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45 rue Agasse
P.O. Box 126
1211 Geneva 17
Tel : +41 22 718 01 88
Fax : +41 22 718 01 80

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bedat c° is about style bearing and elegance rooted in the watchmaking tradition its esthetics are reinterpreted with our own uniquely contemporary and refined touch choosing the shade of a dial redesigning the curve of a case middle selecting the finest leather strap or determining an exact polished finish we demand excellence in each and every detail this pursuit of absolute sophistication engenders harmony nonetheless this quest for perfection also involves major technical feats that oblige us to find innovative solutions each bedat c° watch carries our ® maker s mark and is accompanied by an a.o.s.c certificate standing for appellation d origine suisse certifiée this hallmark and this certificate guarantee the swiss quality of the skills and components used at each stage of production we are constantly seeking new ways of enhancing our craftsmanship each day we devote our passion to the lengthy process of horological creation this dedication and this expertise have give

key dates october 8th 1996 christian and his mother simone bédat found the bedat c° firm basel 1997 they present their first collections at the basel show n°3 n°7 ref 304 and ref 314 are an immediate success and are still the best-selling models to this day 1998 december 8th 2000 bedat c° are sold in switzerland and in the united states gucci group acquires 85 of bedat c° and incorporates the company within gucci group watches it is now 100 owned by the gucci group 2001 2002 2003 2004 2006 2007 opening of the japanese market opening of hong kong and spain launch of the n°1 collection launch of the n°8 collection opening of the british market opening of latin america bedat c° celebrates its 10 th anniversary distribution bedat c° watches are currently sold in 300 points of sale europe america switzerland austria the united kingdom spain united states canada caribbean mexico argentina chile costa rica panama venezuela asia middle east japan hong kong saudi arabia bahrain

christian bédat christian bédat was born on july 21 st 1964 after graduating from the h.e.c business school in lausanne in 1987 he left for hong kong to work for eco swiss china time heading the production of benetton watches by bulova he stayed there two years in 1990 he joined raymond weil in geneva the company founded in 1975 by mr raymond weil and his mother simone bédat until july 1996 he worked in the purchasing production and sales departments and gradually took charge the founders simone bédat born in 1931 in lugnez near porrentruy simone bédat began an apprenticeship at the lang sa watch-case manufacturer at the age of fifteen and a half three years later she became head clerk of the sales department she stayed there for about a decade before joining the camy watch company in geneva where she worked in close cooperation with a certain raymond weil who was to be appointed managing director on the owner s death they both left camy and joined forces to create the raymond

swiss quality certificat a.o.s.c.® bedat c° appellation d origine suisse certifiée bedat c° created its new quality label in order to guarantee the swiss origin of the parts and the production moreover this certificate meets the most demanding craftsmanship criteria established by the company and is an integral part of the warranty 7 the high-end finishing corresponds to the following requirements · the materials used are gold steel and precious or semi-precious stones · the figure maker s mark identifies each of the each bedat c° watch is crafted and tested according to the following a.o.s.c appellation d origine suisse certifiée criteria components · the crowns are struck with the a.o.s.c bedat c° logo · the casing circles are in polished metal · the genuine leather straps are rolled-edged and hand-sewn using the finest available materials 1 each bedat c° watch is assembled in switzerland with components of swiss origin 2 assembly and testing are performed

why are the bedat c° watches called by numbers when bedat c° was launched in 1997 christian bédat devised a global brand concept based on the strong values of differentiation timelessness elegance and sophistication the names of the collections were an integral part of this approach and were chosen to reinforce these values each number corresponds to a philosophy or a specific aesthetic appearance differentiation within the watchmaking world watch names are rarely consistent with the timepiece itself or with the brand that is why the four bedat c° collections carry numbers representing a unique phenomenon within the watch business this naming principle gives the watch lines a definite form of cohesion in addition numbers offer many other advantages in that they are easy to memorize universal and pronounceable in all languages moreover they embody powerful symbolism for example the figure eight which is both the bedat c° logo and the name of the collection of round watches is

collection the number three symbolizes perfection totality many religions use ternary symbolism the holy trinity the wise men and jesus resurrection three days after his death are just a few of the thousands of examples in the bible the three gems ref 334 this is the model featuring the purest lines it is easily identifiable by its double bezel and its integrated crown its uncluttered design gives it an ultra-contemporary style while preserving the classic spirit of the n°3 collection date of creation 1997 form tonneau or barrel shape waisted at 6 and 12 o clock characteristics gold or steel case polished or gem-set flat or curved case exclusive bedat c° hands thumbtack crown or crown integrated within the case middle leather strap gold or steel bracelet polished or gem-set quartz or mechanical self-winding movement are the pillars of faith for buddhists the greeks also had a system based on three three homes heaven earth and the underworld three judges of the underworld minos

collection the figure seven symbolized eternal life in ancient egyptian culture because it referred to a complete cycle in the bible there are numerous references to it including the account of creation on the seventh day the sabbath god rested from his labors genesis 2:2 the catholic church has instituted the ref 737 ref 737 is the ultimate elegant watch its shapes are beautifully proportionate based on a play on curves and straight lines radiating sophistication and refinement this masculine watch appeals to both men and women date of creation 1997 form rectangle waisted at 3 and 9 o clock characteristics gold or steel case polished or gem-set taut right-angled bezel on a curved case middle curving case thumbtack crown exclusive bedat c° hands leather strap polished gold or steel bracelet quartz or mechanical self-winding movement seven capital sins and the seven sacraments one might also mention the seven wonders of the world the seven branches of the menorah or the seven

collection the figure one is often the symbol of man standing upright of the beginning of the point of departure of the base for christians it is also the symbol of the perfect oneness of the holy trinity the 18 th century french philosopher pascal wrote that the whole universe is contained within oneness collection the figure eight is the brand logo it represents the hourglass and infinity see the chapter on the logo ref 838 what could be more classic than a round watch yet christian bédat has succeeded in reinterpreting the round shape of the n°8 collection to make it modern unique and date of creation 2004 form round within a cushion date of creation 2003 form square waisted at 3 and 9 o clock characteristics gold or steel case polished or gem-set ultra-thin crown integrated within the case middle exclusive bedat c° hands leather strap mechanical self-winding movement one is the atomic number of hydrogen the most widespread element in the universe one of the constituent parts

for further information bedat c° 45 rue agasse · po box 126 · ch-1211 geneva 17 tel 41 22 718 01 88 · fax 41 22 718 01 80 email sources the secret language of symbols by david fontana les nombres symbolisme et propriétés by steve desrosiers © bedat c° august