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bk business joseph w weiss business ethics a stakeholder and issues management approach sixth edition ·now published by berrett-koehler this is the latest edition of a popular business ethics textbook thoroughly updated throughout ·includes twenty-three case studies fourteen new to this edition with three others updated as well as new research and new exercises ·includes access to a complete suite of ancillary materials for instructors teaching guides test banks and powerpoint presentations joseph weiss s business ethics is a pragmatic hands-on guide to determining right and wrong in the business world to be socially responsible and ethical weiss maintains businesses must acknowledge the impact their decisions can have on the world beyond their walls he integrates a stakeholder perspective with an issues-oriented approach so students look at how a business s actions affect not just share price and profit but the well-being of employees customers suppliers the local community the larger society other nations and the environment a wealth of contemporary examples makes the book relevant and compelling weiss includes twenty-three customized cases that immerse students directly in recent business ethics dilemmas and ask them to consider how they would resolve them fourteen of these cases are new to this edition touching on issues such as cyberbullying fracking neuromarketing and for-profit education and involving institutions such as goldman sachs google kaiser permanente walmart ford and facebook several chapters now feature a unique point/countpoint exercise that challenges students to argue both sides of an ethical issue the text has been updated throughout with the latest research and as with previous editions the sixth edition features a complete set of ancillary materials for instructors teaching guides test banks and powerpoint presentations why now the 2008 economic collapse raised ethical issues that have yet to be fully resolved and every week seems to bring news of yet more dubious behavior by yet another respected institution there could not be a better time for a fully updated edition of weiss s classic accessible blend of theory and practice joseph w weiss is professor of management at bentley university he received the innovative teaching award from bentley and is on the honor roll of the organizational behavior teaching society he is a fulbright program specialist and national peer reviewer for business applicants past chair of the academy of management s management consulting division and current cochair of the hicss hawaii international conference on system sciences it/project management track he is the author of five books and many journal articles and has consulted with fortune 500 firms government agencies and startup companies publication date june 2014 $69.95 paperback 552 pages 6¹/8 x 9¼ isbn 978-1-62656-140-3 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-62656-141-0 business rights world you might also enjoy peggy holman tom devane and steven cady with over 90 international contributors the change handbook the definitive resource on today s best methods for engaging whole systems $65.95 paperback isbn 978-1-57675-379-8 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-57675-509-9 gary n mclean organization development principles processes performance $49.95 hardcover isbn 978-1-57675-313-2 pdf ebook isbn 978-1-60509-334-5 u.s orders 800 929-2929 25