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a d va ncedandelegantinequalmeasure through design manufacturing to create as refined a car as the technology and skills an authentic mulsanne in the 21st century bentley coachbuilt feel has been requires a blend of technology achieved take for example the and craftsmanship that can only be found at a marque like bentley elegant rear windscreen which is fully enveloped by coachwork this provides a flawless line into the rear complementing the exquisitely formed roof pillars but can only be created under the watchful eye of experienced coach-builders who undertake a complex hand-brazing process to create perfect joins along the the curving surfaces around the rear windscreen in other areas the car s elegant forms were created using an advanced process known as superforming in which aluminium panels are heated to 500ºc and then forced into shape using air pressure the elegant front wings for example can only be formed as a single panel thanks to this technology as part of the design

at tent ion tothe sm a l l est de ta i l craftsmanship ­ it s probably the word that best sums up the extraordinary quality and finish that you will find throughout the mulsanne s remarkable interior in an era where even some luxury cars are assembled in a matter of hours we work in a more meticulous manner ­ at a pace set by the attention to detail and commitment that every one of our craftsmen and women bring to their jobs virtually as much time is spent on trimming out the mulsanne s cabin as is taken on building the rest of the car and when you see the end results the reasons are clear take something as seemingly simple as seatbelts not only are the seatbelts in the mulsanne colour-coded to match all of the 24 leather hide colours available for the interior but even the embroidery stitched into your headrests even the carpets which are now even more luxurious with an extra thick pile for added comfort can be specified to match the shade of leather you choose and if you re the

a vforthestcentury the mulsanne engineers set three challenges first the engine needed to produce effortless torque from extremely low revs secondly it should maintain the highest levels of refinement at any speed thirdly and of equal importance it would need to satisfy strict environmental emissions standards for years to come while other powertrain configurations were considered by the mulsanne engineers it became clear that these targets along with the massive torque that is such a trademark of every grand bentley could be best achieved with a v8 engine ­ the configuration that has been used so successfully in the past every major component from the forged crankshaft to the pistons to the connecting rods are now designed to be light and strong and reduce internal loads and friction for even better engine response to achieve a significant reduction in fuel and seamlessly brings all eight consumption and co2 emissions cylinders back into play the overall result is an plus improved

i n f o ta inmentandte ch nol o g y behind those exquisite veneer surfaces you ll find up-to-theminute infotainment technology that is also incredibly simple to operate it also stands true to bentley s design values ­ totally unobtrusive the face of the system is a hi-resolution 8 screen that s completely concealed behind a beautifully-veneered panel when not in use the heart of the system is a 60gb hard drive housed in the glovebox with 20gb available to store thousands of your favourite music files or pictures together these enable you to control a range of integrated applications that include navigation the audio system ipod® and other media connection and telephone and car functions such as the rear view camera and tyre pressure monitoring all of the main systems can also be activated by voice control latest generation navigation featuring 3-d mapping to make route guidance clearer than ever and 6-digit post code entry with voice control are also available in addition bluetooth