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united arab emirates business government and society feminism and international over and under a and s action bloody butcher sidney new york edition october 2008 left wing july 2011 master switches page 33 34 front cover international lisboa carnations birgit romano clock movement clock movements della youth stock 428 x 120 expanded archival collection timeing gards 1 12 clock movement 7 segment led page 529 assembling a third member led volume unit highlight insert view page 106 be 804 lt 75 merchants in germany show page 148 32 french long page 121 of 336 90 f 150 parts page 23 of 115

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protest culture society general editors kathrin fahlenbrach institute for media and communication university of hamburg germany martin klimke new york university abu dhabi united arab emirates joachim scharloth waseda university japan this series brings together the various innovative approaches to phenomena of social change protest and dissent which have emerged in recent years from an interdisciplinary perspective it contextualizes social protest and cultures of dissent in larger political processes and socio-cultural transformations by examining the influence of historical trajectories and the response of various segments of social political and legal institutions on a national and international level in doing so the series offers a more comprehensive and multi-dimensional view of historical and cultural change in the 20th and 21st century berghahn new york oxford independent publishing since 1994 volume 1 volume 3 how protest creates communities political protest and collective

p rotest c u lt u r e society volume 6 between the avant-garde and the everyday subversive politics in europe from 1957 to the present edited by timothy brown and lorena anton foreword by detlef siegfried “this volume presents many new insights into a subject that has not yet been analysed systematically enough it therefore represents an important contribution to the history of subcultures and will no doubt have a considerable influence on the scholarly debate on this topic.” · detlef siegfried university of copenhagen this volume brings together a group of essays concerned with the multifaceted link between culture and politics highlighting lesser-known case studies and opening new perspectives on the development of anti-authoritarian politics in europe from the 1950s to the fall of communism and beyond volume 9 the german student movement and the literary imagination transnational memories of protest and dissent susanne rinner “rinner’s book stretches

p rotest c u lt u r e society volume 12 volume 15 the protest against ‘fortress europe’ in france and germany east germany in the cold war world europeanizing contention pierre monforte “conceptually strong methodologically plausible well engaged with the literature very well written and with conclusions limited to the evidence.” · justin greenwood robert gordon university this book explores the europeanization of contention through an in-depth comparative analysis of french and german proasylum movements since the end of the 1990s through an examination of their networks discourses and collective actions it shows that the groups composing these movements display different degrees and forms of europeanization reflected in different fields of protest april 2014 264 pages 6 ills 13 tables bibliog index isbn 978-0-85745-996-1 hardback $95.00/£67.00 eisbn 978-0-85745-997-8 volume 13 militant around the clock left-wing youth politics leisure and sexuality

p rotest c u lt u r e society volume 18 volume 21 late authoritarianism and student protest in portugal the greenpeace anti-whaling campaign in norway guya accornero juliane riese histories of portugal’s transition to democracy have long focused on the 1974 military coup that toppled the authoritarian estado novo regime and set in motion the divestment of the nation’s colonial holdings however the events of this “carnation revolution” were in many ways the culmination of a much longer process of resistance and protest originating in universities and other sectors of society combining careful research in police government and student archives with insights from social movement theory the revolution before the revolution broadens our understanding of portuguese democratization by tracing the societal convulsions that preceded it over the course of the “long 1960s.” “hairy hippies and bloody butchers describes with deep insight the greenpeace