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ethercat 285 ethercat plug-in modules fieldbus box couplers fieldbus il230x-b110 box ip 67 coupler box ej1100 557 ethercat coupler e-bus 727 infrastructure components drive technology pci fc9001 servo ax51xx ethernet fc9011 drives ethercat servo drives with ethercat interface digital i/o ej1xxx iexxxx 558 digital input ej2xxx 744 788 1-channel pci ethernet card up to 170 a 1-channel fc9002 ax52xx 789 ethercat servo drives fc9004 up to 2 x 6 a 2-channel 789 4-channel pci ethernet card ax8000 for ip-link fc9051 multi-axis servo system 790 mini pci ethernet card fc9022 el72xx 50 v dc 4 a analog i/o ej3xxx 563 analog input ej4xxx 564 analog output pci ethernet card fm33xx-b110 modules thermocouple fc9024 fieldbus modules with 4-channel gbit ethercat interface pci ethernet card 774 ej5xxx functions position measurement ej7xxx 789 servo am80xx motors synchronous servomotors with one cable technology oct fc1100 ethercat pci ethercat slave card synchronous servomotors fc1121 pci with

ethercat 288 ethercat slave controller esc ethercat is not only faster outside the i/o device but also inside digital i/os are directly operated by the ethercat slave controller without delays through local firmware and independent of the installed µc performance protocol the ethercat protocol is optimised for process data and is either transported directly in the ethernet frame or packed into udp/ip datagrams the udp version is used in situations where ethercat segments in other subnets are addressed via routers ethernet frames may contain several ethercat telegrams with each telegram serving a particular memory area of the logical process image with an addressable size of up to 4 gb the data sequence is independent of the physical order of the ethercat terminals in the network addressing can be in any order broadcast multicast and communication between slaves are possible the protocol can also handle parameter communication which typically is acyclical the structure and meaning

hdr 1 data 1 sub-telegram 1 hdr 2 data 2 sub-telegram 2 hdr n data n crc sub-telegram n ethercat logical process image up to 4 gbytes ethernet hdr 291 protocol structure the process image allocation is freely configurable data are copied directly in the i/o terminal to the desired location within the process image no additional mapping is required there is a very large address space of 4 gbytes with control functionality and the ethernet pci cards already offer inherent ethercat capability the beckhoff servo drives are also available with ethercat interface openness the ethercat technology is not only fully ethernet-compatible but also characterised by particular openness “by design“ the protocol tolerates other ethernet-based services and protocols on the same physical network – usually only with minimum loss of performance any ethernet device can be connected within the ethercat segment via a switch port terminal without influencing the cycle time devices with

ethercat p ultra-fast communication and power in one cable ethercat o 294 the same free and flexible choice of topology well-known from ethercat is also available with ethercat p minimised installation space in drag chains control cabinets and machines forwarding of power supply in the devices outstanding ethercat performance at low connection costs reduced material and assembly costs one cable connection ethercat 2 x 24 v dc up us on just 4 wires highly scalable connector family from 24 v dc to 630 v ac/850 v dc we reserve the right to make technical

ethercat p components control cabinet machine module 1 1-port ethercat p extension with feed-in ek1310 ethercat p coupler ek1300 ethercat p coupler ek1300 ethercat 2-port ethercat p junction with feed-in ek1322 297 24 v dc 24 v dc 24 v dc machine module 2 ethercat p junction epp1322 epp20080001 epp20080001 eppxxxx006x eppxxxx006x epp20080001 ethercat p to ethercat zs7000-0005 zs7000 0005 24 v dc epp31740002 machine module 4 epp10080002 ethercat p junction with refresh epp1332 24 v dc ethercat p directly connects different machine modules with power and ultra-fast communication in one cable we reserve the right to make technical changes ep28090022 24 v dc machine module 3 epp20080001 ep28090021 epp23340061

