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netting deer control fence oriented netting net r approximate mesh size .7 x 1.1 polypropylene netting is manufactured in a continuous extrusion process which results in a product that is plants or animals yet it can protect construction areas from falling debris item no bf311a bf311b bf311c bf311d bf311e bf311g mesh size 3 x 330 4 x 330 5 x 330 6 x 330 7 6 x 330 12 6 x 330 net size 0.9m x 100.6m roll length direction width 1.22m x 100.6m 1.53m x 100.6m 1.83m x 100.6m 2.29m x 100.6m 4.00m x 100.6m 1.22m x 213.4m 1.02m x 213.4m cl311j­clear 4 x 700 cl311l­clear 40 x 700 net r 8 gauge nylon monofilament wire and uv resistant nylon ties nylon wire being used as a grid pattern to hold up netting 4 toll free

deer control fence do-it-yourself guide to fence installation steel posts installed maximum 15 apart for ease of installation use our 4 ground support posts with our 8 steel posts uv resistant nylon ties to attach netting to post all items in bold are stocked smooth nylon monofilament 8 gauge or 11 gauge used as a guide wire at top to support deer net fence gripples or cable clamps required for nylon aluminum oval sleeves can also be used for a stronger application be used midway up and at the bottom of the fencing as well wire tensioner can be installed wire and can also splice wire streamers are tied to the deer net fence for 6 weeks to warn deer of the new barrier fence staples used to hold netting are installed on the outside of the trees surrounding the area to be protected ground stakes closely spaced are used to hold deer net fence see post accessories on pages 16-20 6 toll free

fencing safety fence nova regular item no size bf138c 4 x 100 nova iii item no bf138e bf138f color orange size 4 x 100 4 x 100 color green orange great for safety and crowd control these shown here are oriented for extra strength diamond mesh extruded item no roll size color bf104e 4 x 50 orange square safety fence extruded approx item no roll size mesh size bf103a 4 x 100 1.25 x 1.50 bf103b 4 x 100 1.25 x 1.50 bf103c 4 x 100 1.25 x 1.50 bf103d 4 x 50 1.25 x 1.50 bf103e 4 x 50 1.25 x 1.50 non-stocked drop shipped ps138r nite lite ii fence smooth top and bottom edge color orange green yellow black white item no roll size color 8 toll free

fencing driveway markers/snow poles reflective driveway markers driveway marker land boundary mark culvert marker snow removal marker item no description all posts have a pointed tip 10 toll free

fencing wire fencing 20 gauge pvc coated hex wire 1 mesh size item no bf109a bf109b bf109c bf109d bf109e bf109f size 2 x 150 3 x 150 4 x 150 5 x 150 6 x 150 7 6 x 100 fence is reinforced with an extra wire welded wire anti-bird screen poultry cages flooring and greenhouse benches galvanized welded wire item no bf110a bf110b bf110m bf110c bf110d bf110e bf111a bf111b bf111c bf111d bf111p bf111q item no bf110f bf110g bf110h bf110i bf110j bf110k bf111f bf111g bf111h bf111j bf111k bf111n bf111l bf111m bf111e mesh size 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 x 1 16ga 1/2 x 1 16ga 1/2 x 1 19ga 1/2 square 19ga 1/2 square 19ga 1/2 square 19ga 1/2 square 14ga 1 square 14ga 1 square mesh size 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 square 16ga 1/2 x 1 16ga 1/2 x 1 16ga 1/2 x 1 16ga 1 square 16ga 1 square 14ga 2 x 4 14ga 2 x 4 14ga 2 x 4 14ga 2 x 4 19ga 1/2 square 19ga 1/2 square 19ga 1/2 square size 4 x 100 3 x 100 2 x 100

sports products outfield fence kits ideal for youth leagues and other sports activities by little leagues softball leagues parks and recreation departments and is ideal for crowd control fabric safety the following kits are furnished with premium fabric mesh fencing and are weather and tear and red please specify color when ordering square safety the following kits are furnished with extra link fencing which is weather resistant and will hold up in high wind areas fence your requirements 46 x 150 premium fabric sports fence 16 smart pole ground sockets with cap 1 smart pole socket setter 11 smart pole ground sockets with cap 50 poly clips 1 smart pole socket setter 50 poly clips your requirements 48 x 100 square link fence note remove fabric fence and posts when storms or high winds are expected batting cages our batting cages are constructed of twisted #42 are our best selling nets because they are reasonably priced they hold up well when exposed long term to outdoor elements

windbreak privacy screens privacy screen polyethylene 80-85 shade value item no bf155d bf155f bf155h bf155g bf155i bf155j bf155k bf155l bf155m roll size 44 x 150 68 x 150 92 x 150 68 x 150 92 x 150 68 x 150 44 x 50 68 x 50 92 x 50 color green green green brown brown blue green green green grommetted 50 long panels call us for prices on larger quantities uv resistant heavier top bottom edge wind screen polyethylene 60 shade value 70-75 wind blockage item no bf155a bf155a9 roll size 6 x 120 9 x 120 color green green priced lower than the competition visual block can be custom made 99.9 shade value with a small rope on top and bottom edges fabric can be attached directly to chain link fences by using a metal hog ring around the roped edges item no bf156 bf157 polyclip roll size 68 x 150 68 x 50 color black black visual block use a flathead screw driver to open polyclip by twisting shown here with 1/4 yellow poly rope item no bf150 bf150a 16 color black

cable rope cable nylon monofilament our black solid nylon wire is economical and easy to use it is 1/8th the weight of steel wire by gauge it won t rust stretch or sag under hot or cold temperature extremes won t deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and is lightweight and easy to handle our single strand nylon wire is a high-tensile burrs or sharp points 12 ga 11 ga 8 ga item no description wire diameter approximate length tensile strength galvanized aircraft cable excellent for netting support enlarged cross-sections rope lacing cord 1/4 poly rope on spools item no description bf141a lacing cord-1,000 lacing cord tensile strength 165 lbs 1/4 poly rope 18 toll free

fasteners tools wire accessories bf449b gripple from 10 to 14 gauge wire joins two wires together bf549 bf449b cutter pliers medium gripple each each bf249 cable clamp/u-bolt 14 to 10 ga bf549 cutter pliers bf349 bf349h hand swager 20 long 7 lbs hand tool hand swager aluminum oval sleeves excellent for use on the terminating ends of wire hand swager bf149 aluminum oval sleeves available in 3 different gauge sizes item no bf049a bf049b bf049c gauge size 12 11 8 wire diameter 3/32 1/8 5/32 12 gauge nylon wire oval sleeve before hand swaging oval sleeve after hand swaging 20 toll free

porous paving grids grassprotectatm grass reinforcement mesh grassprotecta surfaces prone to wear rutting and smearing the oscillated mesh structure 97 compared to standard straight oriented meshes grassprotecta is a cost the oscillated mesh structures allows full natural grass growth while grassprotecta is supplied in 6.56 x 65.6 3.28 x 32.8 resistance by up to 97 compared to standard straight oriented mesh structures areas should be left unused until the grass has grown though the mesh apertures ensuring texas rangers installation required grassprotecta texas rangers site 5 days after showing grass growth texas rangers site with full grass growth can be used to protect grass on light aircraft taxiways and golf card routes grassprotecta is simply installed onto the existing grass surface the grass will quickly grow through the mesh apertures and the area will return to a natural grassed appearance item no grass protecta standard grass protecta standard 22 description 6.56 x

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