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bk currents tom szaky foreword by deepak chopra outsmart waste the modern idea of garbage and how to think our way out of it ·changes everything you ever thought you knew about garbage and will change how you buy consume and dispose of things ·explains the origins of the modern garbage crisis and what each of us can do to solve it ·written by a dynamic young entrepreneur whose innovative award-winning company has enlisted 35 million people to help outsmart waste in twenty-two countries ever-expanding hazardous landfills toxic waste dumps ocean dead zones endangered wildlife garbage has become an environmental nightmare but for most of human history garbage was a minor annoyance and it doesn t even exist in nature where the output of one organism is the input of another so why does garbage exist in human society why has it become a problem in the last century and most importantly how can we eliminate it outsmart the very idea of garbage eco-entrepreneur tom szaky says that to

bk business mila n baker peer-to-peer leadership why the network is the leader ·shows that a radically decentralized approach can revolutionize leadership just as it has revolutionized computer networking ·turns leadership on its head the job of the leader is not to tell followers what to do but to create enable and facilitate a network of peer leaders ·features examples of what some organizations are doing and what all organizations can do to implement and benefit from this new approach our leadership models are still stuck in a top-down command-and-control industrial age mentality but our globalized data-drenched 24/7 world is just too complex with too much information coming from too many different directions for any single person or group of people to stay on top of it the idea of hierarchy is breaking down everywhere from politics to religion to social relationships why should leadership be any different publication date january 2014 $24.95 paperback 200 pages 6¹/8 x 9¼

bk currents john de graaf david wann and thomas h naylor foreword by annie leonard author of the story of stuff affluenza how overconsumption is killing us and how to fight back third edition mutation ·new edition of a classic book the first two editions sold over 150,000 copies ·still the most thorough diagnosis of the disease of overconsumption symptoms causes consequences and cures ·updated to incorporate the 2008 economic collapse new measures of societal health and new policy prescriptions affluenza uses the whimsical metaphor of a disease to tackle a very serious subject the damage done to our health our families our communities and our environment by the obsessive quest for material gain in cleverly titled chapters such as swollen expectations and a rash of bankruptcies the authors examine the origins evolution and symptoms of the affluenza epidemic but they also explore cures and suggest strategies for rebuilding families and communities and for restoring and respecting

bk business marc j epstein and adriana rejc buhovac making sustainability work best practices in managing and measuring corporate social environmental and economic impacts second edition ·updated throughout with new examples and new research ·offers a complete guide to the details of implementing and measuring the impact of csr initiatives ·includes examples of best practices from over 100 organizations most companies today have some commitment to corporate social responsibility but implementing these initiatives can be particularly challenging while a lot has been written on ethical and strategic factors there is still a dearth of information on the practical nuts and bolts and whereas with most other organizational initiatives the sole objective is improved financial performance sustainability broadens the focus to include social and environmental performance which is much more difficult to measure now updated with new examples and new research this is a complete guide to

bk currents michael n nagler foreword by ann wright col us army ret and recipient state department award for heroism the nonviolence handbook a guide for practical action ·by the author of the american book award­winning search for a nonviolent future ·advocates nonviolence as the most effective approach to bringing about social change not simply the most ethical ·offers practical strategic advice for developing a disciplined and effective nonviolent strategy to address any issue or conflict despite the fact that two of the 20th century s most monumental campaigns for social change the civil rights movement and the drive for indian independence achieved their aims through nonviolent action the world continues to view nonviolence as a passive and largely ineffectual tactic all show and no substance in this short and powerful book renowned peace activist michael nagler proves precisely the opposite nonviolence is in fact an aggressive and highly effective approach nonviolence is

bk business steve arneson what your boss really wants from you 15 insights to improve your relationship ·offers a concise practical guide to improving your most important work relationship ·uses fifteen questions to help you uncover what drives your boss and use that knowledge to take charge of the relationship ·features true stories of people who have used these techniques to improve relationships with even very difficult bosses whether you re an entry-level employee a middle manager or a high-level executive your most important work relationship is the one you have with your boss if you re connecting well everything s great but if you re not getting along it can be a nerve-wracking and frustrating experience it s why executive coach steve arneson is so often asked what does my boss want from me in this pragmatic and accessible guide arneson shows you how to find the answers to fifteen essential questions that will help you understand your boss s motives but first arneson warns

bk life michael edesess kwok l tsui carol fabbri and george peacock the 3 simple rules of investing why everything you ve heard about investing is wrong and what to do instead ·proves that investing is easy if you follow three simple rules and use a few basic investments ·explains why the most common investment advice is misleading useless or just plain wrong ·written by a team of veteran financial industry insiders personal finances can be a huge source of stress and confusing and complicated advice from the financial industry which is supposed to be helping just makes it worse and is a reason why many investors are falling further and further behind but investing is actually simple maybe more simple than ever before as the authors of this clear practical and enlightening book part financial guide part exposé prove there are just three simple rules you need to follow and just a few investment products that are necessary for an ideal portfolio with perhaps a few optional ones

bk business joseph w weiss business ethics a stakeholder and issues management approach sixth edition ·now published by berrett-koehler this is the latest edition of a popular business ethics textbook thoroughly updated throughout ·includes twenty-three case studies fourteen new to this edition with three others updated as well as new research and new exercises ·includes access to a complete suite of ancillary materials for instructors teaching guides test banks and powerpoint presentations joseph weiss s business ethics is a pragmatic hands-on guide to determining right and wrong in the business world to be socially responsible and ethical weiss maintains businesses must acknowledge the impact their decisions can have on the world beyond their walls he integrates a stakeholder perspective with an issues-oriented approach so students look at how a business s actions affect not just share price and profit but the well-being of employees customers suppliers the local community the

bk news forty-five bestsellers berrett-koehler books keep selling year after year testifying to their enduring value forty-five of our books have sold more than 100,000 copies including sales of all us and foreign editions in all formats and three have sold more than a million copies foreign language translations more bestsellers bob miglani s embrace the chaos hit the number two position on the washington post s nonfiction bestseller list on november 10 2013 given the way things have been in washington lately it seems singularly appropriate that this book became a bestseller there life reimagined our copublication with aarp written by longtime bk author richard leider and fast company founding editor alan webber is off to a huge start published in october 2013 it sold 26,000 copies in two months hit the hudson news airport bookstore chain bestseller list and shows no sign of stopping we re delighted this col laboration with aarp has been so successful title copies sold confessions

bk news open book editions latest releases open book editions bk s self-publishing partnership with iuniverse has now published thirty books the easiest way to purchase obe titles is to go to the obe page on our website www.bkconnection .com/open-book-editions scott c hammond phd lessons of the lost finding hope and resilience in work life and the wilderness this book won second place in our 2012 contest for best obe book proposal scott hammond a volunteer search-andrescue worker draws on his experiences to provide valuable life lessons that small things matter that no one is ever lost alone and that movement creates opportunity dee hock autobiography of a restless mind reflections on the human condition volumes 1 and 2 this is a fascinating exceptionally diverse collection of observations and reflections written over the past twenty-five years by one of the most innovative thinkers writers and leaders of the past half century kathleen l housley fire and forge a desert railroad a

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