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manufacturing dates by serial number cat 5e cable uninterruptible power supply dc regulated power supply multiple dc power supply 4 pin connector for external power supply 6 pin connector for external power supply 2 pin connector for external power supply double ball bearing double ball bearing standards embedded pc industrial automation control panel windows xp embedded industrial ethernet switches pc 194 25 pin d sub pc industrial rotary switch industrial control panel wiring dimensions for industrial sockets beckhoff cx9000 1001 cx9010 1101 canopen devicenet usb a rs232 cat 5e rs232 to rs422 master slave controller fieldbus box connection ip bus dvi to vga vga to dvi 4 pin cpu power 8 port ethernet hub 4 port ethernet hub port ethernet hub rs232 8 pin connector pci express power usb to rs232 cat interface cable coin cell dvi to vga monitor cable regulated power supply 8 port usb to serial usb hub switch uninterruptible power system rotary limit switches rotary limit switch dvi cable to vga 3 pin din power supply 4 pin din power supply power data usb hub fan speed controller din rail adapter touch screen to dvi adjustable regulated power supply circuit 200 400 mhz

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embedded pc 187 cx9020 214 cx1010 218 compatible with pentium® mmx arm cortex™-a8 1 ghz cx5010 cx5020 224 intel® atom™ clock frequency 500 mhz 1.1/1.6 ghz clock frequency 512 mb microsd optionally expandable 128 mb compact flash card 128 mb compact flash card 2 x microsd card slot optionally expandable optionally expandable 1 gb ddr3 ram 256 mb ddr ram not expandable cx5010 512 mb ram internal not expandable 2 x rj45 ethernet internal switch 1 x rj45 ethernet 2 x rj45 10/100/1000 mbit/s dvi-d 10/100 mbit/s dvi-d 4 x usb 2.0 10/100 mbit/s 4 x usb 2.0 1 x optional interface cx5020 512 mb ram optional expandable to 1 gb 1 x optional interface e-bus or k-bus automatic recognition via power supply module e-bus k-bus k-bus/ip-link e-bus or k-bus automatic recognition optionally integrated modularly expandable optionally integrated in the basic cpu 214 cx1010-n010 220 in the basic cpu 224 cx9020-n030 214 cx1010-n030 com 1/2 220 cx50x0-n030 224 cx1010-n040 com 3/4

cx8000 cx8100 195 cx9000 cx9010 cx9020 cx1010 cx5010 cx5020 cx5100 cx1020 cx1030 cx2020 cx2030 cx2040 we reserve the right to make technical

cx8080 cx8090 embedded pc cx80xx embedded pcs with fieldbus interface embedded pc embedded pc for rs232/rs485 for different ethernet protocols technical data cx8080 cx8090 protocol serial communication 202 real-time ethernet ads tcp modbus tcp tcp/ip udp/ip eap ethercat automation protocol max number of 512 byte input and 512 byte output protocol dependency data transfer rates 300 baud…115 kbaud 100 mbaud bus interface d-sub socket 9-pin 2 x rj45 switched bytes fieldbus 1 x rs232 1 x rs485 the cx8080 has two serial interfaces one with rs232 and one with rs485 physics both serial interfaces are on the d-sub socket the interface is not bound to a particular protocol and can be expanded with the appropriate twincat supplements for the different serial communication protocols it supports protocols such as realtime ethernet ads udp/tcp modbus tcp client/server or open tcp/ip-udp/ip communication e-bus ethercat terminals or k-bus e-bus ethercat terminals or k-bus bus terminals

embedded pc cx9010-xx0x 210 power leds e-bus interface ethercat terminals power supply ethernet connection port 1 power leds k-bus interface bus terminals power supply battery compartment ethernet connection port 2 labelling area cx9010-0x0x cx9010-1x0x cx9010 basic cpu module the cx9010 is a compact din rail-mountable ethernet controller with intel® ixp420 with xscale® technology and 533 mhz clock frequency the connection for the beckhoff i/o systems is directly integrated in the cpu module the cx9010 is available in two basic versions one version for bus terminals with k-bus the other one for ethercat terminals with e-bus the cx9010 comprises the cpu the internal flash memory the main memory ram and novram as non-volatile memory two ethernet rj45 interfaces are also part of the basic configuration these interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer a simple option for creating a line topology without the need for additional ethernet switches a memory medium in

dvi/usb ethernet power supply cpu application example multimedia system components with audio connection – – multimedia system e.g building automation – audio interface – windows embedded standard 2009 cpu cx1010-0120 dvi/usb audio interface – power supply cx1100-0001 217 no twincat loudspeaker the basic cx1010 module is the basic device of the cx family with a 500 mhz pentium® mmx-compatible processor it offers average cpu performance depending on the application the cx1010 can also be operated in “headless” mode i.e without display and keyboard if local visualisation is required this can be implemented via a dvi digital video interface to which all beckhoff control panels and all commercially available monitors with dvi input or vga input can be connected the touch screen signal is read via one of the two available usb interfaces the components the individual system components are modules with a width of 19 mm single or 38 mm double

