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Herndon, VA 20171, USA

+1 703 364 7990
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small back to back seats heating and air conditioning controls abs sensor ring requires the use of abs sensor rear seat stowage box car tv tuner carpets and rugs veneer door panels steering wheel wood grain trim carpet and rugs power fold car mirrors rear quarter panel driver side lighted light switch and steering column micro rack and pinion how to lower back seats electro hydraulic motor 2 speed rear axle motor electro hydraulic brake motor electric seat adjust motor a body window regulator motor rear electric sunroof motor rolling torque control motors white engine starter motor motor vehicle dealers in japan oak veneer door stowage compartment oak veneer doors tv tuners folding picnic table tv tuner car picnic table rug carpet rugs carpets veneer panel alpine radios tv tuner switch carbon emblem insert black cocktail tables car audio tv tuners alpine dvd mp3 system carpets or rugs car tv oliver seat cushions exterior bodywork ash or oak veneer interior door model a radiator shell wing vents carbon fibre air box alpine dvd navigation system disc rear wing window computer lcd screen alpine dvd navigation system alpine navigation system dvd electric door unlock mechanism car colour paint black console table

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more powerful more tempting moreexhilar at i n g take a seat in the eye of the storm surrounded by sublime handcrafted excellence it is easy to forget the potency that lies ahead of you the silent luxury in sharp contrast to the power available to you underneath your right foot 6.75 litres of energy contained in a masterful v8 engine the potential of 500bhp 373kw engine torque which peaks at a formidable 1,000nm 738 lb-ft at 3,200rpm with over 90 available from just 1,900rpm 0 ­ 60mph in 5.2 seconds 0 ­ 100km/h in 5.5 seconds all at your disposal with the support of a new state-of-the-art computer controlled 6-speed gearbox and countless electronic systems guiding every movement a new electronic stability programme for even more spirited handling with no reduction in stability or safety technology that lives for the road without sacrificing a single moment of your driving experience absolute performance an incomparable

arnage r relaxing exhilar at i o n

a rnagerl drivenby yo urdesires

at bentley mulliner there is a simple philosophy ­ if it can be done it will be here there are no rules here truly individual vehicles can be created to your exact requirements however demanding unusual or even eccentric it s our desire to make your already unique arnage or azure one of a kind it s a skill mulliner has honed over many generations with its origins forged in an era where gentlemen specified every facet of their then vehicles ­ horse drawn coaches today that ethos remains unchanged unparalleled control of choice with so many options and limitless possibilities how do you know where to begin guidance takes the form of your very own personal mulliner consultant helping to hone your selections to help create your own unique vehicle the process really begins here in these pages lies a rich selection of features giving you the freedom to hand-pick enhancements to your own bespoke arnage or azure with effortless ease you may even find the inspiration for your very own

chrome mirror caps 19 x8j 12-spoke aluminium alloy 19 x8j 12-spoke chrome plated aluminium alloy 19 x8j 7-spoke aluminium alloy lower front wing vent retractable flying `b radiator mascot 19 x8j 5-spoke 2-piece `star aluminium alloy polished 19 x8j 7-spoke chrome plated aluminium alloy 19 x8j 6 twin-spoke disc aluminium alloy 19 x8j 6 twin-spoke disc aluminium alloy chromed rear sports bumper and quad exhaust tailpipes an undeniable presence we believe there is always room for that personal touch when it comes to exterior tailoring you have a wealth of additions available to you free your imagination duotone paint combination personalised tread plate plaque rear compartment electric sunroof rl only fine lines to exterior bodywork 18 x8j 6-spoke chrome plated aluminium alloy 19 x8j 5-spoke 2-piece sports `blade aluminium alloy painted body coloured lamp

document stowage to lower front seat back hide document stowage to lower front seat back veneer rear seat centre cushion stowage box with veneered lid business or pleasure i t s u p to yo u how do you intend to use your bentley does it need to be capable of entertaining does it need to be a mobile office will it need additional facilities and luxuries whatever your necessities we will do everything to meet your requirements we are here to listen to bring your dreams to life twin rear fold down illuminated vanity mirrors cocktail compartment hide cocktail compartment veneer piano black picnic tables with engine-turned aluminium inserts bottle cooler to rear centre armrest with bespoke drinks

silk curtains to rear compartment ifyouvalueyourprivacy there could be times when you require more privacy with the addition of one of our unique style items you ll have just that you might want to consider a partition between yourself and the driver or maybe a privacy rear window another unique way to personalise your bentley electric blind to rear window privacy rear window arnage rl slim

a rnagetsportsfe at urecombin at ions how do you add features to a car that already offers such a potent blend simplicity itself the arnage t s sports combination packages 19 2 piece assembly polished aluminium alloy wheels and quad exhaust tailpipes are just two of the items mulliner recommends to embellish its undeniable presence s ports c ombination l evel 1 19 5-spoke two-piece polished `blade sports wheel lower front wing vents and a `jewel fuel filler cap s ports c ombination l evel 2 drilled alloy pedals body-coloured lamp bezels quad exhaust tailpipes and revised rear bumper mulliner treadplates and mulliner front wing badges arnagerfe at urecombin at ions we ve used our experience to devise two distinct packages combining some of the most popular mulliner additions for the arnage r veneered door panels and specially designed wood and hide steering wheels are just some of the features used to further advance the refinement of your exquisite grand tourer c lassic c

colours standard colours paint range of 42 39 on azure colours fine lines to exterior bodywork thin twin thin thick over thin thin over thick t r rl azure storage full centre console with stowage twin drinks holders to front centre console and rear console door pockets magazine stowage to front seat backs glove box lockable 2 umbrellas fitted in luggage compartment these are standard for each model veneers choice of real wood veneers depending on model traditional cross-banding to waist rails contemporary cross-banding to fascia and waist rails `winged b emblems to waist rails 4 n/a with piano black or aluminium/carbon fibre waist rails veneered picnic tables to rear of front seats veneered companion mirrors std on arnage t in japan veneered surround to cruise control switches std on arnage t in japan t r rl azure key feature may vary across market regions not available on this model nco no cost feature available for customer selection as a cost feature consult your dealer for more

powertrain engine 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged v8 engine displacement maximum power maximum torque compression ratio emission standards transmission 6-speed automatic gearbox with semi-automatic and sports function automatic tailoring of gear changes to suit the driving style adaptive shift control centre console mounted gear selector t r rl azure l 6761 cc 500bhp 373kw 4,200rpm l 6761 cc 450bhp 336kw 4,100rpm l 6761 cc 450bhp 336kw 4,100rpm l 6761 cc 450bhp 336kw 4,100rpm 738 lb ft 1,000nm 3,200rpm 7.8:1 eu iv us lev ii l l l 645 lb ft 875nm 1,800rpm 7.8:1 eu iv us lev ii l l l 645 lb ft 875nm 1,800rpm 7.8:1 eu iv us lev ii l l l 645 lb ft 875nm 1,800rpm 7.8:1 eu iv us lev ii l l l performance acceleration 0-60mph 5.2 5.5 5.7 0-100km/h 5.5 5.8 6.0 0-100mph 12.1 13.0 13.5 0-160km/h 12.0 12.9 13.4 maximum speed 179mph 288km/h 168mph 270km/h 168mph 270km/h chassis steering 3.11 turns lock-to-lock 3.18 turns lock-to-lock power assisted speed sensitive rack and