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bursting with glamour this rich mix adds flair wherever it’s found treasure chest magadi™ electric purple lobelia headliner™ violet dark eye petunia lascar™ white verbena 2 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

all the decoration you’ll need to say “let’s party!” party favor minifamous® compact blue calibrachoa minifamous® neo pink calibrachoa minifamous® neo white calibrachoa 4 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

a tasty combination that just screams indulgence sweet candy minifamous® apricot red eye calibrachoa minifamous® light pink+eye calibrachoa minifamous® neo royal blue calibrachoa 6 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

luscious layers of creamy color and frothy foliage blend in this yummy mix blueberry parfait 16 big falls™ pearl 16 bacopa minifamous® neo lavender blue  calibrachoa blues light pink+eye verbena 8 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

spark up the grill with this sizzlin’ backyard beauty liberty bell 16 minifamous® compact dark blue calibrachoa headliner™ fire petunia lascar™ white verbena 10 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

raise a toast to this fresh infusion pop the bubbly 16 starletâ„¢ yellow petunia lascarâ„¢ white verbena namidâ„¢ early yellow bidens 12 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

kick up the spice with vibrant colors cajun flare headlinerâ„¢ violet dark eye petunia lascarâ„¢ burgundy verbena namidâ„¢ early yellow bidens 14 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

who says dessert can’t come first – try to resist this sweet treat cherry kiss headliner™ electric purple petunia minifamous® light pink+eye calibrachoa blues rose eye verbena 16 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

this asian-inspired mix offers a fresh look to entertain all the senses geisha girl headliner™ fire petunia lascar™ red rose verbena minifamous® light pink+eye  calibrachoa 18 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

lose yourself in endless starry nights with this twilight combo nightfall starlet™ lavender star petunia blues lavender eye verbena minifamous® compact blue calibrachoa 20 selectanorthamerica.com or 800 879-ball

trixi show tell rooted cuttings unique pots and tags show shoppers where to find the trixi mixes they’ve come to love trixi tags tell gardeners what they need to know to succeed and are available from your favorite supplier tags are sold in bundles of 50 and ship directly from the manufacturer larger format or custom tags are available from the john henry company u.s root sell stations ® selecta trixi mixes are available as multiliners from selecta licensed root sell stations contact your favorite broker for ordering details amos zittel sons 3275 webster rd eden ny 14057 phone 716 649-6340 fax 716 649-6347 ball tagawa 819 zenon way arroyo grande ca 93420 phone 805 481-7526 fax 805 431-2192 c raker sons inc 10371 rainey road litchfield mi 49252 phone 517 542-2316 fax 517 542-2565 ds cole growers 251 n village road loudon nh 03307 phone 603 783-9561 fax 603 783-9562 dickman farms 13 archie street auburn ny 13021 phone 315 253-3030 fax 315 253-3377 duwayne’s