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bil systems ­ powered by sap from production to aftersales full batch traceability system in operation all production assembly components within our european facility can be traced back to source according to the unique batch numbering system

alutruk modular makes tough jobs easier the professionals truck introducing our exclusive modular range of alutruk aluminium hand trucks which have been designed with the professional user in mind see the following pages for the many options available to customise your alutruk ® · lightweight aluminium ­ stronger than steel but easy to carry · modular design ­ allows for easy replacement of parts · weld-free ­ simple nuts and bolt construction ­ no stress cracks or re-welds · upgradeable ­ interchangeable components to suit different applications · long life ­ individual parts can be easily replaced · retains appearance ­ hard-wearing rustproof and no paint to chip · comfort grips ­ moulded for user comfort · strong plastic glides ­ option to ease access via stairs and steps · brandable ­ can be supplied with company logo or branding · puncture-proof tyres ­ option to reduced downtime/increase productivity · folding plate ­ this option allows for easier

customise your alutruk® components are easily interchangeable to allow for the truck to be quickly upgraded or changed to suit different applications any worn parts can also be easily replaced toe plates for all sorts of loading wide narrow long short-mounted flush or recessed mounting folding or fixed tpx tpy our most popular model tpz deep recessed heel flush or recessed mounting extruded aluminium 355mm wide × 225mm deep fixed or folding option for easy storage please specify tpv recessed heel flush or recessed mounting extruded aluminium 455mm wide × 225mm deep fixed or folding option for easy storage please specify tpw deep flush mounting extruded aluminium 405mm wide × 305mm deep fixed position only folding option by special request skf3 deep heel flush mounting extruded aluminium 500mm wide × 300mm deep fixed position only deep recessed heel die-cast aluminium 460mm wide × 190mm deep fixed position only folding nose extension extruded aluminium channel frame 762mm

alutruk® stairclimber the alutruk stairclimber is a standard alutruk model modified to allow a three wheel unit to rotate around a central hub on each side this makes carrying loads up or down steps or stairs easy handbuilt by bil makes taking loads up steps or stairs easy · tri-wheel design rotates to allow truck to easily climb stairs sc6w · fitted with special heavy-duty 15mm thick extruded-aluminium axle brackets ­ best in class · modular system makes it easy to repair or upgrade · large solid toe plate model sc6w dimensions w × h × d mm 405mm wide × 305mm deep weight 18kg load capacity on flat ground 300kg load capacity on stairs 180kg 505 × 1315 × 660 alternative stair-climbing options are available sksg stair glides cast aluminium with skid bars replaceable made of low friction polymer space-saving economical and hard-wearing our most popular model h24 protective hand grips and lowfriction stair glides all-in-one system with long skids to reduce effort on stairs

steel trucks brewery model designed and developed by bil we have produced a truck for those who prefer steel to aluminium heavyduty frame heavy-duty for heavy loads made from mild steel this truck has been developed to meet the needs of the brewing industry designed specifically to hold beer barrels it is suited for both the brewery and licensed premises the truck has an integral hook which drops down to hold the beer barrel in place it will lift casks and kegs of 9 gallons firkin 10 gallons 11 gallons 50 litres 18 gallons kilderkin and 22 gallons 100 litres with ease our barrel truck is safely capable of transporting 350kg its pneumatic tyres 260mm diameter are ideal for uneven surfaces such as cobbled streets large curbs and gravel paths with today s stringent health safety regulations this truck will ensure you stay on the right side of those regulations sksbt1 · powder-coated finish · class-leading quality worksmanship · quality class-leading welded construction · 10mm

skoots ® lift and shift simple and safe moving systems for heavy and bulky loads of any size or shape skoots are chosen by a wide range of industries to handle a diverse range of applications · safe and easy the load has only to be lifted approximately 15mm to allow for the insertion of the toeplates · effortless hydraulic jacks raise and lower the load · no slip or slide loads cannot slip or slide off as skoots are strapped to the item being moved making it safer to move even over uneven ground · 360 degree rotation heavy loads can easily be turned within their own length this unique feature means that doorways corridors and similar restrictions can be negotiated easily and safely · minimal height increase the overall load height in transit is only increased by a few millimetres helping move items that are a tight fit through doorways etc · directional locks four-way directional locks fitted to the castors are extremely useful when negotiating corridors or when moving

