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fuelled for the future in 2008 we proudly announced a far-reaching environmental programme to harness renewable fuel technologies and reduce co2 emissions across the bentley range we pledged an overall improvement in the efficiency of all our cars of 15 percent and revealed new technologies that would deliver potential co2 reductions of up to 70 percent on a `well-to-wheel basis ­ the measurement of co2 release of a fuel from its production well to its combustion or deployment wheel this commitment to minimise our environmental impact has taken shape in the development of flexfuel engines for our continental model range flexfuel is a remarkable technology that gives our w12 engine the ability to run on bioethanol e85 petrol or any the seamless power delivery that bentley engines are renowned for and means you don t have to compromise on performance at the cost of more environmental motoring the result is our most efficient ­ and yet still most powerful ­ range of bentley

t hede ta i l s comes naturally to all our all it takes is a glance at those designers and craftspeople bold twin headlights distinctive matrix grille and high waistline to for whom the act of creating know you are looking at a bentley a new car is an inherently time-consuming passion and it s the sum of these smaller details that makes for an instantly it s that attention to detail that intent to maintain our great recognisable car but the paradox traditions that makes each of a bentley is that while the bentley distinct yet somehow effect might be instantaneous familiar at the same time the thought and effort that goes take some of those details on into creating each vital element the continental flying spur has evolved over decades where design cues have been that s the real essence of evolved from past bentleys they bentley and something that are interpreted in a manner that befits a modern four-door grand tourer central to the continental flying spur s appearance is the rounded


m ullinerc ata l o gu e f e at u r es mulliner is our bespoke commissioning department at crewe offering choice above and beyond what is already an extensive range and helping you to personalise your car to perfectly match your own taste comprising of our most highly skilled craftsmen engineers trimmers polishers and coachbuilders mulliner has always represented the pinnacle of our coach building experience and expertise it is this experience and expertise which is manifest in the comprehensive selection of mulliner catalogue features now available on the continental flying spur distinguished exterior catalogue features for the continental flying spur and car opposite exterior ­ storm grey flying spur speed include bright blue brake callipers for a more sporting appearance a unique `speed script badge applied to the brightware just behind the front wheels and a bentley `b badge to the d-pillar which adds a further touch of elegance for the interior there are also 43 a number of

bentley motors limited pyms lane crewe cheshire cw1 3pl england www.bentleymotors.com the models presented in this brochure may be subject to further development and specification can change your bentley dealer will always have the latest information the names `bentley the `b in wings device and various other models presented are registered trademarks © 2011 bentley motors limited printed in