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fc2001 fc2002 pci fc2001 fc2002 lightbus pci interface cards – – – – cycle times up to 100 µs are possible process data communication can either be free running or synchronised it is possible to select two parallel fieldbus channels on one card powerful parameter and diagnostics interfaces ads twincat i/o provides configuration tools and drivers for different windows versions for programs in any desired high-level language dlls and for visual basic applications activex applications with opc interface can access the cards via an opc server fc2002 technical data fc2001 fieldbus lightbus number of fieldbus channels 1 data transfer rates 2.5 mbaud 32 bits of process data in 25 µs interface to the pc plug-and-play pci interface 32 bit with 4 kbyte dpram for 8 communication channels data control and status register bus interface 2 x standard fibre optic connector z1000 plastic fibre 4 x standard fibre optic connector z1000 plastic fibre z1010 hcs fibre

fc3121 fc3122 pcie fc6000 128 kb novram fc6001 256 kb novram fc6002 512 kb novram fc3121 fc3122 pcie profibus in twincat all functions are conveniently available other applications also benefit from the diverse features general drivers for different windows versions and convenient configuration tools are included in the twincat i/o software package high-level language programs use the dll visual basic applications the activex interface applications with opc interface can access process data and parameters via an opc server the pcie fieldbus cards offer the possibility of optionally adding a novram card fc600x the fieldbus cards automatically recognise the connection of these memory cards which can also be plugged into the card later the fc600x cards offer simple data backup on the novram memory and are available from 128 to 512 kbyte infrastructure components profibus dp and dp-v1 the profibus pcie pci express fieldbus cards from beckhoff can master the following profibus features

fc5121 fc5122 pcie fc6000 128 kb novram fc6001 256 kb novram fc6002 512 kb novram the fc512x pc plug-in cards link the pc pci express to a canopen network they optionally act as network master or slave in addition general can messages can be sent or received – without having to bother with can frames in the application program the cards provide a powerful implementation of the protocol offering many desirable features – all canopen pdo communication types are supported event driven time driven using an event timer synchronous polling – – – – – – – – – – individual monitoring of the process data objects synchronisation with the pc controller’s task cycle sdo parameter communication at start-up and runtime emergency message handling guarding and heartbeat boot-up according to ds 302 powerful parameter and diagnostics interfaces the error management for each bus user is freely configurable it is

fc75xx pci mini pci fc7501 fc7502 pci sercos ii fc7551 mini pci sercos ii access to the sercos interface there are no artificial limitations with regard to the number of bus devices and i/o data per device the fc7551 mini pci card brings fieldbus functionalities to the industrial pc in a compact construction the bus interface is not implemented on the fieldbus card but separately in the respective housing devicespecific technical data fc7501 fieldbus sercos ii number of fieldbus channels 1 data transfer rates 2 4 8 16 mbaud interface to the pc plug-and-play pci interface 32 bit direct access to dpram mini pci interface 32 bit and sercon816 register with 4 kbyte dpram per channel bus interface fc7502 fc7551 2 1 2 x connector fsma 4 x connector fsma 4 x connector fsma according to iec 874-2 according to iec 874-2 according to iec 874-2 communication sercon816 chip synchronisation synchronisation of several cards via ribbon cable bus device ≤ 254 cycle time all cycle times

fc90xx pci pcie fc9002 fc9004 fc9022 fc9024 pci/pcie ethernet the ethernet pci network cards can be used in office and automation networks and offer the following benefits – plug-and-play interface 10/100/1000 mbit/s fc9022 fc9024 or 10/100 mbit/s fc9002 fc9004 full duplex automatic baud rate setting according to – – ieee 802.3u for each channel maximum performance through hardware-integrated checksum creation and verification the hardware side supports quality of service qos technical data fc9002 fieldbus all ethernet ieee 802.3 based protocols fc9004 number of ethernet channels 2 data transfer rates 10/100 mbit/s ieee 802.3u auto-negotiation full duplex 4 through prioritised multiple queues the cards or individual channels can also be operated with twincat drivers – and therefore in real-time fc9022 fc9024 2 4 10/100/1000 mbit/s ieee 802.3ab auto-negotiation at 10 and 100 mbit/s separate settings for each channel full duplex at 10 100 and 1000 mbit/s

