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lasting beauty™ plug liner perennials tray formats our range of plugs and liners offer you complete flexibility in production ball 230 plug volume range for spring or autumn pot and pack sales a most cost effective seed-raised plug in a range of popular varieties for 9cm to 1 litre pots and pack work an ideal plug size for automated transplanting pot february for spring sales or august for autumn sales 3cm delivery weeks 6 and 34 ball 40 liner overwintered ball 84 plug fast finishing liner for high-value 1.5 – 3 litre pot sales in april to july/august optimise space before and after bedding production for spring colour pot sales a jumbo plug overwintered and ready to plant in 1.5 3 litre pots in february/march for retail colour sales april/june or pot april/may for july/august sales a perfectly proportioned plug for machine or hand transplanting into jumbo packs or 1 1.5 litre pots an ideal follow-on crop from bedding with saleable plants in just 6 8 weeks pot

darwin plants™ perennial bare roots available weeks 7 9 11 13 the most comprehensive and creative range of bare root perennials on the market all sourced from cutting-edge genetics and breeders around the world with over 27 years of experience in this market darwin plants™ has built a strong reputation for high quality bare roots innovative varieties and vast knowledge of its products your bare root looks like this it’s vernalised and ready to flower in the first year all darwin products are carefully graded to give consistently high quality and uniform bare roots in every package an inside look at the darwin bare root process in a matter of just weeks a high quality premium perennial is available for sale bare root sizes will vary from genus to genus and variety to variety see us online 15cm label shown not actual size http bcl15 all darwin perennial bare roots are supported with a large colour pot label