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product overview synchronous servomotors am8000 am8500 synchronous servomotors oct flange code f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 40 mm 58 mm 73 mm 87 mm 104 mm 142 mm 197 mm standard am802x am803x am804x am805x am806x am807x 400 v ac m0 0.5…1.2 nm m0 1.4…3.2 nm m0 2.45…5.65 nm m0 4.9…11.4 nm m0 12.8…29 nm m0 31.8…72.6 nm standard am801x 230 v ac m0 0.20…0.52 nm standard am811x am812x am813x 48 v dc m0 0.20…0.52 nm m0 0.5…0.8 nm m0 1.35 nm 888 888 928 increased am853x am854x am855x am856x inertia m0 1.4…3.2 nm m0 2.45…5.65 nm m0 4.9…11.4 nm m0 12.8…29 nm 895 400 v ac stainless steel am883x am884x am885x am886x 400 v ac m0 0.9…1.85 nm m0 1.6…3.5 nm m0 3.1…6.4 nm m0 7.7…16.7 nm 907 please note the different flange size synchronous servomotors 2-cable standard f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 40 mm 58 mm 73 mm 87 mm 104 mm 142 mm 197 mm 260 mm standard am802x am803x am804x am805x am806x

ax8000 multi-axis servo system o power supply module status display alignment for simple mounting 4 digital inputs e.g safety capture enable drive technology ethercat interface axis modules 866 measuring points for test prods connection for external brake resistor twinsafe power supply 100…240 v ac 1 3 400…480 v ac 3 power supply for 24 v dc control voltage one cable technology oct motor circuit ax-bridge connects 24 v dc ethercat dc-link we reserve the right to make technical

ax5000 options options for ax5000 servo drives ax57xx encoder option cards the ax5000 servo drive series supports a large number of feedback interfaces via the multi-feedback interface – resolver 2 4 6 or 8-pole – sincos encoder 1 vpp – single and multi-turn encoder hiperface 1 vpp – single and multi-turn encoder biss 1 vpp – single and multi-turn encoder 1 vpp from hardware revision 2 onwards oct one cable technology is also supported by the ax5000 and with it the “second encoder” function where the encoder inside the motor is used for commutation and a second high-resolution encoder is used for position control encoder option cards for the integration of further feedback systems the controllers can be equipped with encoder option cards from hardware revision 2 onwards the option cards are inserted in the second option slot on top of the ax5000 offering the possibility to connect one or two further encoders depending on the version

am8000 am8000 synchronous servomotors factor high continuous torques can be achieved the fully potted stator provides for an ideal thermal transition from winding to housing another advantage is mechanical protection of the winding wires against vibrations amply sized sealed grooved ball bearings in conjunction with a sophisticated mechanical design ensure a bearing service life of 30,000 hours all motors feature an integrated kty temperature sensor for exact temperature evaluation in the forced-cooling version the power density of the am8000 motor series can be further increased by means of external axial ventilation this option is available for the am806x to am807x sizes the modular design of the am8000 motors enables rapid implementation of mechanical adjustments customer-specific variants are available the motors offer an electronic identification plate for simple commissioning the housing is fully powdercoated so that cutting edges are covered the acrylic powder coating also

am8500 am8543 flange code f4 motor length 3 data for 400 v ac am8543-weyz am8543-whyz am8543-wkyz standstill torque 5.65 nm 5.65 nm 5.60 nm rated torque 5.30 nm 4.90 nm 4.10 nm rated speed 2500 min-1 5000 min-1 8000 min-1 rated power 1.39 kw 2.57 kw 3.43 kw standstill current 2.90 a 5.40 a 9.30 a rotor moment of inertia 6.43 kgcm² 6.43 kgcm² 6.43 kgcm² rotor moment of inertia with brake – – – am8551 flange code f5 motor length 1 data for 400 v ac am8551-weyz am8551-wgyz am8551-wkyz standstill torque 4.80 nm 4.90 nm 4.90 nm rated torque 4.60 nm 4.40 nm 3.90 nm rated speed 2500 min-1 5000 min-1 8000 min-1 rated power 1.20 kw 2.30 kw 3.27 kw standstill current 2.70 a 4.75 a 8.50 a rotor moment of inertia 8.74 kgcm² 8.74 kgcm² 8.74 kgcm² rotor moment of inertia with brake 9.40 kgcm² 9.40 kgcm² 9.40 kgcm² am8551 flange code f5 motor length 1 high-performance type with forced cooling data for 400 v ac am8551-wfyz am8551-wjyz am8551-wlyz

