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c ontinen ta lgtconvertible the continental gt convertible is a bentley of many facets at the press of a button the roof neatly stows away transforming it in an instant from coupé to open tourer and at the press of a throttle it converts from relaxed refined cruiser to serious high-performance sports car its w12 engine develops 575ps and 700nm of torque sending the power to all four wheels in a rear-biased 60:40 split via a new 8speed transmission 060 mph takes just 4.4 seconds hurtling the bentley forward with a relentless tidal wave of power at the wheel surrounded by bentley s incomparable craftsmanship in wood leather and metal you will be stirred but not shaken refinement combined with exceptional performance is the mark of every bentley grand tourer and the continental gt convertible extends that tradition as such it doesn t simply give you the freedom of the open road it also gives the freedom to decide how to travel down it

performance with their potent twin-turbocharged w12 engines and allwheel drive 8-speed transmissions the continental gt and gt convertible have the capacity to cover large distances with ease and thanks to bentley s chassis development team both driver and passenger will find every mile a pleasure bentley s engineers have struck the ideal balance between precision and suppleness with microprocessor-controlled damping that adapts in milliseconds to each change of surface or pace potholes and surface imperfections are sensed but distantly and without jarring soaked up by air suspension with carefully-honed spring rates and damper settings yet reach the open road and the sporting side of the continental w12 models snap into focus the wider track solid aluminium cast-forged high-stiffness front suspension uprights and rear axle aluminium gravity die castings give a poised precise feel to the chassis relayed to the driver through the sensitive servotronic steering four continuous damping

interior at the wheel of a bentley continental you command a vehicle designed to cover great distances in comfort and speed and thanks to the advanced touch-screen satellite navigation system you can be confident that the only detours will be ones that you decide to make the navigation system includes live traffic data access for point of interest searches a 30gb `hard disc drive offering rapid access to a continent-full of mapping and even the option of satellite landscape imagery as you drive it provides real-time monitoring of your tyre pressures access to your phone contacts either via bluetooth or by inserting your sim card and the opportunity to zoom in or out of mapping at the touch of a finger it is in short a system that s well up to all the latest advances for in-car technology yet as the delightful detail touch of `virtual knurling on the on-screen controls proves it s still distinctively bentley software upgrades vary according to region please contact your dealer

st james red sandstone glacier white aquamarine granite cumbrian green midnight emerald onyx there are 17 colours in the bentley colour range for the continental w12 models from the drama of st james red to the understatement of granite the range has been selected by the colour and trim team in collaboration with bentley s designers to offer a broad spectrum of choice while harmonising with the crisply defined lines of bentley s 2door grand tourers havana white sand moonbeam silverlake thunder blue crystal dark sapphire beluga please note the colours reproduced are for representation purposes only and therefore vary slightly from the actual

the optional carbon fibre finish offered for the continental gt and gt convertible gives the interior a purposeful contemporary ambience inspired by bentley s motorsport and record-breaking successes the bentley design team specified a precise weave and gloss to create a smooth satineffect sheen without excessive reflections at the other end of the spectrum the 3d figuring of tamo ash is especially suited to direct sunlight and makes an inspired choice for the continental gt convertible another new veneer dark fiddleback eucalyptus is offered for the w12 models as a no-cost option the full range of veneers including engine spin and the beautifully-figured burr walnut is shown overleaf

d esign ers c h oice breeze a shade especially created for the continental gt convertible is a flip-effect metallic that reveals a whisper of green but retains an element of silver the black hood and beluga secondary hide contrasts brilliantly with it as does the carbon fibre trim mulliner driving specification 21 wheels and diamond-quilted upholstery emphasise the sporty mood paintwork breeze veneer fascia carbon fibre hide 1 breeze hide 2 beluga carpet beluga seat belt breeze

owner sh i p owner sh i p a bentley doesn t wear out it wears in visit any of the world s famous concours d elegance and you will find owners whose bentleys have been passed down and enjoyed by successive generations precision engineering and meticulous hand craftsmanship doesn t date nor does it become obsolete whatever the model a bentley is built to endure that is as true of today s continental gt and continental gt convertible as it is of exp 2 the oldest bentley in existence and still in perfect working order after 92 years the advanced technology that delivers such outstanding performance traction refinement and comfort will continue to do so for years to come today s bentleys are tested to greater extremes of endurance than ever before from arctic blizzards at minus 30°c to the hottest deserts in mid-summer such care is your guarantee that your bentley will exhilarate and delight you throughout your ownership a lasting pleasure from a marque renowned for endurance 114