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tanglefoot pre coated sticky tree bands victor poison free ant roach killer shake away fox urine powder packs power organics mycorrhizal root booster victors poison free flying insect spray jt eaton 530 hand duster safer brand moss and algae stanley pneumatic net ring tool small biconet golden pest spray oil bioganic wasp hornet killer tred not deerfly patches bioganic flying insect killer tree tanglefoot pest barrier bioganics flying insect killer bioganic crawling insect killer seabright yellow sticky traps oak stump mosquito trap concern copper soap fungicide monterey garden insect spray st gabriel moss killer pyrethrum total release fogger pic window fly trap rapitest soil ph test kit 30x illuminated pocket microscope model ast 15 lamotte jungle rain clean leaf golden pest spray oil alfalfa meal 50 lbs oxygen plus indoor plant food pound of diatomaceous earth bonide rotenone pyrethrin metanaturals organic nitrogen tanglefoot pest barrier bonide rotenone 5 organic insecticide pantry moth trap tanglefoot latex pruning sealer springstar flea trap milky spore dispenser bioganic crawling insect tanglefoot insect trap coating oak stump mosquito pyrethrin garden spray milky spore powder safer clothes moth great horned owl tangle trap insect coating flea tick repellent dr t phyta guard ec tanglefoot tangle trap sticky coating peppermint oil soap clothing moth traps nitron formula a 35 hot pepper wax hot pepper wax spray hilti closed loop

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biocontrol network spider mite control feltiella acarisuga feltiella acarisuga are tiny midges that feed on two spotted spider mites these predatory midges are effective destroyers of spider mites and biological control for tomatoes cucumbers sweet peppers and other greenhouse crops 1008 1008.6 250 feltiella acarisuga 250 feltiella acarisuga 6 $95.00 $90.00 1-800-441-bugs phytoseiulus persimilis two-spotted spider mites and others are the target food of p persimilis which consume 5 to 10 pest adults or up to 20 pest eggs per day p persimilis need a relative humidity greater than 60 to survive especially in the egg stage 1,000 phytoseiulus persimilis 2,000 phytoseiulus persimilis 5,000 phytoseiulus persimilis 25,000 phytoseiulus persimilis n californicus/p persimilus mix 5000 large must ship shaker 2nd day or fedex overnight fedex 1571 1572 1573 1574 1580 $30.00 $53.00 $85.00 $400.00 $107.00 must ship fedex 2nd day or fedex overnight galendromus occidentalis this mite predator is

biocontrol network bonide rotenone 1 insecticide 1 rotenone spray or dust with wetting agent safe to use on garden vegetables up to picking time without fear of residue controls insects on bush and vine fruits fruit trees shade trees flowers shrubs and vegetables kills fire ants 7555 7576 bonide rotenone 1 organic insecticide 1 lb bonide rotenone 1 organic insecticide 4 lb $7.70 $12.50 1-800-441-bugs concern copper soap fungicide concern copper soap fungicide for flowers fruits vegetables no visible residue even after multiple appliations no solvents odorless effective for treatment of downy mildews leaf and fruit spots blights and rusts concern copper soap fungicide 32 oz rtu $8.90 concern copper soap fungicide 32 oz rtu $79.90 12/cs not registered for sale in the states of ak az co in ks ky ms nc nm va wy 5457 5457.12 not registered for sale in the state of ca perma-guard garden d-21 for control of aphids whitefly beetles loopers mites leaf hoppers and others for use in the

biocontrol network pic yellowjacket wasp trap 6 entry tunnels attract from all directions special design lures insects once-in never out works all day-everyday makes being outdoors safer no chemicals-no poisons durable-use it again and again !5702 5702.4 5702.6 pic yellowjacket wasp trap pic yellowjacket wasp trap 4 pic yellowjacket wasp trap 6/cs $7.10 $6.50 $36.00 1-800-441-bugs tanglefoot pantry trap system the tanglefoot pantry trap has a pheromone that attracts the male moths they are captured in the trap and this interrupts the life cycle of this insect easy to use no pesticides and the traps are ready to use 2420 2420.12 tanglefoot pantry trap system 2/pkg tanglefoot pantry trap 2/pkg 12/cs $6.95 $69.50 deluxe yellowjacket trap bait tray meets both feeding cycles it holds safer s yellowjacket bait or common food items bottom reservoir holds sweet liquid reusable bait included 2604 safer deluxe yellowjacket trap $7.90 surefire pantry pest trap bothered by grain meal flour

