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bk news forty-five bestsellers berrett-koehler books keep selling year after year testifying to their enduring value forty-five of our books have sold more than 100,000 copies including sales of all us and foreign editions in all formats and three have sold more than a million copies foreign language translations more bestsellers bob miglani s embrace the chaos hit the number two position on the washington post s nonfiction bestseller list on november 10 2013 given the way things have been in washington lately it seems singularly appropriate that this book became a bestseller there life reimagined our copublication with aarp written by longtime bk author richard leider and fast company founding editor alan webber is off to a huge start published in october 2013 it sold 26,000 copies in two months hit the hudson news airport bookstore chain bestseller list and shows no sign of stopping we re delighted this col laboration with aarp has been so successful title copies sold confessions of an economic hit man eat that frog leadership and self-deception love em or lose em repacking your bags the secret goals empowerment takes more than a minute leadership and the new science a peacock in the land of penguins full steam ahead 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 650,000 550,000 450,000 420,000 400,000 380,000 370,000 280,000 31 40 29 22 18 28 28 16 18 20 21 14 19 26 20 23 19 5 13 21 15 14 4 8 20 8 18 9 11 5 13 11 10 22 14 7 21 13 9 6 4 15 9 20 11 bestseller in the making our former editorial intern seth smith dabbles a bit in the blogging racket at sethadamsmith.com on november 2 2013 he wrote a post called marriage isn t for you in which he confessed that after only a year and a half of marriage he d concluded it wasn t for him but it s not what you think what he realized is that as he wrote no true relationship of love is for you love is about the person you love truly love and marriage isn t for you it s for others the blogosphere went crazy the post got 2.2 million views in the first thirty-six hours and ended up getting over 24 million seth and his wife kim were interviewed on the today show and fox friends and reactions to the blog appeared on places like buzzfeed cosmopolitan.com the uk daily mail s mailonline and many more it s been translated into spanish and portuguese we re quite proud of the lad and his bk book your life isn t for you will be coming out in september 2014 the anatomy of peace 280,000 managing by values 220,000 the 100 absolutely unbreakable laws of business success 200,000 a complaint is a gift 200,000 the 21 success secrets of self-made millionaires 200,000 the five secrets you must discover before you die 200,000 stewardship 180,000 the power of purpose 180,000 how to get ideas 180,000 change your questions change your life 175,000 synchronicity 170,000 leadership from the inside out 160,000 change is everybody s business 150,000 when corporations rule the world 150,000 affluenza 150,000 be a sales superstar 150,000 the referral of a lifetime 140,000 the hamster revolution 135,000 on-the-level 130,000 getting things done when you are not in charge 130,000 go team 130,000 managers as mentors 130,000 i moved your cheese 125,000 know can do 120,000 the serving leader 120,000 flight plan 120,000 the laws of lifetime growth 115,000 turning to one another 110,000 no more regrets 110,000 shifting sands 110,000 love it don t leave it 100,000 301 ways to have fun at work 100,000 prisoners of our thoughts 100,000 great leaders grow 100,000 28