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g eneralinterest general interest new in paperback new in paperback the anthropology of corporate social responsibility oikos and market edited by catherine dolan and dinah rajak afterword by robert j foster edited by stephen gudeman and chris hann “each chapter in this important book in one way or another interrogates the slippery and shady partnerships forming between transnational corporations international development agencies and ngos to further augment and implement csr programmes…if you think critically about corporations add this to your collection.” · journal of the royal anthropological institute the collection traces the connections and conflicts between the local politics of corporate engagement and the global movements of csr revealing the ways in which social and environmental relations are transformed through the regimes of ethical capitalism catherine dolan is on the faculty of anthropology at soas university of london and holds fellowships

easa series annika lems is a postdoctoral research fellow at the institute of social anthropology at the university of bern switzerland volume 35 may 2018 260 pages 15 illus bibliog index isbn 978-1-78533-849-6 hb $120.00/£85.00 eisbn 978-1-78533-850-2 new experimental collaborations ethnography through fieldwork devices edited by adolfo estalella and tomás sánchez criado preface by george e marcus afterword by sarah pink grounded in a series of diverse ethnographic projects in africa america and europe, experimental collaborations attempts to expand our ethnographic repertoire of fieldwork devices the titular concept signals a descriptive account of certain forms of ethnographic engagement and a research and pedagogic program to intervene in current forms of ethnographic practice and learning adolfo estalella is an anthropologist affiliated to the spanish research council csic in madrid tomás sánchez criado senior researcher at the munich center for

g eneralinterest general interest new in paperback new memory and change in europe silenced communities eastern perspectives legacies of militarization and militarism in a rural guatemalan town edited by małgorzata pakier and joanna wawrzyniak foreword by jeffrey olick “[this volume illuminates very different aspects of the problems eastern european researchers face identifying national crossroads of diverging memories and the necessity of coming to terms with a surfeit of memories which had not hitherto been publicly articulated or acknowledged.” · european history quarterly in studies of a common european past there is a significant lack of scholarship on the former eastern bloc countries this volume offers a reflection on memory in an eastern european historical context one that can be measured against and applied to historical experience in other parts of europe małgorzata pakier is head of the research department at the polin museum of the history of

masculinity and spectacular events among the bugkalot henrik hvenegaard mikkelsen focusing on the transgressive acts through which masculinity is performed this book explores the idea of the cosmic cut the ritual act that enables the bugkalot man to momentarily hold still the chaotic flows of his world henrik hvenegaard mikkelsen holds a phd from the university of aarhus denmark volume 6 january 2018 202 pages 10 illus bibliog index isbn 978-1-78533-770-3 hb $95.00/£67.00 eisbn 978-1-78533-771-0 visual creativity in the cult of maría lionza roger canals i cutting cosmos teresta goddess in motion new n new shedding light on the role of visual creativity in religion canals explores the current practice of the cult of maría lionza one of the most important and yet unexplored religious practices in venezuela roger canals is a lecturer in the department of social anthropology at the university of barcelona volume 42 august 2017 212 pages 20 illus 2 tables bibliog index

sociology soup love and a helping hand blood and fire social relations and support in guangzhou china toward a global anthropology of labor sociogy new in paperback l o new edited by sharryn kasmir and august carbonella friederike fleischer “this excellent monograph will be of great use to both scholars of contemporary china as well as to students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.” · ellen oxfeld middlebury college friederike fleischer is associate professor at the department of anthropology universidad de los andes bogotá colombia volume 9, asian anthropologies february 2018 172 pages 13 illus bibliog index isbn 978-1-78533-655-3 hb $110.00/£78.00 eisbn 978-1-78533-677-5 new foucault’s orient the conundrum of cultural difference from tunisia to japan blood and fire charts a course within global anthropology to address the widespread precariousness and the prevalence of insecure and informal labor in the twenty-first century sharryn

m obilitystudies mobility studies new new an australian indigenous diaspora care across distance warlpiri matriarchs and the refashioning of tradition ethnographic explorations of aging and migration paul burke edited by azra hromadžić and monika palmberger “this is a remarkable empirical study of the warlpiri diaspora it concerns a fascinating and as yet untold story of those ‘exceptional’ indigenous people from remote communities who successfully make lives in towns and cities… [it is a delight to read and tremendously engaging.” emma kowal deakin university world-wide migration has an unsettling effect on social structures especially on aging populations and eldercare this volume investigates how takenfor-granted roles are challenged intergenerational relationships transformed economic ties recalibrated technological innovations utilized and spiritual relations pursued and desired and asks what it means to care at a distance and to age abroad

“[this volume provides a place to begin to discuss the different ways in which people are currently engaging in public anthropology including their methods types of media used topics researched and blogs such as ‘savage minds.’ it has the potential to be a valuable resource in instigating discussions around what anthropology can do should do and has the potential to communicate through being public.” · sites – a journal of social anthropology and cultural studies ingrid kummels is professor of cultural and social anthropology at the free university berlin volume 7, anthropology of media july 2017 354 pages 19 illus bibliog index isbn 978-1-78533-582-2 hb $140.00/£100.00 eisbn 978-1-78533-583-9 new cyprus and its conflicts representations materialities and cultures edited by vaia doudaki and nico carpentier in this edited volume cyprus serves as a geographical cultural and political point of reference to study how conflict is mediated

g enderstudies gender studies new in paperback new in paperback war and women across continents economic citizenship autobiographical and biographical experiences neoliberal paradoxes of empowerment edited by shirley ardener fiona armitage-woodward and lidia dina sciama amalia sa’ar “interesting and timely using different research methods to arrive at the story of women involved in war and conflicts adds value to existing feminist research methods the academic and especially feminist readership will benefit from this volume.” · nahla abdo carleton university drawing on family materials records and eyewitness accounts this book shows the impact of war on individual women caught up in diverse and often treacherous situations historical and modern chapters draw on vivid stories worldwide to answer the question “how do women act in dangerous wars?” economic citizenship explores shifting responsibility for the welfare of minority and poor citizens

new in 2018 migration and society editors mette louise berg, university college london and elena fiddian-qasmiyeh, university college london migration and society is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal advancing debate about emergent trends in all types of migration. the journal invites work that situates migration in a wider historical and societal context including attention to experiences and representations of migration critical theoretical perspectives on migration and the social cultural and legal embeddedness of migration global in its scope we particularly encourage scholarship from and about the global south as well as the north addressing both dynamics and drivers of migration processes of settlement and integration and transnational practices and diaspora formation we aim to publish theoretically informed and empirically based articles of the highest quality highest quality especially encouraging work that interrogates and transcends the boundaries

l s social analysis regiones y cohesión régions et cohésion editors harlan koff université du luxembourg and carmen maganda inecol the international journal of social and cultural practice journ regions and cohesion a journals the journal of the consortium for comparative research on regional integration and social cohesion risc a cross-regional interdisciplinary and multi-lingual network of socially conscious and prestigious research institutes in europe north america south america and africa regions and cohesion is a needed platform for academics and practitioners alike to disseminate both empirical research and normative analysis of topics related to human and environmental security social cohesion and governance it covers themes such as the management of strategic resources environment and society social risk and marginalization disasters and policy responses violence war and urban security the quality of democracy development public health immigration human rights

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