cx5010 cx5020 +60 °c embedded pc -25 °c ethernet and usb connection status leds e-bus/k-bus interface battery compartment behind the flap 224 dvi connection compact flash insert behind the flap optional interface e.g rs232 profibus canopen cx5000 embedded pc series with intel® atom™ processor the cx5010 and cx5020 are embedded pcs from the cx5000 series based on intel® atom™ processors and differ only by the cpu version the cx5010 has a 1.1 ghz intel® atom™ z510 processor while the cx5020 has a 1.6 ghz intel® atom™ z530 processor apart from the clock speed the two processors also differ by the fact that the z530 features hyperthreading technology i.e it has two virtual cpu cores for more effective execution of software cx50x0-u1st depending on the installed twincat runtime environment the cx5010/cx5020 can be used for the implementation of plc or plc motion control projects with or without visualisation +60 °c -25 °c the order

cx1020-0xxx embedded pc status leds 232 ethernet connection port 1 pc/104 interface battery compartment compact flash insert ethernet connection port 2 ejector labelling area cx1020 basic cpu module the basic cx1020 cpu module has a 1 ghz intel® cpu the controller does not require a fan or other rotating components in addition to the cpu and the chipset the cx1020 module also contains the main memory which is available in different sizes the controller boots from the compact flash the basic configuration of the cx1020 includes a 128 mb compact flash card and two ethernet rj45 interfaces these interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer a simple option for creating a line topology without the need for additional ethernet switches all other cx family components can be connected via the pc/104 interface that is available on both sides the passive cooling module is included in the scope of supply the operating system can be windows embedded ce 6 or windows embedded

cx1100-000x power leds embedded pc k-bus interface bus terminals power supply power supply status lcd display power supply with k-bus interface power supply with e-bus interface power supply with k-bus/ip-link interface cx1100-000x power supply units and i/o interfaces for cx1010/cx1020 four power supplies are optionally available for cx1010/cx1020 systems all other system components are powered via the internal pc/104 bus each cx1100-000x power supply module contains an integrated novram for the non-volatile storage of process data and a lc display two lines of 16 characters the cx1100-0002 version is suitable for the direct connection of beckhoff bus terminals klxxxx the extension box modules iexxxx from the fieldbus box range can be connected to the cx1100-0003 in addition to the bus terminals the cx1100-0004 power supply unit is available for the connection of ethercat terminals elxxxx all power supply units for the cx1100-000x system can be exchanged in the field technical

embedded pc cx2000 247 technical data cx2020 cx2030 cx2040 processor intel® celeron® 827e 1.4 ghz intel® core™ i7 2610ue 1.5 ghz intel® core™ i7 2715qe 2.1 ghz 1 core tc3 50 2 cores tc3 60 4 cores tc3 70 flash memory 4 or 8 gb cfast flash card optionally expandable internal main memory 2 gb ddr3 ram persistent memory 128 kb novram integrated interfaces 2 x rj45 10/100/1000 mbit/s dvi-i 4 x usb 2.0 1 x optional interface diagnostics led 1 x power 1 x tc status 1 x flash access 2 x bus status clock internal battery-backed clock for time and date battery exchangeable operating system microsoft windows embedded compact 7 or microsoft windows embedded standard 7 p control software twincat 2 plc runtime nc ptp runtime nc i runtime twincat 3 see price list twincat 3 i/o connection via power supply module e-bus or k-bus automatic recognition power supply 24 v dc 15 20 max power loss 15 w including the system interfaces dimensions w xhxd 144 mm x 100 mm x 91 mm

embedded pc cbxxxx industrial motherboards motherboards with intel® x86 and arm architecture 254 o www.beckhoff.com/motherboards simple cooling adaptation the layout of the boards is optimised for simple and efficient cooling operating system support beckhoff supports all microsoft operating systems like windows nt 2000 xp xp embedded windows 7 10 and ce auxiliary on-board interfaces on-board touch screen controller i2c smb and gpio reduce the overall bill of material for a device ethercat-compatible the ethernet ports of the boards are well suited to run ethercat featuring extreme fast control performance we reserve the right to make technical

3½-inch embedded pc cb3064 front side 261 back side 6 generation intel® i219 phy lan1 10/100/1000 lan1 boot option pxe/wol lan2 controller intel® i210 lan2 10/100/1000 lan2 boot option – controller cpu integrated video bios intel® extreme dvi dvi/hdmi 1.4 power management apm/acpi yes/yes speedstep®/atm yes/yes ® intel q170 type 2 x sodimm260–1.2 v/ddr4 max memory/speed 32 gb/ddr4 2133 on-board flash – sata 4 x sata 6g sata raid 0/1/5/10 boot hd/fdd/cd-rom/fd/zip usb 6 x usb 2.0 and 5 x usb 3.0 or selectable fixed frequency yes 11 x usb 2.0 power states s0/s1 s3 s4/s5 isa/pci – agp 3.3 v/1.5 v – pcie x1/x4/x16 4 x pcie x13.0 or 1 x pcie x43.0 format 3½-inch dimensions w xhxd 147 mm x 20 mm x 102 mm further information www.beckhoff.com/cb3064 com1/2 rs232/– ps/2 keyboard/mouse – touch controller elo resistive – supply voltage 3.3 v 5 v and 5 v standby buses memory chipset lan1 controller lan th graphic