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engine technology four years is a short span of time in which to develop a revolutionary new engine yet bentley s commitment in 2008 to develop a gt capable of a 40 increase in fuel-efficiency has now been achieved with the new v8 it can be admitted however that bentley already had expertise in one technology variable displacement where four of the eight cylinders are effectively switched off at gentle throttle openings that technology now makes its appearance in the new direct injection v8 when the engine s control microprocessor detects a light throttle opening perhaps as the driver maintains a steady cruising speed or decelerates it closes the valves in four of the eight cylinders so that they only act as gas springs this has two immediate benefits the remaining four cylinders operate at a higher level of efficiency and the engine s frictional and gas transfer losses are reduced as soon as the driver presses the throttle harder the engine instantly switches back to full

without resistance there is no torque and without torque there is no acceleration bentley s new v8 develops a massive 660 newton metres of torque at the comparatively low engine speed of 1700rpm it s enough to catapult a continental gt v8 from a standing start to 60 miles an hour in just 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 188 miles an hour 303 km/h in the right conditions but it wouldn t do so if the tyres were spinning and smoking uselessly which is why every bentley continental features permanent all-wheel drive whether you re four-time world rally champion juha kankkunen targeting a new world ice speed record or simply want to accelerate smartly away from the lights on a cold wet winter s day the reassuring grip and traction of all-wheel drive is the other essential ingredient in a bentley s high performance capability in the continental gt and gtc the power is split 40:60 front to rear minimising understeer during hard cornering and allowing the experienced driver to control the

dark fiddleback eucalyptus ­ exclusive to bentley

the beluga paintwork and black hood gives the gtc an air of serious performance ­ which its 500bhp v8 engine amply justifies inside the high contrast of magnolia and beluga hides continue the sporting mood while the dramatic figure of tamo ash co-ordinates beautifully with the magnolia hide hood down the tamo ash develops a near-3d effect in sunlight a focused high-performance convertible with a sensuous side paintwork beluga hood black veneer tamo ash hide 1 magnolia hide 2 beluga carpet beluga headlining black safety belt magnolia

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