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bk business marc j epstein and adriana rejc buhovac making sustainability work best practices in managing and measuring corporate social environmental and economic impacts second edition ·updated throughout with new examples and new research ·offers a complete guide to the details of implementing and measuring the impact of csr initiatives ·includes examples of best practices from over 100 organizations most companies today have some commitment to corporate social responsibility but implementing these initiatives can be particularly challenging while a lot has been written on ethical and strategic factors there is still a dearth of information on the practical nuts and bolts and whereas with most other organizational initiatives the sole objective is improved financial performance sustainability broadens the focus to include social and environmental performance which is much more difficult to measure now updated with new examples and new research this is a complete guide to implementing and measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives it draws on marc epstein s and new coauthor adriana rejc buhovac s solid academic foundation and extensive consulting work and includes best practices from dozens of companies in europe asia north america south america australia and africa this is the ultimate how-to guide for corporate leaders strategists academics consultants and anyone else with an interest in actually putting sustainability ideas into practice and making sure they accomplish their goals praise for the first edition the strength of this book is that it does not just discuss corporate social responsibility but enumerates concrete strategies for generating real and measurable impacts in this area a welcome addition to the literature highly recommended choice named one of sustainable industries magazine s best books of 2008 an outstanding contribution to the field this book will be an invaluable resource for senior executives boards and managers looking to integrate sustainability into their decision making strategic finance marc j epstein is a distinguished research professor of management at jones graduate school of business at rice university he has been a professor at stanford business school harvard business school and insead he has written or cowritten nearly twenty books and a hundred papers adriana rejc buhovac is an associate professor of management in the faculty of economics at the university of ljubljana she is a member of the editorial board of advances in management accounting publication date march 2014 $34.95 hardcover 308 pages 6¹/8 x 9¼ isbn 978-1-60994-993-8 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-60994-994-5 copublished with greenleaf publishing business rights world you might also enjoy timothy j mohin changing business from the inside out a treehugger s guide to working in corporations $24.95 paperback isbn 978-1-60994-640-1 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-60994-641-8 jacquelyn a ottman the new rules of green marketing strategies tools and inspiration for sustainable branding $21.95 paperback isbn 978-1-60509-866-1 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-60509-867-8 12 berrett-koehler publishers