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twincat 3 is divided into twincat 3 – extended automation engineering xae components the twincat 3 engineering components enable the configuration programming and debugging twincat 3 – extended automation runtime xar of applications the twincat 3 base runtime consists of further tc1220 tc3 plc/c matlab®/simulink® tc1210 tc3 plc/c tc1270 tc3 plc/nc ptp 10/nc i/cnc tc1100 tc3 i/o tc1260 tc3 plc/nc ptp 10/nc i tc1000 tc3 ads tc1250 tc3 plc/nc ptp 10 tc1320 tc3 c matlab®/simulink® tc1200 tc3 plc tc1300 tc3 c tc1100 tc3 i/o tc1100 tc3 i/o tc1000 tc3 ads tc1000 tc3 ads components – basic components and functions the basic components can be extended by functions functions tf1xxx system tf5xxx motion tf3xxx measurement tf6xxx connectivity tf4xxx controller tf8xxx industry specific twincat 3 tf2xxx hmi 963 we reserve the right to make technical

twincat 2 supplements communication ts6120 twincat opc server access to twincat variables in accordance with the opc da/opc xml da specification 1038 ts6250 twincat modbus tcp server communication with modbus tcp devices server and client functionality 1036 ts6250 twincat modbus tcp server ce communication with modbus tcp devices server and client functionality -0030 for windows ce platforms 1036 ts6255 twincat plc modbus rtu serial communication with modbus end devices 1035 ts6270 twincat profinet rt device twincat profinet rt device turns every pc-based controller into a profinet rt device 1040 ts6271 twincat profinet rt controller twincat profinet rt controller turns every pc-based controller into a profinet rt controller 1040 ts6280 twincat ethernet/ip slave twincat ethernet/ip slave turns every pc-based controller into an ethernet/ip slave 1040 ts6300 twincat ftp client basic access from twincat plc to ftp server 1041 ts6310 twincat tcp/ip server communication via

twincat 3 xa language support iec 61131-3 for more efficient programming of automation devices the editors for iec 61131-3 programming in twincat have been significantly improved the operability in particular has been optimised and the debugging options have been extended the new options include improved inline monitoring conditional break points and more in twincat 3 the editors of the iec 61131-3 have been integrated seamlessly into the visual studio® environment as a result the editors use the original visual studio® toolbox for the graphical languages for example improved inline monitoring for the structured text st twincat 3 programming language 979 we reserve the right to make technical

twincat 3 modules consist of a range of formally defined attributes and interfaces they enable general application of the modules with each other and externally the predefined interfaces enable cyclic calling of the internal module logic for example each module implements a state machine that controls the initialisation parameterisation and linking of the respective module in addition to user modules a number of system twincat module modules are already available which provide basic module description runtime functionality e.g twincat real-time state machine these modules have fixed object ids and are therefore accessible from each module itcomobject interface interfaces parameter interfaces pointers data areas contexts data area categories pointers ads port structure of a twincat 3 module fast communication reusability – – – functionality of the modules is scalable direct and therefore very fast communication between modules modules are sealed we reserve the

base tc3 plc/nc ptp 10/nc i/cnc tc3 plc/nc ptp 10/nc i/cnc e communication twincat 3 tc3 c tc3 c tc1270-00pp tc1275-00pp tc1300-00pp tc1320-00pp extension of the twincat plc/nc ptp 10 by the possibility to realise an interpolation with up to 32 simultaneously interpolating axes the number of axes and/or the number of channels can be adapted to the requirements of the application via the option packages various transformations can be supplemented via option packages programming takes place according din 66025 the axes and channels are configured in twincat engineering – 8 path axes/controlled spindles max 64 axes/controlled spindles optional max 12 channels optional – supports electric servo axes stepper motor drives subroutine and jump technology programmable loops zero point shifts tool corrections m and h functions mathematical functions programming of parameters/variables user macros spindle and auxiliary functions zero point shifts tool functions – geometry

