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in september 1971 dr a randle elliott became bay path’s third president dr elliott was a scholar and dedicated to enhancing the academic reputation of bay path as well as broadening the college’s offerings to the community and non-traditional women the fourth president of bay path came from the ranks of the faculty in 1979 dr jeannette wright took the helm and ushered in an era of profound change from reengineering the curriculum to petitioning the commonwealth to allow bay path to award bachelor’s degrees at that time the name was officially changed to bay path college dr wright served for 15 years until her untimely passing in 1994 a search committee was convened and selected dr carol a leary as the fifth president of bay path college under her leadership bay path underwent momentous changes including the launching of the annual women’s leadership conference 1995 the establishment of the one day a week saturday program for adult women 1999 the founding

briefly a federal refund worksheet is used to determine the amount of title iv funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal the amount of title iv program assistance earned is based on the amount of time the student spent in academic attendance the massachusetts universal health care act mandates that all students enrolled three-quarter to full time in a degree-granting program at all colleges and universities in massachusetts participate in a qualifying student accident and sickness insurance program in accordance with massachusetts state law bay path requires students to participate in the university’s student accident and sickness insurance program unless proof of comparable coverage is provided students must go on-line to and complete the on-line enrollment form to enroll in the bay path university student accident and sickness insurance program or complete the on-line waiver form and provide proof of comparable coverage to waive this plan

speak with the dean of students title ix coordinator or a member of the counseling center staff a medical provider can provide emergency and/or follow-up medical services and the ability to discuss any health care concerns related to the incident in a confidential medical setting may bring peace of mind the medical exam has two goals first to diagnose and treat the full extent of any injury or physical effect sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy and second to properly collect and preserve evidence there is a limited window of time typically 72 to 96 hours following an incident of sexual assault to preserve physical and other forms of evidence taking the step to gather evidence immediately does not commit an individual to any course of action the decision to seek medical attention and gather any evidence will remain confidential and preserve the full range of options to seek resolution through the university’s complaint processes or through the pursuit of criminal action

courses at the 500 level are for both undergraduate and graduate students undergraduate students need permission from the graduate program director to enroll in 500-level courses courses exclusively at the graduate level typically start with a 600 designation courses are sequenced to enable students to master the knowledge and skills necessary to proceed to a higher level a student must satisfactorily complete all prerequisites before he or she is permitted to register for a subsequent course it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has met prerequisites before enrolling in any course fulfillment of prerequisites may be discussed with the director of the program [the faculty advisor and is also monitored by the registrar’s office graduate students must notify both their program director and the registrar’s office in writing by fax mail or e-mail of their intention to withdraw from a course the day on which the registrar receives notification in

psy530 psy535 psy552 psy662 psy670 adult development and aging ethics and professional conduct in psychology bullying and coercive behavior counseling theories and practice fieldwork recommended elective course number psy550 psy654 psy658 recommended elective course name family systems drugs medication and society psychological assessment 2015-2016 graduate programs academic catalog page

academic requirements for master of science in higher education administration concentration online teaching and program administration note this schedule reflects the recommended sequence of courses to be taken in fulfillment of the master of science in higher education administration this sequence assumes a fall semester start students who begin in other sessions should consult with their faculty program advisor to plan their schedule two-year sequence first year fall semester year 1 second year credits fall session 1 graduate session i mhe 600 introduction to higher education administration year 2 3 mhe 622 foundations of online teaching 3 graduate level elective spring semester spring session 1 graduate session iii spring session 1 graduate session iii 3 spring session 2 graduate session iv mhe 610 higher education curriculum development graduate level elective 3 3 spring session 2 graduate session iv 3 graduate level elective summer semester summer semester summer session 1

academic requirements for master of science in nonprofit management and philanthropy note this schedule reflects the recommended sequence of courses to be taken in fulfillment of the m.s in nonprofit management and philanthropy this sequence assumes a fall semester start students who begin the program in other semesters should consult with the program director to plan their schedule one-year sequence fall semester credits graduate session i nmp 600 introduction to nonprofit management graduate level elective 3 3 graduate session ii nmp 621 introduction to philanthropy fundraising graduate level elective 3 3 spring semester graduate session iii nmp 605 financial decision making in nonprofits graduate level elective 3 3 graduate session iv nmp 625 strategic management of nonprofit organizations graduate level elective 3 3 summer semester graduate session v nmp 635 board governance and volunteer nmp 650 leading change in nonprofit organizations 3 3 graduate session vi nmp 665 law policy

cby 630 3 credits emerging cyber threats this course examines the current topics of cybersecurity attacks and defenses from a global perspective security incidents will be analyzed and technologies and processes studied to better understand how to prevent or minimize a similar threat in the future the course will be a mixture of traditional concerns around virus protection and spam prevention with new threats introduced by technology such as mobile devices and cloud computing cby 635 3 credits human and organizational aspects of cybersecurity this course investigates the relationships between human and organizational behavior and cybersecurity emphasis is on the human and ob elements of cyber-crimes topics will include ethics psychology sociology hacker and organizational culture motivations for cybercrime and breaches of cybersecurity will be investigated this course will consider social psychology and positive psychology and how behaviors influence the effectiveness of security

nmp 608 3 credits creating and preserving housing this course will examine the processes used to create new workforce and affordable housing units and on the processes used by communities to preserve existing affordable units this course will focus on how housing gets done a key emphasis of the course will be on the economics of development and preservation including foreclosure prevention and community stabilization the learner will develop an understanding of the types of subsidies required to create or preserve affordable units and how these subsidies integrate with the overall development budget and financing process the learner will also develop an understanding of the role of each player in the development process and how each of these players and processes must be managed and controlled emphasis will be on understanding the roles from the prospective of the non-profit organization additionally the learner will be introduced to the current techniques for preserving existing

expanding literacy across the content areas language arts instructions diagnosis and assessment of reading skills using a variety of assessment techniques educational terminology theories of language development design and modification of curriculum and intervention programs for success in reading for all levels focus on identifying and developing appropriate multisensory structured language strategies including knowledge of theories programs and practices phonemic awareness phonics and vocabulary development use of formal and informal assessments and ways to prepare and maintain students in general education at least 10 hours of instruction covering the teaching of reading are delivered in this course spe 527 1-3 credits curriculum i english reading history/social science english language arts is designed to provide prospective teachers the content of and effective strategies for teaching english language arts history/social science curriculum based on the massachusetts curriculum

bay path university longmeadow campus is located on longmeadow street u.s route 5 in the center of longmeadow springfield massachusetts is 3 miles to the north hartford connecticut is 23 miles to the south springfield is served by two major bus lines and by amtrak bradley international airport serving all major airlines is 15 miles from bay path local transportation is available or guests may call the university 413.565.1331 for transportation to the campus from the north i-91 south to exit 1 longmeadow follow route 5 south the university will be on your right from the south i-91 north to exit 49 longmeadow turn right to route 5 north the university will be on your left from the east i-90 massachusetts turnpike-west to exit 6 follow i-291 west to exit 1a then i91 south to exit 1 longmeadow follow route 5 south the university will be on your right from the west i-90 massachusetts turnpike-east to exit 4 follow i-91 south to exit 1 longmeadow follow route 5 south the university will