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single phase to three phase motor blackmer pump repair kit rol air flaring tool 55 gallon drum faucet sherwood cylinder valves repair kits swivel joint repair kit corrugated stainless steel tubing corrugated stainless steel tubes emergency shut off valve high pressure high flow regulator parker three way ball valve ball cone check valve socket head cap screw bushing emergency shut off valve propane male pipe thread to male pipe thread propane emergency shut off valve socket head cap screw chart 3 piece stainless steel ball valve auto shut off valve stainless steel body ball valve blow out proof stem 17 socket head cap screw tongue and groove pliers locks for gas tank nozzles three way ball valve socket head cap screw 10 24 10 24 x 7 socket head cap screw schedule 40 black pipes leak detection equipment electronic leak detection equipment quick coupling propane and natural gas equipment propane and natural gas equipment agricultural and industrial equipment 1 fnpt x 1 fnpt tankless water heaters carbon monoxide detectors lp orifice kit carbon monoxide gas detector acme dust caps 331652 blackmer pump rebuild kit ductile iron flange corken pump parts rl100 with veeder root register blackmer pump parts pipe thread sealant forklift relief valve mr heater propane regulators natural gas tankless water heater gas leak detector propane y female adapter krug hand pump krug hand pumps propane hose assembly blackmer pump rebuild kit hydrostatic relief valve

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contents acme caps 130-131 acme couplings 128-129 actuators marshall excelsior 42-43 adapters acme 126-128 130 camp cylinder 210-217 caps 130 filling 132 hose end 123 liquid propane 93 liquid withdrawal 145 pol 134-135 pressure test 195 steel pipe solid swivel 91-92 unloading 148 air scribe 160 algas vaporizers 190-191 altfuels 178-179 aluminum paint 168 aluminum tubing 138 anderson-forrester 206-207 angle globe valves 48 anode bags 189 anode test kit 189 anode test rod 189 anvil 204 appliance connectors 200 apollo full port bronze 77 apollo stainless steel 78 auto gas dispenser 176-177 auto stop fill valve 146 automatic changeover 11 12-13 a b cont breakaway coupling 184 bushings 73-74 131 by-pass valves 102-103 2 back check valves marshall excelsior 47 back pressure valves 102-103 ball cone check valves 53 ball valves 75-81 bee spray 198 bergquist dispenser 174-175 black fittings standard 139 blackmer by-pass valves 102-104 blackmer pump repair parts 101 blue moon filters 71

mec excelerator 4 flanged internal valves service and repair parts 50 years me990-4f-vrk me990-4f-srk me990-4f-prk me990-4f-pga me990-4f-144 excelerator internal valves 4 flanged me990-4f-145 me990-4f-146 me990-4f-153 me990-4f-172 me990-4f-162 me990-4f-151 me990-4f-106 x excelerator 4 internal valve rebuild kit excelerator 4 internal valve seal repair kit excelerator 4 internal valve stem packing repair kit excelerator 4 internal valve-stem packing gland assembly excelerator 4 internal valve filter screen perforated stainless steel excelerator 4 internal valve filter cap perforated stainless steel excelerator 4 internal valve filter screen retain bolt 1/4-28 excelerator 4 internal valve inlet flange gasket excelerator 4 internal valve outlet flange gasket excelerator 4 internal valve filter screen/cap #5 mesh 4 internal valve mounting stud 6-3/4 oal b7 xylan coated excelerator 4 single flange internal valve-excess flow spring mec excelerator 4 internal valve

marshall excelsior back check valves marshall excelsior high flow back check valves provide back flow protection to container openings or liquid lines where flow is intended for one direction the valve is normally held closed until pressure activates the valve when flow is directed into piping or containers causing the back check to open when flow stops or reverses the check returns to the closed position all marshall excelsior high flow back check valves are supplied with o-ring soft seats which can be removed for metal to metal seating features · dual purpose seat reduces inventory 2 for 1 · universal seat remove o-ring seal to create metal to metal seating surface · up to 20 more flow than nearest competitor · maximum product flow achieved by full port and stem travel design · all models feature stainless steel stem spring and valve guide · valve body and shutoff poppet available in brass zinc plated steel or stainless steel · available from 3/4 npt through 3 npt male x

liquid y strainers 50 years ductile iron strainers rated at 600 lb self cleaning y-type design 40 mesh stainless steel screen liquid y strainers part number me650sp description 1/2 fnpt 3/4 fnpt 1 fnpt 1 1/4 fnpt 1 1/2 fnpt 2 fnpt 3 fnpt clean out plugs size part number 1/2 600515 1/2 600515 3/4 600520 3/4 600520 1 600525 1 600525 1 1/4 600530 me656sp me651sp me652sp me653sp me654sp me655sp me656sp note clean out plugs are included replacement part numbers are provided above hex plugs are forged may want to install a plugged ball valve here for easy future clean out schroeder liquid line filters 400 schroeder liquid filter part number da-1 da-1 1/2 e1 e112 description 1 fnpt filter with flow indicator 1 1/2 fnpt filter with flow indicator replacement element for da-1 replacement element for da-1 1/2 da-1 1 800 537 7518 e-1 5 0 thanniversa ry