fc1100 fc1121 fc1100 pci fc1121 pcie fc6000 128 kb novram fc6001 256 kb novram fc6002 512 kb novram fc1100 fc1121 pci/pcie ethercat slave card for the development of ethercat slave software on the pc the fc1121 pcie card can optionally be retrofitted with the fc600x novram cards in order to backup data on the novram three novram sizes are available 128 256 and 512 kbyte technical data fc1100 fieldbus ethercat direct mode ethercat plug 2 x rj45 ethercat in/out data transfer rates 100 mbit/s interface to the pc pci 32 bit ethercat slave controller et1100 ram 8 kbyte sync manager 8 4 fmmus 8 3 cable length up to 100 m hardware diagnosis 2 leds per channel activity link dimensions approx 65 mm x 125 mm operating temperature 0…+55 °c driver twincat driver for ethercat further information infrastructure components the fc1100 pci ethercat card and the fc1121 pcie pci express ethercat card can be used to integrate a pc as a slave in an ethercat network the

switches cu20xx cu20xx ethernet switches infrastructure components the beckhoff ethernet switches offer five cu2005 eight cu2008 or 16 cu2016 rj45 ethernet ports switches relay incoming ethernet frames to the destination ports in full duplex mode they prevent collisions they can be used universally in automation and office 792 networks user-friendly installation via integrated din rail adapter the switches meet the special requirements of realtime-capable industrial ethernet solutions through several outstanding features – – – – compact design in full metal housing half or full duplex with automatic baud rate detection 10/100 mbits/s ethernet cross-over detection automatic detection and correction of crossover and straight-through ethernet cables clear quick diagnosis two leds for each ethernet port fast din rail mounting industrial design – – – technical data cu2005 cu2008 cu2016 bus system all ethernet ieee 802.3 based all ethernet

port multiplier cu2508 infrastructure components cu2508 real-time ethernet port multiplier 794 ethernet tcp/ip 1 gbit/s uplink technical data cu2508 protocol ethernet tcp/ip real-time protocols ethercat profinet ethernet/ip and others depending on driver number of ethernet ports 8 x 100 mbit/s and 1 x 1 gbit/s uplink ethernet interface rj45 cable length up to 100 m twisted pair data transfer rates 100base-tx and 1 gbit/s hardware diagnosis leds power supply 24 18…30 v dc 100 ma 3-pin connection pe dimensions w xhxd approx 146 mm x 100 mm x 30 mm operating/storage temperature 0…+55 °c 25…+85 °c protect class/installation pos ip 20/variable further information ethernet tcp/ip expanded to up to eight lines in order to multiply the performance the distributed clocks of the ethercat lines are synchronised an ethercat cable redundancy with simultaneous usage of distributed clocks can also be realised using two ports of the cu2508 profinet

media converters cu15xx cu15xx ethercat media converters fibre optic infrastructure components the ethercat-capable cu1521 cu1521-0010 and cu1561 for industrial fast ethernet 100 mbaud serve as media converters from optical fibre to copper and vice versa the cu1521 is suitable for multimode the cu1521-0010 for singlemode optical fibre and therefore sig 796 nificantly longer transmission links the cu1561 is suitable for pof plastic optical fibre cables which are particularly easy to install in the field the media converters always operate bidirectionally and collision-free with constant delay they can be diagnosed as a separate ethercat devices in this way unlike standard media converters they enable fast link control and the safe closing of the ethercat strand even in the event of a fault since the transfer direction copper to optical fibre optical fibre to copper is relevant for the bus the devicse can be configured via a switch via this switch “link loss forwarding“

junction ep9128-0021 ep9128-0021 ethercat junction ip 67 infrastructure components line tree or star ethercat supports virtually any topologies which can also be directly branched in the field using the ethercat box modules if several junctions are required at one point in the star topology an ethercat junction can be used to branch the topology further analogous to the infrastructure components with ip 20 protection the ep9128-0021 798 eight-way ethercat junction offers the possibility to construct the branches of the topology with the smallest possible number of components in the ip 67 world as well the ethercat network is connected to the input port of the ep9128-0021 and can be extended at ports 2 to 8 ethercat topologies can be arranged even more flexibly with the multiple junctions with ip 67 protection since connection to the ip 20 world is also possible via the ports the ethercat junctions are connected via shielded m8 sockets with direct display of link and activity status