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Catalog 2019 New Varieties Garden Mums

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ballmums 2019 new garden mum

welcome to ball mums we are excited to bring you 16 new cutting-edge varieties of garden mums five of which belong to the breakthrough morgana family now more than 100 outstanding ball mum varieties are available exclusively from ball seed – offering one of the best most comprehensive selections of garden mums more you can always count on our dedicated ball seed team to partner with you to develop customized solutions just for you we can provide recommendations and help with product assortment – based on your order history as well as your current needs and goals in addition we offer around-the-clock technical support and information you’ll find easy ordering and helpful business management tools on webtrack® our online ordering system plus there’s the webtrack to go® mobile app for convenient ordering and tracking on the go – the ultimate in convenience both give you instant access to the variety crop scheduling and culture information

only the best will do besides a large collection we provide quality garden mums that are some of the finest on the market to help ensure this we analyze and evaluate every single one in our extensive north american trials in addition to overall plant quality here are some of the features we consider when making our selections • outstanding genetics • superior vivid colors experience • flower color retention our experience comes from years of extensive trialing of mums across north america — at all stages from production through landscape performance only the best genetics are selected so that we offer the top garden mums for all your applications • uniform and prolific flowering • strong flexible stems and branches • excellent growth habit • reliability in production • disease resistance key to symbols expertise our production and sales teams have the technical expertise to help you grow the best crop in addition you can

o xtr a an e mum families new ms mu en rd innovation in  y r ga ina rd morgana family all in this together morgana orange ppaf genetically related families make it easier to grow components together because they are genetically related – with similar culture programs and feature consistent flower timing and form morgana is an exceptional family of complete uniformity all varieties within a family offer well-matched vigor habit and timing ease of growing combinations due to this uniformity varieties within a family will grow well together in mixed pots taking the guesswork out of choosing and offering the perfect mums mums offering uniformity in all aspects – as well as large flowers vibrant colors and amazing success our mum families include some of our bestselling varieties and also offer plenty of color options to complement or contrast 4 keeping quality morgana purple

morgana red ppaf morgana is a breakthrough five‑color family of garden mums it offers rich beautiful morgana white ppaf colors excellent growth habit a better classic decorative flower form larger flowers with prolific production as well as great uniformity and keeping quality ly i m it also includes a full a f a spectrum of colors – more than most other nagro mum families morgana yellow ppaf these exciting colors ew require the same care n regime grow well m together and clear the benches at the same time a full spectrum of fall colors morgana family timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor late october 5 8 weeks mounded medium this extremely reliable versatile and breakthrough series features decorative large two-tone flowers with a flexible plant habit rich “wow!” colors have darker centers surrounded by lighter outside petals morgana offers more prolific blooms richer colors and longer keeping quality than market peers

new varieties eznwennm tu ro b y v en au w e n blazes through fall sales ro a c a thrilling addition to pots or gardens autumn envy bronze ppaf carousel pink ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor early september 8 6 weeks mounded short mid september 26 7 weeks mounded medium the best early two-tone bronze decorative mum features fully petalled large 2-in. 5‑cm showy flowers and great fall color earlier to flower than katelli bronze 4 6 l e us knip 12 ½ bushel bright and cheerful two-tone pink flower color includes fully petalled medium-sized 1.5-in 4-cm decorative flowers extremely prolific and very uniform good mounded growth habit with small dark green foliage and strong flexible stems 6 8 10 6 8 10 12 natural season • • • h.b natural season • • • • black cloth • • • black cloth • • • order find growing info

ry ubwenderwnarcwen llo eyevod watch this variety fly off the shelves add for powerful landscapes dove yellow ppaf cranbury red ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor mid september 17 7 weeks mounded medium very late october 11 7 weeks european medium/short solid bright red color that flowers after five alarm red may have the best color retention of all available early red varieties presents fully petalled large 2-in 5-cm decorative flowers good sphere/mounded growth habit with dark green foliage and strong flexible stems very good keeping quality 4 natural season black cloth 6 8 10 12 • • • • • • • • ½ bushel an excellent european habit with prolific and uniform flowering as well as flexible stems slow in black cloth but with excellent habit and production a sport of dove white h.b natural season black cloth 4 6 8 10 • • • •

