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Featured catalog pages of Facility Solutions 2014

conference setting a design standard high quality material and finish user-focused flap technology can be closed once cables have been connected for additional and flush justified mounting

coni integrated functionality metal frame and flap closeable flap while devices are connected due to brush inserts minimum built-in depth easy installation

power frame cover finally power found elegance anodized aluminum flap for conference and office tables various combinations access to power supply and data from any seat

lift high-tech in motion automatic lifting system smart design access to power supply and data from any seat low built-in depth

desk 2 design meets technology design solution for modern workstations user-friendly 35° orientation covered cable duct to the edge of the desk red dot product design award winner 2011 if award 2012 winner nominated for the german design award 2012

lanlight® modular installation for flexible supply to office workstations delivers exactly what is needed to each workstation provides power data and media connections and lighting modular and multifunctional – from cable connections from the floor box to mobile power columns with or without light fittings attractive harmonious visual design

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