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bk news open book editions latest releases open book editions bk s self-publishing partnership with iuniverse has now published thirty books the easiest way to purchase obe titles is to go to the obe page on our website www.bkconnection .com/open-book-editions scott c hammond phd lessons of the lost finding hope and resilience in work life and the wilderness this book won second place in our 2012 contest for best obe book proposal scott hammond a volunteer search-andrescue worker draws on his experiences to provide valuable life lessons that small things matter that no one is ever lost alone and that movement creates opportunity dee hock autobiography of a restless mind reflections on the human condition volumes 1 and 2 this is a fascinating exceptionally diverse collection of observations and reflections written over the past twenty-five years by one of the most innovative thinkers writers and leaders of the past half century kathleen l housley fire and forge a desert railroad a wonder metal and the making of an aerospace blacksmith housley tells harry rosenberg s amazing life story from being raised in a red caboose near death valley to working as a miner earning a doctorate from stanford gaining patents for aerospace alloys and founding a company that manufactures the purest titanium in the world maura g robinson mpa the inclusion revolution is now an innovative framework for diversity and inclusion in the workplace robinson who has been helping companies create a systemic process of change for more than twenty years explores how you can create an environment where all employees are accountable for their behaviors and able to work together to accomplish the organization s goals jeff dudley leadereliability where leadership culture and profitability collide a longtime business executive and the founder and president of leadereliability reveals what you can do to consistently meet your commitments and make time for those things you never get to do angela brent-harris love doesn t die whether reminiscing about her jamaican father s love of jazz and the many concerts that he promoted or basking in her memories of time spent with her family just hanging out brent-harris recalls the comfort purity of love family values and spirituality that were so ingrained in her family life charlotte hennessy here today here tomorrow a memoir of spirit communication this is a personal history of spiritual experiences sprinkled with humor poetry and philosophy you may be convinced or at least intrigued with the ample supply of experiences related that life does go on 31