w enyrrebepa gr derwenaroasom mu make a toast to this distinctive flower a standout at retail grapeberry red ppaf mumosa orange ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor late october 4 8 weeks mounded medium mid september 25 7 weeks mounded medium sangria red color with large 2-in 5-cm flowers a sport of grapeberry purple that flowers just after red ryder and close to red rover strong mounded growth habit and branches freely with strong stems offers better sized plants than red rover 8 e g n 4 6 8 10 12 natural season • • • • • black cloth • • • ½ bushel a rich unique and fluorescent two-tone orange-coral flower color offers medium-sized 1.5-in 4-cm fully petalled and decorative blooms on strong flexible stems features a fine mounded growth habit and branches freely upgrades the uniformity of orange zest and offers better flower color and flower form than petit

e rpl upnipp po wenwenknipnoi at t p m te enticing color and retention bursting with dark rich color temptation pink ppaf poppin purple ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor mid september 24 7 weeks spherical medium mid september 22 7 weeks spherical medium large 2-in 5-cm dark purple duplex flowers with very dark green foliage on strong flexible stems offers deeper purple color and larger flowers than stellar purple and easier to size up excellent spherical growth habit and good to very good keeping quality 4 ½ bushel large 1.5-in 4-cm medium-pink blooms with slight duplex form when fully open in comparison temptation pink has larger flowers fuller plants and better color retention than stellar pink well-placed flowers engulf the canopy foliage is medium-green on strong flexible stems variety branches freely and is very grower friendly excellent spherical growth habit 6 8 10 12 6 8 10 12 natural

le p r u ew npdekciwwen sinfully tempting blooms attention-grabbing flowers wicked purple ppaf wild child pink ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor late september 30 7 weeks mounded medium mid september 23 7 weeks mounded medium intense rich flower color with fully petalled 1.5-in 4-cm decorative flowers very dark green foliage and branches freely presents larger flowers than pizzazz purple very grower friendly 4 natural season black cloth 10 ld i w d il hcknip 6 8 10 12 • • • • • • • • ½ bushel variety presents beautiful eye-catching two-tone pink decorative flowers and darkgreen foliage on strong flexible stems large 1.8-in 5-cm uniform blooms on a full mounded growth habit grower friendly and sizes up easily with good keeping quality upgrades perfectly pink and stellar pink h.b order find growing info at ballseed.com/webtrack or 800 879-ball 4 natural

ball mum rooting stations your ball seed sales rep works with the most reliable suppliers in north america to provide you with the highest quality rooted mum cuttings c raker sons inc litchfield michigan d s cole growers loudon new hampshire dickman farms auburn new york genesis plant propagation ltd langley british columbia george sant sons kleinburg ontario green leaf plants® smoketown pennsylvania greenstreet growers inc lothian maryland kube-pak allentown new jersey linwell gardens beamsville ontario lucas greenhouses monroeville new jersey low l e ry ewen mast young plants grand rapids michigan gniz timbuk farms inc granville ohio van de wetering greenhouses inc jamesport new york 2019 drops and substitutions striking tones for flowers and foliage zinger yellow ppaf timing flower date black cloth response habit vigor mid september 24 8 weeks spherical medium bright clean yellow blooms and dark green foliage on strong flexible stems very good decorative flower form classic

fast convenient 24/7 online access order ball mums now using webtrack® and the webtrack to go® mobile app which can be downloaded for free from the apple app store or google play more visit ballseed.com for current terms & conditions of sale ©2018 ball horticultural company 18241 ™ denotes a trademark of and ® denotes a registered trademark of ball horticultural company in the u.s unless otherwise noted they may also be registered in other countries order at ballseed.com/webtrack talk to us ball seed 800 879-ball ball colorlink® 800