steel pipe adapters 5 0 thanniversa ry 50 2047-8-8 years swivel pipe to elbow mxf par t number 2047-8-8 2047-12-12 description 1/2 m x f 90elbow swivel 3/4 m x f 90elbow swivel swivel female pipe adapter straight par t number 2046-4-4 2046-6-6 2046-8-8 2046-12-12 2046-16-16 2046-20-20 2046-24-24 2046-32-32 female size both sides 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 2046-16-16 swivel female pipe adapter elbow par t number 2048-8-8 2048-12-12 2048-24-24 2048-32-32 female size both sides 1/2 3/4 1 1/2 2 2048-12-12 steel street tee par t number 2092-4-4 description 1/4 npt 3 way note one application use to install a hydrostat and a bleeder in same 1/4 npt opening 2092-4-4 1 800 537 7518

hannay reels and reel parts 17.0060 junction boxes par t no 17.0060 17.0030 description round junction box square junction box since 1933 hannay reels has set the standard for quality service and delivery the modern state-of-the-art facility in westerlo new york produces over 70,000 reels a year ranging in size from hand portables to reels over 12 feet in length the propane delivery reels are now produced in standard painted steel polished aluminum or unpolished 304 sst things to consider when ordering a new reel 1 capacity how many feet of 1 hose do you want on the reel typical lengths are 100 125 and 150 125 is the most common 2 which side do you want the 1 1/2 inlet and 12 volt motor located on as you look at the reel 3 do you want an auxillary hand crank 4 do you want any roller assemblies 5 would you like the reel to be top wind or bottom wind 6 would you like a guidemaster installed circuit breakers 17.0021 cb-2 17.0024 circuit breakers part no 17.0021 17.0022 17.0024

male connector no 48 par t no o d tube size pipe size 48ca 48cc 48ce 48cf 48ea 48ec 48ee 48ef 48ek 48fc 48fe 48ff 48fk 48ie 48if 48ik 48lk 1/4 x 1/8 1/4 x 1/4 1/4 x 3/8 1/4 x 1/2 3/8 x 1/8 3/8 x 1/4 3/8 x 3/8 3/8 x 1/2 3/8 x 3/4 1/2 x 1/4 1/2 x 3/8 1/2 x 1/2 1/2 x 3/4 5/8 x 3/8 5/8 x 1/2 5/8 x 3/4 7/ x 3/4 1 800 537 7518 flare fittings female elbow no 54 forged 54cc 54ea 54ec 54ee 54ef 54ek 54fe 54ff 54fk 54ie 54if 54ik 1/4 x 1/4 3/8 x 1/8 3/8 x 1/4 3/8 x 3/8 3/8 x 1/2 3/8 x 3/4 1/2 x 3/8 1/2 x 1/2 1/2 x 3/4 5/8 x 3/8 5/8 x 1/2 5/8 x 3/4 special fitting with longer male threads 2 way elbow no.55 forged par t no o d tube size 55e 55f 55i 55fe 3/8 1/2 5/8 1/2 x 3/8 male elbow no 49 forged par t no o d tube size pipe size 1/4 x 1/8 49ca 1/4 x 1/4 49cc 3/8 x 1/8 49ea 3/8 x 1/4 49ec 3/8 x 3/8 49ee 3/8 x 1/2 49ef 3/8 x 3/4 49ek 1/2 x 1/4 49fc 1/2 x 3/8 49fe 1/2 x 1/2 49ff 1/2 x 3/4 49fk

cylinder equipment 50 part number 20-1 20-2 20-3 20-4 20-5 20-6 20-8a mep122 mep125 800411 800412 description steel pol plug for valve wrench valve wrench distance piece handle chain vise plumbers pot wrench combo wrench fits rego sherwood opd 1 piece unit 2 piece wrench qcc socket drive crows foot 1 1/8 offset wrench cavagna valves 1 7/32 offset wrench years cylinder valve wrenches mep125 20-1 20-2 800411 20-3 20-5 20-7 20-8a mep122 20-4 1 800 537 7518

kohler generators cont next page 50 5 0th anniversa ry years 14resa kohler generators we made everything easier including your life below you ll find the latest additions to our growing family durable reliable and downright powerful these products are meant to get you through blizzards brownouts and everything in-between oncue generator management system we revamped the oncue system for easier installation and more control users and service partners can now easily connect to the generator s controller for real-time status updates on performance and operation kohler 14resa and 20resa we ve upgraded our most popular 14 and 20 kw generators with lower sound levels an easy-to-read display and a redesigned controller compatible with our new load control and programmable interface module programmable interface module pim with the oncue system pim gives you more control than ever before with the touch of a button you can now turn critical items storm shutters security systems etc while

service equipment 1 800 537 7518 50 years how to install the mi100 adaptor · remove the existing orifice from the appliance and place it in the tl074 safety anvil where it is secured by a thumb screw ream out the orifice using a tl070 reamer in conjunction with the tl061 handpiece always turn the reamer in one direction to provide a perfectly round properly sized hole for the adaptor remove the orifice from the safety anvil and insert the adaptor which is tapered to allow for insertion into the reamed hole place the orifice adaptor side up on the end of the safety anvil or other hard surface and use the tl063 driving tool and a hammer to fully seat the adaptor please note the tl063 driving tool is designed so that it will not damage the orifice channel during insertion on the end of the safety anvil is a small counter-sunk hole located off center place the head of the adaptor into this hole with the orifice in this position insert the tl062 crimping tool and strike