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the real inspiration behind bca products every once in a while we get a letter or e-mail that puts everything in perspective here at bca someone s mother thanking us for saving my son s life a warranty card with a note saying thanks bca i used this beacon to rescue my best friend or an e-mail starting with thanks to your beacon i m alive to tell you my story while working in the outdoor industry and skiing powder are important to us stories like these are by far the most rewarding part of working at bca this year we re honoring the people we ve met who have used our trackers to save a life you ll see their stories on our website and in our blog you ll see them in our ads and our catalog below these folks have been in combat and have valuable lessons for us all lessons that go right back into our line of snow-safety and backcountry gear if you ve been in avalanche combat we d love to talk to you too­even if you used gear from another

avalanche probes every second counts our quickie system is the fastest and most intuitive probe tensioning hardware in the industry all bca probes come with depth markings in one centimeter increments now with new grip tape and coated cable avalanche shovels save weight save space save lives the excavation process is the true crux of every avalanche rescue time lost or gained can directly determine life versus death at bca we have developed both the technology and the training necessary to get the job done better based on a foundation of bombproof aluminum and a rigid oval shaft we ve created the most efficient human powered digging device known to man our off-the-charts strength-toweight ratio ensures you waste no valuable time when a life is at stake for the latest on strategic shoveling technique see quickie hardware spot 203 probe compact affordable fast weight 8.5 ounces/241 grams extended length 6 feet 8 inches/203 cm collapsed length 13

arsenal shovel systems locked and loaded for safety backcountry access invented integrated shovels and probes we ve improved on this system with our arsenal line of shovels probes and saws with bca s arsenal shovel systems your snow safety weaponry is instantly accessible and fully functional at all times and there are no compromises in length or durability from the leaders in shoveling ingenuity and education snow study tools elevate your game built to be used and abused our snow study tools were designed in conjunction with north america s most experienced avalanche educators strong enough for the pros affordable for the masses arsenal shovel with 35 cm saw the arsenal saw system includes a 35 cm snow/wood saw that is stowed inside the shovel grip once the saw is deployed the shovel remains fully assembled and functional available in four versions including both fixed-length and extendable fixed length with tour blade weight 23.5 ounces/670 grams length 27.5 inches/70 cm extendable

float avalanche airbag stay afloat excavation time is by far the biggest contributing factor in avalanche fatalities while a beacon search can take a few minutes digging up the victim can take up to a half hour depending on the depth of burial by reducing or eliminating burial depth you substantially increase your chances of survival avalanche airbags are designed to keep you on or near the surface of the avalanche debris the float 30 is the first airbag that is both affordable and easily reusable a smaller air cylinder single-chamber 150-liter airbag and super efficient venturi system make the float relatively light and affordable digging deeper the real issues in north american avalanche burials found online at stash packs free flowing hydration in all conditions revamped and redesigned to stand up to the rigorous demands of today s powder junky backcountry access introduces an aggressive new line of stash packs the originators of freezeproof

stash packs free flowing hydration in all conditions stash squall our stripped-down price-point pack now includes stash hydration volume 1647 cubic inches/27 liters weight 32 ounces/907 grams torso lengths 17-22 inches hydration 70 ounces/2 liter reservoir highlights roll top back panel access trekkers and skins gotta get up to get down the higher you climb the greater the reward bca s alpine trekkers and magic carpet climbing skins ensure easy access to your favorite backcountry hideouts the trekkers are a must-have for those looking to break into the touring scene and for hard-charging skiers wanting the performance and reliability of their full alpine binding on burly descents throw these into the mix with bca s magic carpet skins and the possibilities are waist deep affordable diagonal ski carry color available in all colors alpine trekker weight per pair sizing 2 pounds 11 ounces/1228 grams new for 2010/11 240-355mm one size fits all climbing bar height 1.25 inches/3.2 cm or 1.75

backcountry access inc 2820 wilderness place unit h boulder colorado 80301 usa front cover bca employee andy wenberg snags another first descent while exploring ala bel pass in kyrgyzstan photo by abrie brutsche back cover bca testing grounds berthoud pass colorado photo by north waringa bca