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a tradition of revolution when it first emerged the continental gt was revolutionary building on the glorious reputation established by the classic r-type continental it became a symbol of everything a grand tourer should be embodying bentley’s unique blend of exquisite style craftsmanship and exhilaration the new continental gt takes things further still a new 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged w12 engine is paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission system to deliver exhilarating yet efficient performance and the very latest technology has been integrated throughout the car to transform the driving experience for true aficionados of grand touring the world has changed once again

a platform for innovation in developing the new continental gt bentley’s vision was to completely reassess the grand tourer taking another step on a journey of continuous improvement what has emerged is powerful luxurious and entirely new – a stunning demonstration of automotive innovation and the renowned engineering standards that characterise today’s bentley range

inspired interior design the cosseting interior of the new continental gt embraces new technology like no other bentley before it while accentuating the unrivalled comfort and ambience for which bentley interiors are renowned as with all models the interior design began with a fascia built around the symmetrical bentley ‘wings’ emblem this time however the design team took the metaphor further creating an uninterrupted flow of veneered wood right around the cabin the fascia panels can be specified with a choice of exquisite single veneers or an extraordinary feature unique to the new continental gt – distinct dual veneers a powerful centre console sweeps through the car running between four incredibly comfortable newly designed continental gt seats to showcase bentley’s unmatched attention to detail the designers have selected a striking range of hides and interior colour splits – which doesn’t stop at the seats the handcrafted leather extends

designed to perform built exclusively at bentley motors in crewe england the 6.0 litre w12 engine in the new continental gt embodies the next generation of bentley drivetrain innovation with a maximum power output of 626 bhp 635 ps and torque of 664 lb ft 900 nm it can propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds – and on to a top speed of 207 mph 333 km/h the engine sits low over the front axle for improved weight distribution resulting in extraordinary dynamic handling a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission allows for fast gear shifts and coupled with active all-wheel drive as standard makes the most of the engine’s phenomenal capabilities the car can reach its top speed in sixth gear leaving seventh and eighth gears for more efficient cruising the new continental gt features the bentley dynamic ride active roll control system as standard – and as the first car in the bentley range to incorporate a three-chamber air-spring

an advanced in-car environment as you approach and unlock the car you are welcomed by a unique lighting sequence bringing the exterior and interior to life like so much in this car the colour and intensity of the interior lights can be adjusted to suit your taste with the optional mood lighting specification behind the steering wheel a high-resolution digital display shows an easy-to-read speedometer and rev counter with digital chrome bezels and super-fine pointers in expanded mode the rev counter switches to show trip computer data including the map or details of any media currently playing a 12.3 touchscreen sits in the centre of the fascia while an optional head-up display can display important driver information on the windscreen itself the car can be commissioned with a choice of three audio systems the standard system is tuned by bentley or you can choose between the optional 1,500 watt bang olufsen system with beosonic sound control and for the most discerning audiophiles

a personal driving experience the driving characteristics of the new continental gt can be customised to suit your personal style and mood the electronically assisted steering feels agile and effortless with four dynamic drive modes you can choose whether to cruise in relaxed luxury or drive your continental more progressively in normal road conditions the active all-wheel drive system delivers two-wheel drive via the rear axle but when conditions require it feeds instantaneous power to the front axle for complete driving confidence the bentley dynamic ride system meanwhile improves chassis dynamics by optimising the balance between handling dynamics and ride comfort true luxury is the ability to personalise your driving experience right down to the fine details that’s why you can even change the character of the exhaust note using the bentley drive dynamic mode which adjusts the adaptive tailpipe control valve it’s just one more example of bentley’s unrivalled

the material difference a groundbreaking new body shell has been crafted from aluminium high-strength steel and advanced composite materials shaped by the first use of spf super-plastic formed full side panels on any car of this size the crisp feature lines on the skin simply cannot be achieved by conventional means super forming technology makes it possible to achieve the crisp sharp lines envisaged by the designers the body is both light and strong with best-in-class body stiffness this has allowed the design team to eliminate the need for the pillar between the front and rear side windows giving the car a remarkably sleek modern look

the bentley rotating display the optional bentley rotating display is a unique demonstration of bentley’s remarkable approach to technology and craft – one that allows you to personalise the car’s instrumentation according to your tastes when the engine roars into life a veneered section of the fascia physically rotates to reveal the 12.3 screen designed for unrivalled ease of use the touchscreen features a proximity sensor that highlights the on-screen controls as you reach towards it the screen can be configured to display the information of your choice while a split-screen display mode allows you to see up to three screens at once for example you may view the navigation map music controls and your mobile phone call list for a more classic instrumentation style a further rotation reveals another veneered fascia panel this one including three analogue dials with polished chrome bezels at the end of your journey a final reverse rotation brings back the initial

discover the new continental gt to discover the possibilities with our configurator or visualiser please visit bentleymotors.com or contact your local bentley retailer engine 6.0 litre w12 twin-turbocharged with cylinder deactivation fuel consumption eu cycle max power 626 bhp 467 kw 635 ps 5,000 – 6,000 rpm extra urban 31.7 mpg 8.9 l 100 km urban 16.0 mpg /17.7 l 100 km max torque 900 nm 664 lb ft 1,350 – 4,500 rpm combined 23.2 mpg 12.2 l 100 km transmission 8-speed dual clutch co2 emissions 278 g/km driveline active all-wheel drive top speed 207 mph 333 km/h fuel consumption epa cycle 0-60 mph 0-100 km/h 3.6 3.7 seconds city driving us mpg wheelbase 2,851 mm 112.2 inch highway driving us mpg overall length 4,850 mm 190.9 inch combined us mpg width including mirrors 2,187 mm 86.1 inch overall height 1,405 mm 55.3 inch fuel tank 90 litres 20 gallons 24 us gallons boot volume 358 litres 12.64 cu-ft unladen weight eu 2,244 kg 4,947 lb gross