 x button connection with 0.5 m cable and connector for linking to module 917.060 ∙∙power input gst18i3 plug power output gst18i3 socket module 1 x button automatic switchoff / automatic saves energy 917.060 ∙∙1 x button black with 1.0 m cable and 2-pole plug ∙∙activating the button restores power to the devices connected to the automatic switchoff unit ∙∙use in any power strip with custom modules a desk connection panel with custom module space and step are needed to complete the system the automatic switchoff makes possible savings of up to €70 per year and workstation control cable 001 02 7.060 9 l e 1 pan for 9 ion ace t c sp ne con dule k 1 m mo s de usto hc

custom modules desk connection panels facility systems ➀ ➁ ➂ torx t6 917.040 the empty built-in frame ➀ of bachmann facility systems accommodates the custom modules ➁ which are fixed in place with two torx screws ➂ the custom modules can be easily exchanged by loosening the screws custom modules in the facility systems individual configuration modern technology and strong ideas are at the heart of each and every bachmann facility system with expansion-compatible multiple-socket outlets and facility custom modules for individual configuration these systems provide the ideal basis for setting up flexible connections practical units provide secure networking in the office while elegantly designed concealed supply systems offer trouble-free communications for conferences in addition to standard units factory-configured with sockets bachmann facility products also include empty modules that you can configure yourself custom modules are supplied

x x x x unilan module ks 1 8 cat5e rj45 418 051 xxxx unilan module kst 1 8 toolless cat6 rj45 418 053 xxxx unilan module ku 1 8 cat6 418 080 xxxx unilan module ku 1 8 cat6 418 081 xxxx unilan module ku 1 8 cat5e 418 082 xxxx unilan module ku 1 8 cat5e 418 083 xxxx unilan ms 1 8 cat6 rj45 x x unilan rj45 feedthrough coupling cat6 x x unilan mu 1 8 cat6 rj45 xxxx 917.005 unilan module ks 1 8 cat6 rj45 418 050 917.007 x 917.038 x 917.008 x 917.053 x 917.052 917.062 unilan rj45 coupling cat6 417 446 917.051 917.061 917.006 917.001 917.038 917.000 manufacturer 917.002 custom modules compatibility of data connections 917.003 facility systems daetwyler unilan® module ps-gg45 7a 1000 mhz 400 102 400 103 x x unilan module ks-t 6a 1/8 tool-less cat 6a/ea shielded 418 060 xxxx unilan module ks-ts 6 1/8 tool-less slimline cat.6/ea shielded 418 054 xxxx unilan rj45 keystone coupler cat6 418 057 xxxx unilan module ks-t5 1/8 tool-less cat 5e shielded 418 055 xxxx unilan rj45 module

media technology media express plug play technology for simplicity and efficiency the bachmann media technology media express system lets you easily switch between different video and sound signals and is already integrated into the connection panels of the bachmann facility product ranges in addition to switching between image and sound signals media express also media technology extends the network connection to each user media switch flexible and reliable thanks to high-quality components the media switch amx® inside allows simple routing of image and sound signals from multiple users to various output devices such as projectors or monitors all these elements can be combined with existing bachmann facility products media control simple control of complex processes in media and facility applications the media control amx® inside system uses control units to govern the various media from a central point this makes it possible to activate various processes in a meeting or

facility systems media control media control media control the software supplied makes even complex procedures simple to programme start programmed procepictograms for other button functions dures by pressing button are provided cascadable up to 6 button arrays with 24 procedures keypad on page 114 suitable mountings on page 114 108

lanlight® level 3 lanlight® extension units art no version self-contacting column 10 gbit 4p/2s one-sided column 10 gbit for 1-2 workstations 924.5000 ∙∙for simply plugging into and unplugging from lanlight® cone holder 924.1041 ∙∙2 socket outlets with earthing contact 2 phases and 4 tyco cat6a jacks ∙∙coded connecting points data 1-4 power a-b ∙∙fully pre-wired incl 4 x tyco terra cat7 plug for self-contact ∙∙socket outlets 2-pole with earthing contact 16a/3680w ac250v ip20 black ∙∙column can be extended by inserting a lanlight® system lamp ∙∙height 640 mm diameter 95 mm vrvrvrvr self-contacting column 10 gbit 8p/4s two-sided column 10 gbit for 3-4 workstations 924.5001 ∙∙for simply plugging into and unplugging from lanlight® cone holder 924.1041 ∙∙4 socket outlets with earthing contact 2 phases and 8 tyco cat6a jacks ∙∙coded connecting points data

facility systems accessories bridge cable management bridge – the cable duct art no length version cable bridge dimensions w x h 146 x 9 mm cable duct straight 930.060   1.0 m ∙∙anodised aluminium profile rippled for anti-slip effect 930.061   2.0 m ∙∙3-chamber system allowing power and data cables to be routed separately ∙∙can be fixed with double-sided tape or screwed into place on the floor see fixing accessories cable bridge bracket for cable duct 930.062  45° 930.063  90° ∙∙bracket made from anodised aluminium cable bridge linking element for cable duct 930.064 straight ∙∙link for connecting straight cable ducts ∙∙screwed into place with integral allen keys ∙∙2 items cable bridge fixing accessories for cable duct 930.065 straight ∙∙for screwing on the ends of the cable ducts ∙∙4 items 138

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