am8800 am8800 stainless steel servomotors positive consequence of this is the mechanical protection of the winding wires against vibrations since the housing and motor shaft are manufactured from scratch-proof stainless steel aisi 316l no corrosion creep or damage to the paint finish is possible the motors are manufactured as standard with ip 69k protection allowing the use of steam pressure cleaners an optional sealing air connection to prevent the formation of condensation is also available the cable gland also has a hygienic design the lubricants used are certified food-safe fda one cable technology oct with the servomotors of the am8000 series the feedback signals are sent directly along the conductor to the power supply so that the power and feedback systems are combined in a single motor connection cable with the use of oct the information is sent reliably and without interference through a digital interface since a cable and plug are omitted at both the motor and controller

al2xxx al20xx al24xx al28xx drive technology al2xxx linear servomotors 918 the 3-phase synchronous linear servomotors of the al2xxx series consist of a primary section and a secondary section the primary section contains a grooved laminated core with inlaid copper windings it is generally used as the moving part the secondary section contains the steel plate with attached permanent magnets the motors of the individual series have the same width including magnetic plate i.e all motors can be operated on the same magnetic plates in any combination the magnetic plates are fully sealed and therefore have an almost perfectly level and robust surface the primary sections have an ip 64 protection rating and are therefore suitable for application in harsh environments they are equipped with a 0.5 m cable strand and optionally with pre-assembled connectors so that they can be coupled with the servo drives either via the connector box or via plug connectors this greatly reduces the difficulty

am8100 am8100 synchronous servomotors drive technology the am8100 servomotors from the am8000 series are especially designed for operation with the el7201 and el7211 servo terminals the high dynamics of the servomotors open up a multitude of possible applications for example in industrial robots for pick-and-place applications or in general in mechanical engineering where a compact design and high positioning accuracy are necessary like all motors of the am8xxx family they are available in one cable technol 928 ogy oct versions where power and feedback are combined in a single cable homing is no longer necessary thanks to the absolute value encoder integrated in the motor the position of the drive is saved in the eeprom which is ideal for adjustable axes the encoder data are transmitted entirely digitally to the el7201-0010 or el7211-0010 servo terminal via the motor cable the encoder cable can be dispensed with the full integration of the servo terminal in the beckhoff control

as1000 cables for as1000 at ethercat box up to 5 a ordering infomation cables for stepper motor ethercat box ep7041 zk4000-5151-0xxx encoder cable for asxxxx ip 67 pur 5 x 0.25 mm² shielded flex m12 plug straight pict male 5-pin a-coded – m12 plug straight male 5-pin a-coded zk4000-6768-0xxx c motor cable for as1000 assembled at both ends 4 x 0.5 mm² shielded 4 million bending cycles bending radius 10 x od d available in lengths of 0.5 m 1 m and 2 m xxxx length in decimetres e.g -0005 0.5 m technical data for drag-chain use see c d ag1000 planetary gear units for as1000 technical data ag1000 pm52.4 ag1000 pm52.7 ag1000 pm81.4 ag1000 pm81.7 nominal output torque 4 nm 4 nm 20 nm 20 nm max acceleration torque 6 nm 6 nm 30 nm 30 nm gear ratio 3.7 or 63/17 6.75 or 27/4 3.7 or 63/17 6.75 or 27/4 max torsional backlash ≤ 0.7 ° ≤ 0.7 ° ≤ 0.5 ° ≤ 0.5 ° max radial load 200 n 200 n 400 n 400 n

movement kinematics in two systems transport and discharge product a package or a case is transported on a surface the package is to be deposited at a station the surface is tilted to the side and the package slides off four movers on two paths move the tilting surface with the transported material a change in the spacing of the movers with respect to each other generates a mechanical action that tilts the surface the transported material can be prevented from sliding off when driving through curves by an inclined position and can be specifically deposited at another place while driving or after stopping grouping system used as a grouping system the xts can easily combine products arriving on multiple conveyor belts into predefined and easily changed groups and move them to the next station the plant can adapt to the product width stack height and number of stacks without any manual intervention the distance between the movers and also the motion profile are changed by parameters in