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the clues are there the dark mesh radiator grille ringed by bright metal the aggressive lower bumper with its three air intakes the blacked-out rear valance with its twin exhaust tailpipes shaped into an elongated side-on figure eight and one further small but significant detail a red enamel bentley winged `b these are the tell-tale signs of an all-new bentley powered by a 4.0 litre v8 engine from the distinctive backbeat of its eight cylinders at idling speed to the glorious snarl of full-throttle acceleration the new v8 offers an exhilarating involving and passionate route to bentley continental ownership it is an engine that can both stir the soul or calm the spirit according to the mood of the driver or the conditions yet it also delivers a power-to-emissions ratio unparalleled in its class for years the name bentley has been unrivalled among high performance grand tourers today two new v8 models extend that reputation offering sensational performance outstanding efficiency and a

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hot side inside in their quest for efficiency bentley s engineering team considered every component and how it could be designed to minimise energy losses without compromising power or durability they call this process `engine optimisation and it encompasses everything from oil viscosity and indirect intercooling to the use of low friction bearings unusually the turbochargers are mounted within the `v of the v8 contributing to efficiency and weight reduction a process that bentley s engineering team term `hot side inside hsi bentley s engineers have even designed the electrical system to work in a more efficient way reducing the amount of power sapped by the alternator using the principle of recuperation the alternator s output is `topped up by the battery at low engine speeds then the process is reversed via energy recovery during those times when the car is decelerating over a typical drive cycle this can reduce fuel consumption by 4 while the `on demand variable power

acceleration times are often taken as the key measure of performance ­ and the continental gt v8 s 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds puts it deep into supercar territory but as any skilled driver knows a car s braking system is just as important an arbiter when judging high performance the ability to brake swiftly and controllably from high speed is just as important as the power to get to that speed in that respect the continental gt and gtc are very well equipped the vented discs of the v8 models are a massive 405mm at the front and 335mm at the rear should you often find yourself descending alpine passes at high speed bentley also offers the option of carbon ceramic vented discs which offer virtually fade-free braking from ultra high speeds time after time with the additional benefit of an extended corrosion-free life whatever your choice there are two pedals in a bentley s cockpit ­ and both deliver stupendous performance at the flex of a foot

the core specification for the new continental gt v8 and gtc v8 includes monotone upholstery in a choice of four traditional bentley interior colours selected by the design team as the perfect complement to the sporting character of the new models all bentley upholstery is tanned using a traditional method that recreates the classic aroma of coachbuilt leather upholstery as bentley does not sanction artificial surface graining only the finest and most flawless hide is used newmarket tan imperial blue porpoise

the workshops at crewe it is said are the very opposite of mass production stand at the end of the line for a day a week or a month and you won t see two identical bentleys emerge at the end of their painstaking journey through the works but a bentley owner can never have too much choice and in that spirit the design team at crewe has created the driving specification select it and your continental gt v8 or gtc v8 will feature 21 6 twin-spoke alloy wheels in a menacing black with machined highlights inside the sporting theme intensifies with seats door panels and rear three-quarter panels upholstered in quilted perforated hide the dramatic effect complemented by indented hide sun visors a knurled sports gear lever and drilled alloy foot pedals an indented hide headlining is included in the case of the gt v8 while embroidered bentley emblems on the seat headrests are offered with both models at no extra cost the effect is stunning both inside and out as part of the driving

blazingly extrovert on the exterior broodingly powerful inside this specification expresses the full-throttle sensation of the new v8 engine the combination of optional dragon red exterior finish with the bold contrasts of linen and beluga sets a modern sporting and youthful mood piano black and bright engine spin fascia has echoes of the minimalistic bentley racers of the past ­ though today s bentley boasts every luxury paintwork dragon red veneer piano black veneer bright engine spin hide 1 linen hide 2 beluga carpet beluga safety belt beluga driving specification and contrast stitching shown

the beluga paintwork and black hood gives the gtc an air of serious performance ­ which its 500bhp v8 engine amply justifies inside the high contrast of magnolia and beluga hides continue the sporting mood while the dramatic figure of tamo ash co-ordinates beautifully with the magnolia hide hood down the tamo ash develops a near-3d effect in sunlight a focused high-performance convertible with a sensuous side paintwork beluga hood black veneer tamo ash hide 1 magnolia hide 2 beluga carpet beluga headlining black safety belt magnolia driving specification and contrast stitching shown