industrial pc fast i/o drive technology ethercat twincat 299 ethercat even faster with xfc with xfc technology extreme fast control beckhoff presents an ultra fast control solution xfc is based on optimised control and communication architectures comprising an advanced industrial pc ultra-fast i/o terminals with extended real-time characteristics the ethercat high-speed ethernet system and the twincat automation software with xfc it is possible to achieve i/o response times 100 µs this technology opens up new process optimisation opportunities for the user that were not possible in the past due to technical limitations xfc represents a control technology that enables very fast and highly deterministic responses it includes all hardware and software components involved in control applications optimised input and output components that can detect signals with high accuracy or initiate tasks ethercat as very fast communication network highperformance industrial pcs and twincat the

ethercat xfc components 302 implementation of the xfc technologies described above requires full support for all hardware and software components involved in the control system including fast deterministic communication and i/o and control hardware a significant part of xfc are the software components responsible for fast processing of the control algorithms and optimised configuration of the overall system beckhoff offers a special xfc product range based primarily on four categories ethercat as fieldbus ethercat terminals as i/o system ipcs as hardware platform and twincat as higher-level software all components are based on open standards which means that any engineer or programmer can develop very fast control solutions with high performance based on standard components i.e without special hardware i/o component with xfc technology standard ethercat terminals already offer full support for xfc technology synchronisation of the i/o conversion with the communication or –

ethercat et1100 et1200 305 et1100 et1200 ethercat asics the et1100 and et1200 ethercat asics offer a cost-effective and compact solution for realising ethercat slaves they process the ethercat protocol in the hardware and therefore ensure high-performance and real-time capability independent of any downstream slave microcontrollers and associated software through their three process data interfaces – digital i/o spi and 8/16 bit µc not for et1200 – the ethercat asics enable realisation of simple digital modules without microcontrollers and development of intelligent devices with own processor both asics feature distributed clocks that enable high-precision synchronisation 1 µs of the ethercat slaves the supply voltage is 3.3 v or 5 v the core voltage of 2.5 v is generated by the integrated in-phase regulator or can be supplied directly the et1100 is suitable as a universal solution for all types of ethercat devices the et1200 is optimised for modular devices

ethercat el9820 308 el9820 ethercat evaluation kit the evaluation kit serves as platform for the development of ethercat slaves the piggyback controller board supplied with the kit realises the complete ethercat connection with the asic et1100 all digital i/o spi and asynchronous µcontroller process data interfaces pdis are connected to pin strips and can be selected via pdi selector switch the spi interface can optionally be connected with a pic microcontroller included with the kit or directly to the pin strip a programming and debugging technical data el9820 evaluation kit base board ethercat slave controller asic et1100 ethercat piggyback fb1111-0142 with asic et1100 interface for the controller is also provided the el9820 can therefore also be used as platform for the et9300 ethercat slave stack code provided with the evaluation kits controller board software ethercat slave stack code et9300 accessories cables documentation workshop optionally available as tr8100 further

ethercat safety over ethercat 311 safety over ethercat in the interest of realising safe data communication for ethercat the safety over ethercat protocol has been disclosed the protocol meets the requirements of iec 61508 up to safety integrity level sil 3 and of iec 61784-3 as approved by the tÜv ethercat is used as a singlechannel communication system the transport medium is regarded as a “black channel” and not included in the safety considera tions thus the protocol can also be transmitted by other communication systems backplanes wlan the cyclic exchange of safe data between a safety over ethercat master and a safety over ethercat slave is referred to as a connection that is monitored via a watchdog timer the license for implementation of the safety over ethercat master and slave technology in a device is free of charge et9402 safety over ethercat conformance test tool the fsoe conformance test tool fsoe ctt enables in-house testing of safety over ethercat fsoe

et9x00 et9300 ethercat slave stack code ethercat slave device implementation particular attention was paid to the conformity with the protocol specification the slave stack code tool provided offers the possibility to generate a slave stack code device description files esi and individual source code documentation to suit the developer’s own needs – – eoe ethernet over ethercat – foe file transfer over ethercat – preparation for soe servo drive profile over ethercat preparation for boot loader support – – various synchronisations e.g dc including sync watchdog example implementation of the cia402 drive profile according to etg.6010 specification analog digital i/o cia402 sample application functionality excerpt – esm ethercat state machine – mailbox protocols – coe can application protocol over ethercat – aoe ads over ethercat aoe coe soe ethercat the ethercat slave stack code ssc is a code written in ansi