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summer showcase

balcony gardens cool and warm following on from last year’s penthouse rooftop garden these two balcony gardens contain the same stylish touches of black white and silver but by changing just one element we have created two distinct spaces with contrasting moods cool and warm cool introducing cool blue and lavender shades warm introducing warm red and orange shades cool balcony garden both balcony gardens calibrachoa kabloom™ f1 deep blue lobelia fan® f1 blue lobelia waterfall blue p petunia fanfare™ deep blue p warm balcony garden blue lavender black silver white scarlet red orange 3 calibrachoa kabloom™ f1 deep blue delphinium f1 diamonds blue 3 3 lobelia fan® f1 blue lobelia waterfall blue p 3 3 petunia fanfare™ deep blue p 3 petunia tumbelina® belinda p 3 verbena endurascape™ blue p 3 verbena endurascape™ dark purple p ® 3 bacopa scopia guilliver blue sensation p dianthus f1 corona blueberry magic 3 fuchsia trailing blue

contemporary garden a combination of warm pastel shades collectively planted elegantly dress sleek design lines whilst softening hard landscaping materials an enclosed planted seating area is an indulgent space to appreciate floral prettiness alongside chic design cream salmon soft blues pink alstroemeria inticancha® cabana p begonia f1 supercascade vanilla cream begonia truffle cream p calibrachoa can can™ primrose p digitalis f1 dalmatian cream leucanthemum real dream p petunia fanfare™ yellow p petunia tumbelina® melissa p dahlia happy days cream p begonia truffle peach p diascia aurora apricot p geranium designer light salmon p geranium designer salmon p begonia supercascade f1 salmon verbena picotee peach geranium designer light pink p petunia littletunia® pink p calibrachoa can can™ double light pink p diascia juliet light pink p bacopa scopia® great pink beauty p verbena endurascape™ white blush p petunia f1 shockwave™ pink vein

sensory garden this garden design sets out to create an environment which stimulates the senses stimulation occurs courtesy of plants and materials that engage senses of sight smell touch taste and sound the sensory garden offers a rich therapeutic experience providing a relaxed environment packed with tactile plants stimulating bursts of colour scent and flavour touch smell taste sight artemesia powis castle artemesia valarie finnis lavender bella® rose p lavender bella® white p lavender munstead monarda pink lace p kniphofia flamenco mixed fern asplenium scolopendrium fern polystichum setiferum fern polystichum polyblepharum miscanthus zebrinus salvia tricolour rosemary officinalis fennel bronze chamomile roman mint spearmint stachys fuzzy wuzzy dianthus f1 dash mixed mimosa touchy tina ornamental pepper medusa spilanthes peek a boo sunflower miss sunshine zea japonica sweet pea heaven scent mixed nicotiana f1 perfume mixed stocks vintage peach stocks vintage rose nemesia lady

bollywood garden an infusion of vibrant magenta exotic orange and intense yellow create a loud imaginative and fun eastern inspired experience clashing shades boldly planted embellish this hillside terrace a dramatic setting for any motion picture magenta orange calibrachoa cabaret™ rose improved p calibrachoa can can™ double magenta dahlia dalina® maxi castilo p geranium precision rose lilac p impatiens sun harmony® purple p petunia shock wave™ f1 purple petunia tidal wave™ f1 purple petunia fanfare™ royal purple p petunia tumbelina® katrina p fuchsia blackie geranium designer violet p dianthus dash violet petunia easy wave™ f1 burgundy velour begonia majestic f1 orange begonia starshine orange geranium horizon f1 orange geranium designer orange p geranium fantasia orange p impatiens sun harmony® deep orange p marigold durango tangerine dahalia dalina® maxi emilo p gaillardia mesa f1 peach rudbeckia tiger eye gold calibrachoa can

seaside garden coastal influences have inspired this garden creating a calm and relaxed environment waves of majestic deep ocean blues brilliant whites and metallic silvers break upon golden yellow sands the classic deck chair is an emblem of seaside escapism fun and amusement calibrachoa kabloom™ f1 deep blue felicia amelloides blue lobelia fan® f1 blue lobelia waterfall blue p penstemon electric blue petunia fanfare™ deep blue p petunia tumbelina® belinda p salvia farinacea victoria blue salvia patens patio deep blue verbena endurascape™ blue p verbena endurascape™ dark purple p agapanthus silver baby angelonia archangel™ white p argyranthemum madeira™ white p calibrachoa cabaret™ white improved p calibrachoa can can™ double white p dahlia dalina® maxi lopez p echinacea powwow white lobelia waterfall white sparkle p nemesia aromatica white p osteospermum voltage white p osteospermum akila f1 daisy white physostegia crystal

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