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Ford Focus Performance Parts by BAT Inc.

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Catalogue: BAT Inc. Ford Focus Performance Parts
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BAT Inc.
7630 Matoaka Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

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4 performance parts by ebc grooved rotors ebc hi-spec standard rotors ebc groove/dimple rotors premium brake rotors by ebc in the age of offshore everything ebc still produce brake rotors 100 in-house in a hi-tech casting foundry located in england rotors are cast in a unique material called discalloy a high quality grey iron which includes copper to increase thermal conductivity and wear properties all ebc rotors are cast to a material strength of 150 n/m2 with a tightly controlled surface hardness variation less than 20 hb and are precision cnc machined to a surface tolerance of less than 0.001 mm this equates to longer life and greater resistance to warping very common with lesser quality rotors ebc grooved rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks as mentioned above and feature a multi-slot progressive angle design to create a quiet running sport rotor that still has benefits of removing gas dirt water and debris grooved rotors are finished in a durable black-oxide fi

18 performance parts by spax coil over suspension kit the new rsx suspension kit from spax offers complete suspension adjustment for shock valving dampening and ride height in a well engineered and affordable package kit features motorsport quality coil over type shocks with easily accessible 10 position adjustable valving threaded body shock units with billet aluminum spring seats and locks range of lowering between -1.7 to -2.75 make it easy to tune ride height and corner weight for maximum handling high quality cold wound chrome silicone 2 1/4 diameter coil springs are light in weight and allow large diameter wide wheel/tire combinations without fouling shocks and springs are epoxy powder coated for long lasting good looks all units are dyno tested for quality assurance and come with a 2 year warranty spax rsx coil over suspension kit ford focus adjustment knob top front adjustment knob bottom rear h400sc $945.00 included components 4 shocks 4 springs spring seats locks top sp

31 aero fuel cap kit performance parts by this is the real thing a true aviation fuel cap kit specialy designed for the focus aero type flush fitting caps draw inspiration from fuel filler caps used on american wwii fighter aircraft popular with motorcycle manufacturers for many years ducati and others have incorporated these caps in their fuel tank designs after being seen on the ferrari f40 automotive concept and prototype car stylists quickly caught on to the idea these caps now grace the flanks of the worlds leading exotics and supercars including the mclaren f1 and jaguar xj200 the design and finish of the cap are such that it is not always the appearance that attracts the mechanism has a very pleasing feel with a precise action as it should if incorporated on cars costing upward of a million dollars the forged aluminum cap sits in a pressed aluminum flange sealed with a fuel resistant o-ring cap and flange are supplied in a natural satin aluminum finish fitting a aero cap has nev is not a reseller or dealer of BAT Inc..

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