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2017 spring additions herb fusion quick-turn sales opportunity • dramatically reduce your growing time on the nursery • 3 herbs in one 9cm pot/liner 24 pots per tray • perfect to drop into a 1-2 litre pot or drop directly into containers • each ‘fusion’ is optimised for pot performance and retail appeal • provides a long-lasting garden display • ideal for both culinary and ornamental use delivery weeks 16-22 even mediterranean twist 9cm pot usion faetaerc for of flavour p atio g the boomin market 2

2017 spring additions jumbo 40 season extender new jumbo sized plugs offer quick top up sales • finished baskets and containers are an expanding growth area extend your season with this easy to plan range of jumbo 5cm plugs • plant plugs direct into baskets and containers to turn around finished displays in as little as 2-3 weeks • this specially selected range of popular basket plants provides excellent choice for colour themed displays ‘fast finish’ ball 40 plug s s delivery weeks 20 22 5cm 5cm ket sabralup po vide orpstnalpe ciohctnell exce 4

2017 spring additions speedplanter the quick easy solution to late basket container production just “drop em in” saves you time and space when you need it most • 7 premium plants per speedplanter • 9 colour themes available • choose basket or container options • quick and easy to establish just 2-3 weeks • each unit is approximately 8cm 3” high and just under 30cm 12” diameter perfect to drop into all baskets and containers 30cm or over 8cm delivery weeks 16-24 30cm easy kciuqe th late otnoitulos tainer n o c t e k bas p roduction ation sophistic 6

2017 spring additions begonia f1 fortune • large showy double flowers bloom well above the foliage for maximum impact • extensive colour range • slightly more compact and earlier flowering than nonstop® • ideal for packs and small pots containers and garden beds • height 30cm spread 20cm new citrus mixed new appleblossom white flower/pink back new scarlet tray 84 wk 10-19 all fortune appleblossom fortune citrus mixed new santa barbara • an abundance of pure white flowers cover well branched plants • a perfect match with santa cruz™ and san francisco • heat and drought tolerant • ideal for baskets and containers • height 30cm tray 84 wk 10-16 all 25 pellets santa barbara 8 www.ballcolegrave.co.uk fortune

2017 spring additions brachyscome new surdaisy® white improved p pure white flowers with yellow centres are produced in profusion over a tight mound of dark green foliage • plants continuously flower all summer • medium sized flowers of pure white • dark contrasting foliage • tight mound forming habit • ideal for baskets and containers • perfect for 9–11cm pot production tray 84 wk 8-16 all brachyscome surdaisy® white improved p calendula new lemon twist • fully double lemon flowers • compact tidy plants • perfect to partner ‘apricot twist’ • ideal for flower beds patio containers and 10.5-13cm pots • height 25-30cm tray 230 wk 10-16 even 42 500 seeds calendula lemon twist cosmos new double raspberry ripple • tall plants carry showy double flowers of striking pink and white bicolour all summer long • ideal for borders and large containers • recommended pot size 1-1.5 litre

2017 spring additions bandera pink lavender new bandera pink • naturally compact bushy form of stoechas • easy-to-grow…no need to pinch • real flower power…produces an abundance of colour in as little as 7 weeks • excellent for 1-1.5 litre pot sales • superb container and garden performance • height 25-30cm tray 104 wk 10-18 even 50 seeds special tips bandera pink • pot week 10-14 for colour sales in 8-9 weeks or pot week 16-18 for colour sales in 7-8 weeks ra ednabre lavend ble aliavaoslp urple a bandera 12 purple

2017 spring additions nemesia nt ecslufre pow new amelie p a beautifully delicate delight that also delivers an exquisite scent • delicate pale pink flowers and powerful scent create impact at point of sale • naturally neat and compact the free branching plants show good structure • very robust and reliable garden performance • ideal for 10cm to 1 litre pots • height and spread 30-35cm tray 84 wk 8-16 all amelie p new nesia banana swirl p a tasty new bicolour to add to our nesia series with a banana yellow base topped off with vibrant amethyst • a bright and early flowering nemesia that adds extra panache for impact sales • perfectly matched across the series for habit and flowering time • early to flower on free branching mound forming plants that cover themselves in colour • as plants grow the shape and flowering are maintained • ideal for 10.5 to 15cm pot production • height and spread 25-30cm tray 84 wk 8-16 all

2017 spring additions petunia new amore™ queen of hearts p a visual delight that will steal the heart of all who see it a must for impulse sales • a striking bicolour of yellow and rosy red • as flowers develop a clear red heart is seen on a bright yellow background • instant appeal and very high impact at point of sale • the best bicolour of its type in our trials • semi trailing habit performs well in pots baskets and containers • strong free branching habit • very long lasting flowering period • ideal for 1 litre pot programmes • height and spread 30-35cm tray 84 wk 8-20 all amore™ 16 hearts p queen of www.ballcolegrave.co.uk r a must fo es l lmpulse

2017 spring additions calla lily new callafornia diva classic white c aethiopica • robust large flowered traditional calla lily • continues to flower over long period of time • versatile plants for borders ponds and floating gardens or big containers • a popular cut flower • easy to grow – plant 1 bulb in a 1 litre pot or 3 bulbs in a 4 litre pot • bulb circumference 10-12cm • plant height 40-60cm bulbs supplied in packs of 25 l special instructions • please order by the end of week 8 for delivery week 13 special tips callafornia diva classic white • pot in week 14 • grow cool • do not allow to dry out otherwise plant goes dormant sic white diva clas 18 www.ballcolegrave.co.uk of a symbol urity beauty

2017 spring additions vegetables new f1 pepper bendigo • sweet early ripening bell pepper • replaces celica and like bell boy can be sold when fruits are green • produces exceptionally uniform small blocky thick walled fruits which mature from green to red • suitable for late spring early summer production in unheated greenhouses seeds semences semillas 461697 lot 5018691401 10,000 seeds/graines/samen 1.264 g per 1000 seeds/graines/samen petunia petunia tray 142 wk 10-18 even petunia x hybrida express™ mix star melange etoile seed-pelleted graines-enrobes ec quality uk/ew 9891.3 p-jh 461697 petunia x hybrida express™ mix star melange etoile lot 5018691401 1.264 g per 1000 seeds/graines/samen 50 seeds new strawberry montana • the medium compact plant of montana produces an abundance of very large snow-white flowers and sweet flavoured fruits during the whole summer • great for baskets • brix value 9-12 pepper bendigo seeds semences

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