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history 2018 berghahn journals new york

b erghahnjournals about berghahn journals identity please join all of us at berghahn in celebrating twenty-four years of independent publishing dear colleague over the last few years our journals program has rapidly expanded in scope and reputation and we are pleased to publish important journals in the subject areas of anthropology and sociology european politics cultural studies and history each journal is fully peer-reviewed with editorial boards comprised of the leading scholars in their fields we are above all delighted to have our journals program recognized by the aap psp through the award for best new journal in the humanities social sciences two years in a row for 2008 the award went to projections and for 2009 to girlhood studies if you have any questions or suggestions about our journals publishing program and inititives please do not hesitate to contact me directly our thanks for your continued support kind regards vivian k berghahn berghahn journals is the journals

b erghahnjournals aspasia the international yearbook of central eastern and southeastern european women s and gender history managing editors: raili marling university of tartu estonia svetla baloutzova st kliment ohridski university of sofia editor and book review editor krassimira daskalova st kliment ohridski university of sofia identity aspasia is an international peer-reviewed annual of women’s and gender history of central eastern and southeastern europe cesee it aims to transform european women’s and gender history by expanding comparative research on women and gender to all parts of europe creating a european history of women and gender that encompasses more than the traditional western european perspective aspasia particularly emphasizes research that examines the ways in which gender intersects with other categories of social organization and advances work that explores transnational aspects of women’s and gender histories within to and from cesee

b erghahnjournals contributions to the history of concepts editors jani marjanen university of helsinki jan ifversen university of aarhus margrit pernau max planck institute for development identity the international peer-reviewed journal of the history of concepts group hcg it is hosted and sponsored by the university of helsinki centre for intellectual history contributions to the history of concepts serves as a platform for theoretical and methodological articles as well as empirical studies on the history of concepts and their social political and cultural contexts it aims to promote the dialogue between the history of concepts and other disciplines such as intellectual history history of knowledge and science linguistics translation studies history of political thought and discourse analysis volume 13 2018 2 issues p.a issn 1807-9326 print • issn 1874-656x online www.berghahnjournals.com/contributions current issue volume 12 issue 2 general articles time bandits

b erghahnjournals historical reflections rÉflexions historiques senior editor linda e mitchell university of missouri kansas city co-editor w brian newsome elizabethtown college identity historical reflections/réflexions historiques has established a well-deserved reputation for publishing high quality articles of wide ranging interest for over forty years the journal which publishes articles in both english and french is committed to exploring history in an interdisciplinary framework and with a comparative focus historical approaches to art literature and the social sciences the history of mentalities and intellectual movements the terrain where religion and history meet these are the subjects to which historical reflections/réflexions historiques is devoted volume 44 2018 3 issues p.a issn 0315-7997 print • issn 1939-2419 online www.berghahnjournals.com/historical-reflections current issue volume 43 issue 3 translating “holy bodies” corpi santi in malta

b erghahnjournals journal of educational media memory and society identity editor eckhardt fuchs georg eckert institute for international textbook research gei managing editor peter carrier gei published on behalf of the georg eckert institute for international textbook research jemms explores perceptions of society as constituted and conveyed in processes of learning and educational media the focus is on various types of texts such as textbooks museums memorials films and their institutional political social economic and cultural contexts the construction of collective memory and conceptions of space the production of meaning image formation forms of representation and perceptions of the self and the other as well as processes of identity construction ethnic national regional religious institutional gender are of particular interest special importance is given to the significance of educational media for social cohesion and conflict volume 10 2018 2 issues p.a issn 2041-6938

b erghahnjournals of related interest french politics culture society editor herrick chapman new york university french politics culture society explores modern and contemporary france from the perspectives of the social sciences history and cultural analysis identity volume 36 2018 3 issues p.a issn 1537-6370 print • issn 1558-5271 online www.berghahnjournals.com/fpcs german politics and society editor jeffrey j anderson georgetown university german politics and society is a peer-reviewed journal that explores issues in modern germany from the combined perspectives of the social sciences history and cultural studies volume 36 2018 4 issues p.a issn 1045-0300 print • issn 1558-5441 online www.berghahnjournals.com/gps sibirica interdisciplinary journal of siberian studies editor matthew romaniello university of hawaii sibirica is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the region and relations to neighboring areas such as central asia east asia

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