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bk life paul born foreword by peter block deepening community finding joy together in chaotic times ·helps us purposely build communities that will truly nurture and sustain us ·describes the four pillars of deep community and the many simple things we can do to support each one ·features memorable and moving stories of what born and others have done to build deep community we need community it is in our dna community has the capacity to improve our physical mental and economic health as well as our overall sense of happiness and fulfillment but in the chaos of modern life traditional community ties have become unraveled paul born argues that as a result many of us have opted for shallow community keeping mostly to ourselves only occasionally seeing our friends and relatives or desperate for some sense of common purpose we choose a community united by fear of those unlike us neither of these offers any real psychological or spiritual satisfaction instead we need to deepen our experience of community in this thoughtful and moving book born describes the four pillars of deep community sharing our stories taking the time to enjoy one another taking care of one another and working together for a better world to show the role each of these plays and the many forms each can take he shares his own stories of growing up among a people exiled by war and of working as a longtime community activist as well as the stories and insights offered by some of the 500 people he interviewed for the book community immeasurably enriches our lives but it s up to us to create it will we react to the instability of our times by defining ourselves selfishly or out of fear or will we enthusiastically form enduring connections with others and build a life of joy paul born shows that the opportunity is right in front of us if we have the courage and conviction to pursue it this book is an anthem that bears witness to our humanity and our capacity to be together in peace it takes a big step in making community building a legitimate discipline that belongs at the center of our thinking from the foreword by peter block author of stewardship flawless consulting and community paul born directs tamarack an institute for community engagement a leading think tank that advances collective impact and community innovation solutions he is a senior fellow at ashoka the world s largest network of social innovators and the founder of vibrant communities a network of 100 cities reducing poverty for 1 million people born is the author of four books including the canadian bestseller community conversations publication date march 2014 $18.95 paperback 192 pages 5½ x 8½ isbn 978-1-62656-097-0 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-62656-098-7 current affairs rights world you might also enjoy john mcknight and peter block the abundant community awakening the power of families and neighborhoods $19.95 paperback isbn 978-1-60994-081-2 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-60509-626-1 peter block community the structure of belonging $20.95 paperback isbn 978-1-60509-277-5 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-57675-773-4 10 berrett-koehler publishers