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Fences 2012/2013 by BF Products

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Catalogue: BF Products Fences 2012/2013
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netting deer control fence oriented netting net r approximate mesh size .7 x 1.1 polypropylene netting is manufactured in a continuous extrusion process which results in a product that is plants or animals yet it can protect construction areas from falling debris item no bf311a bf311b bf311c bf311d bf311e bf311g mesh size 3 x 330 4 x 330 5 x 330 6 x 330 7 6 x 330 12 6 x 330 net size 0.9m x 100.6m roll length direction width 1.22m x 100.6m 1.53m x 100.6m 1.83m x 100.6m 2.29m x 100.6m 4.00m x 100.6m 1.22m x 213.4m 1.02m x 213.4m cl311j­clear 4 x 700 cl311l­clear 40 x 700 net r 8 gauge nylon monofilament wire and uv resistant nylon ties nylon wire being used as a grid pattern to hold up netting 4 toll free 866.238.7715

fencing poly mesh fencing molded polyethylene fences item no mesh size bf135a 1/2 square bf136b 1/5 square bf136c 1/2 square bf136f 1 square bf235c 1 square bf236a 1/2 square roll size 39.4 x 100 4 x 100 2 x 100 39.4 x 200 39.4 x 100 4 x 100 color green black black black green black uv resistant bf235c green bf136b 1 5 sq black bf 135a 1 2 sq green bf236a bf136c 1 2 sq black specially made polyethylene mesh fencing will help control diseases by making cleaning of pens and cages easier it is not affected by the usual agricultural chemicals used in cleaning it will not deteriorate rust or corrode like metal mesh it can be used on the sides of pens and pen bottoms polyethylene mesh does not get hot under summer sun or cold needs and mid fall when temperatures are higher 11

cable rope cable nylon monofilament our black solid nylon wire is economical and easy to use it is 1/8th the weight of steel wire by gauge it won t rust stretch or sag under hot or cold temperature extremes won t deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and is lightweight and easy to handle our single strand nylon wire is a high-tensile burrs or sharp points 12 ga 11 ga 8 ga item no description wire diameter approximate length tensile strength galvanized aircraft cable excellent for netting support enlarged cross-sections rope lacing cord 1/4 poly rope on spools item no description bf141a lacing cord-1,000 lacing cord tensile strength 165 lbs 1/4 poly rope 18 toll free 866.238.7715 is not a reseller or dealer of BF Products.

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