motion control twincat communication 3 function tf5xxx twincat 3 motion control tc3 nc ptp 10 axes tc3 nc ptp axes pack 25 tc3 nc ptp axes pack unlimited performance class pp tf5000-00pp tf5010-00pp tf5020-00pp tc3 nc ptp 10 axes implements motion control for pointto-point movements in software the axes are represented by axis objects and provide a cyclic interface e.g for the plc this axis object is then linked to a corresponding physical axis in this way the most diverse axis types with the most diverse fieldbus interfaces can be connected abstractly with the axis objects which always offer an identical configuration interface the control of the axes can be configured in various conformations position or velocity interface and various controllers the axes are configured in twincat engineering – up to 10 axes developable to a maximum of 255 axes – supports electrical and hydraulic servo drives frequency converter drives stepper motor drives dc drives switched drives

twincat communication 3 function tc3 motion collision avoidance tc3 motion pick-and-place tc3 digital cam server tc3 hydraulic positioning tf5410-00pp tf5420-00pp tf5800-00pp tf5810-00pp tc3 motion collision avoidance is an optional package that prevents collisions when operating a number of linearly and/or translationally dependent axes with tc3 nc ptp the underlying algorithm ensures the maintenance of a minimum distance from the previous axis in this way tc3 motion collision avoidance actively prevents collisions when a number of motors are using e.g the same rail as well as active collision avoidance tf5410 can also be used to allow axes to accumulate in a controlled way for example when carrying out linear movements such as with xts extended transport system programming of the plc’s movement commands is based on the standard ptp motion library with an additional input “gap” for example when using tc3 motion collision avoidance all the axes can be given the

industry specific twincat communication 3 function tf8xxx twincat 3 industry specific tc3 ba connectivity tc3 building automation tc3 wind framework tf8000-00pp tf8040-00pp tf8310-00pp the twincat ba connectivity library simplifies the programming of bus terminals for building automation it contains all libraries for communication with the following fieldbus systems – dali kl6811 – dmx el6851 el6851-0010 – enocean kl6021-0023 kl6023 and kl6581 kl6583 – eib kl6301 – lon kl6401 – m-bus kl6781 – mp-bus kl6771 – smi kl6831 kl6841 – genibus kl6041 el6021 – manual operating modules kl8519 kl8524 kl8528 kl8548 tc3 building automation is a software package that covers all technical building automation services it contains plc libraries for control signal processing special mathematical functions alarm processing and general system functions in addition to modules for conventional hvac applications it also covers room

system communication supplements twincat backup twincat simulation manager twincat database server ts6421-0030 ts1150 ts1110 ts6420 the twincat xml data server ce permits direct access to an xml file from the plc the values of variables can be read by the plc or written to the xml file access to structures in the plc is also possible files directories os-specific information settings and twincat configurations can be backed up and restored using the twincat backup server this can be carried out on all connected media and also via the network the twincat simulation manager is a tool for simplified configuration of a simulation environment which integrates into the twincat system environment it supports the creation of a “virtual machine” which corresponds to a real one in its runtime performance twincat database server enables the exchange of data between databases and the twincat system plc variables or direct values of the ethercat i/os can be logged cyclically when

communication communication supplements ts6xxx twincat 2 supplements communication twincat plc serial communication twincat plc serial communication twincat plc modbus rtu 3964r/rk512 ts6340 ts6341 ts6255 twincat serial communication implements communication with serial devices such as printers bar code scanners etc the serial interface of the pc and the serial beckhoff el6xxx ethercat terminals and and kl6xxx bus terminals are supported via the network-based fieldbus system from beckhoff the serial terminals can be accessed over a distance of up to 100 m in addition it is possible to address virtual com interfaces of the operating system from the plc serial communication via the 3964r or the rk512 protocols is implemented via the twincat plc serial communication 3964r/rk512 software library the pcs serial interface and the beckhoff kl6xxx serial bus terminals are supported the library also contains the twincat plc serial communication library the twincat serial communication rk512

building automation communication supplements twincat twincat twincat twincat twincat fias server crestron server bang olufsen server building automation building automation framework ts8035 ts8036 ts8037 ts8040 ts8100 the fias fidelio interface and application specification interface is a worldleader in hotel management software the twincat fias server is a software package for communication between twincat plc and a system with a fias standard interface the communication takes place using tcp/ip the connection of hotel management software and automation system helps to optimise the energy consumption e.g the climate control is automatically adjusted for an unoccupied room if there is strong sunlight the shading is automatically activated crestron is one of the leading manufacturers of av control systems the twincat crestron server enables communication between a twincat plc and a crestron control both systems are connected by ethernet simpl user macros are available for programming