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bk news the berrett-koehler authors cooperative nothing else like it the berrett-koehler authors co-op might be the most distinctive organization in publishing originating as the bk authors council in 1998 it became a co-op in 2006 led by bk authors it is entirely autonomous from berrett-koehler publishers it s really a mutual aid society co-op members share tips on writing and marketing bounce business and book ideas around and generally provide each other with moral and personal support the co-op puts on two events every year the authors marketing workshop and the authors retreat and last year it launched an exciting new initiative the berrettkoehler collaboratory as shouldn t be surprising a number of presentations focused on the internet and social media since they offer an unparalleled opportunity for the average person to build a platform and a very specific and targeted platform at that you don t have to sit around hoping the new york times will smile on your book any more after two full days participants came away feeling empowered now they have the hammers nails and blueprints and they re out there building away authors marketing workshop one thing publishers always ask prospective authors is what s your platform in other words what kind of public presence do you have how can you help get the word out about your book so the title of 2013 s authors marketing workshop held on june 28­29 in atlanta was building a platform honestly the berrett-koehler way participants heard from a mix of authors and invited experts including a couple of berrett-koehler staff members kat engh bk s social media strategist sings the country song mountain dew while bk author linda stout collective visioning shows off some traditional appalachian dance moves aided by bk author mark levy accidental genius bk authors collaboratory in 2013 the co-op began offering members an unprecedented opportunity to expand their reach the bk authors collaboratory authors can propose a webinar podcast workshop or anything else that they d like the collaboratory to support if their proposal is approved they can use the bk collaboratory logo and name for promotional purposes their project is promoted to the co-op email list they re listed on the collaboratory web page and they re mentioned in the bk co-op s author newsletter the first collaboratory project was a webinar on talent management featuring four bk authors bev kaye and julie winkle giulioni authors of help them grow or watch them go and wendy axelrod and jeannie coyle authors of make talent your business for more information on what the bk authors cooperative is up to google it and check out its website authors retreat the authors retreat held in 2013 at the riverwood inn in otsego minnesota is a little different it has a wider focus as much personal as professional people come to share the work they re doing reconnect with old friends make new ones and take stock of where they are and where they d like to go next there s even dancing and singing mostly but not entirely at the famous talent show which this year also featured tap dancing trombone and flute playing storytelling and ear wiggling a highlight this year was the first annual live and silent auction to raise money for scholarships to bk authors co-op events many items from quilts and necklaces to consulting services and vacation retreats were auctioned off raising over $6,300 rob jolles author of how to change minds and auctioneer extraordinaire at the author retreat auction 30