skates standard range steerable skates our standard range of skates are rugged and designed to be used whenever heavy objects need to be moved 3 to 12 tonne capacity skstsk series · large diameter rollers · · · · for good even weight distribution offering maximum floor protection quality thrust bearing the platform swivels on this for steering around tight bends one metre draw bar included for even easier manoeuvring rubber non-slip pad fixed on the platform to reduce risk of load slippage range of capacities available in a convenient range of up to 12 tonnes model capacity tonne type of roller number of rollers pcs roller size diameter × w mm dimensions l × w × h mm net weight kg skstsk3 3 nylon 4 85 × 90 15 skstsk6 6 nylon 8 85 × 90 50 skstsk12 12 steel 8 83 × 85 66 310 × 255 × 105 630 × 400 × 115 630 × 400 × 115 nb finish colour supplied may differ from that illustrated full operating and safety instructions supplied

specialist hydraulic jacks toe and machine jacks toe jacks have the ability to lift equipment with a floor clearance as low as 15mm 3 to 15 tonne capacity sktj series · super low-profile lifting toe · adjustable lifting toe · heavy-duty welded steel construction model capacity tonne lifting stroke mm min.toe height mm lifting range mm net weight kg sktj3 3 130 15 15-160 21.5 sktj8 8 140 20 20-160 28 skmj series professional high-quality machinery jack ideal for lifting machines bridge or heavy plant applications please note the overall size and weight of the product which gives an idea of how robust this unit is model lifting capacity on top tonne lifting capacity on toe tonne lifting stroke mm lifting range of top kg min loading height using lifting toe mm min loading height using lifting toe at max adjustment mm lifting range toe mm net weight kg skmj15 15 12 140 325-545 40 140 40-260 68 · adjustable lifting toe · robust construction · quality seals · lift from top or toe nb

folding workshop-floor cranes folding portable floor cranes are ideal for use in workshops and other industrial applications where space is at a premium or when access is difficult made to order in the uk 0.25 to 2 tonne capacity skkfc series for lifting capacities of upto 2000kg 3000kg for the skfc series and there is an option for cranes to be supplied with a removable column for export orders all cranes are fitted with hard wearing heavy duty polyurethane or cast iron front wheels and rear castor wheels which allow excellent manoeuvrability they are manufactured from hollow steel section for excellent strength-to-weight ratio all cranes are fully tested with 25 overload and come complete with a test certificate and 12 months guarantee all models are fitted with heavy-duty swivel hook · · chrome-plated piston rod on ram and pump · hand-operated control valve · relief valve to prevent overload model skkfc250 skkfc500 skkfc750 skkfc1000 skkfc1500 skkfc2000 capacity capacity

drum handling various drum clamps skdc400 made to order in the uk 150 to 300kg capacities skdc series a range of drum handling equipment from automatic grab adjustable drum clamps are the ideal fork lift attachment and mobile drum mover for relieving the strain of operators in many situations skdc7501 · ideal for loading and unloading pallets · hands-free grip and release mechanism · capable of lifting both steel and plastic drums · non-slip grab · range of sizes and options available · complete with test certificate · choice of colours available on quantity orders ­ please enquire skdc1001 skdc750hl model skdc400 skdc7501 skdc1001 skdc750hl skdc1001hl capacity fork channels h x w on centres 400kg 750kg 1000kg 750kg 1000kg lxwxh mm weight 45kg 50 x 140 on 430mm 870 x 660 x 150 50 x 140 on 430mm 1060 x 670 x 170 52kg 50 x 140 on 430mm 1070 x 1335 x 160 90kg 50 x 140 on 430mm 1000 x 665 x 530 57kg 50 x 140 on 430mm 1060 x 1335 x 530 100kg phone 01249 822 222 to place your order