biocontrol network victor poison-free ant roach killer poison-free brand formula which kills bugs yet can be used around children and pets victor aerosols have a fresh mint scent plus they do not stain carpets or floors it s a breath of fresh air 2192 2192.6 poison free ant roach insect killer 17.5 oz poison free ant roach insect killer 17.5 oz 6/cs $4.90 $29.90 1-800-441-bugs traps springstar earwig trap an all purpose set of four 4 reusable traps which attract earwigs ants and other small crawling insects contains no pesticides or poisons safe around pets children edible fruits and vegetables 2622 2622.12 springstar earwig trap 4/pkg springstar earwig trap 4/pkg 12/cs $7.95 $79.50 dr t s cobweb eliminator eliminates cobwebs both indoors outdoors or anywhere cobwebs are noticed it discourages spiders from building their webs on the areas sprayed spray in garages porches decks barns and even indoor areas 0370 0370.12 0371 0371.4 0371.5 dr.t s dr.t s dr.t s dr.t s dr.t s cobweb

biocontrol network physical deterrents jumpo birdtrainer the jumpo bird trainer is an active bird chasing device which humanely trains pigeons and other pest birds to roost elsewhere jumpo leaps up in a non-repetitive way depending on what part of jumpo the bird contacts 2633 2633.2 2633.3 jumpo birdtrainer 6/bx jumpo birdtrainer 6/bx 2 jumpo birdtrainer 32/carton $19.95 $17.95 $480.00 1-800-441-bugs bird-x stainless steel spikes stainless steel spikes have bendable bases which mount flat or on concave or convex curves spikes are made from heavy duty stainless steel prongs and long-life polycarbonate base 2683 2684 2685 2686 2687 2688 2689 2690 standard 5 stainless steel spikes 10 ft standard 5 stainless steel spikes 24 ft standard 5 stainless steel spikes 50 ft standard 5 stainless steel spikes 100 ft extra wide 8 stainless steel spikes 10 ft extra wide 8 stainless steel spikes 24 ft extra wide 8 stainless steel spikes 50 ft extra wide 8 stainless steel spikes 100 ft $44.50

biocontrol network squirrel away bird food treatment squirrel away does not hurt squirrels or birds it is an all natural formula made from capsicum peppers squirrel away is tasteless to birds and a good source of vitamin a !4582 4583 4584 squirrel away 1.5 oz squirrel away 3 oz squirrel away 2.75 lbs $2.75 $4.50 $32.95 1-800-441-bugs shake-away fox urine powder packs create a misleading image that foxes are present keeps away beavers chipmunks groundhogs gophers porcupines mice moles possum rabbits rats shrews skunks squirrels woodchucks and voles !4589 4589.12 shake-away squirrel packs 2 pkg/bx shake-away squirrel packs 2 pkg/bx 12/cs $21.30 $232.00 get away dog cat repellent get away® dog cat repellent keep pets away from gardens lawns garbage cans and more this all natural repellent uses odor and taste to repel pleasant lemon scent is not offensive to humans 3636 3636.12 3637 3637.6 3635 3635.6 get away dog cat repellent 16 oz rtu get away dog cat repellent 16 oz rtu

biocontrol network webspinner webspinner will de-web anywhere in minutes without smearing extends up to 30 inches spinning 2700 rpms attach the web-xtender included to any broom or mop handle to extend the webspinner to 15 feet 3990 webspinner $12.95 1-800-441-bugs bat guano high nitrogen all-purpose organic fertilizer effective against rootknot nematodes and is ideal for houseplants vegetables fruit trees flowers lawns and ornamentals can be used as a manure tea foliar feed and a soil mix 3001 3002 3003 31012 3011 3012 31014 31015 bat guano high nitrogen 10-3-1 1 lb bat guano high nitrogen 2.75 lbs bat guano high nitrogen 10 lbs desert bat guano 8-4-1 25 lbs bat guano high phosphorus 1 lb bat guano high phosphorus 5 lbs dry-bar cave bat guano 3-10-1 10 lbs hi-phos cave bat guano 3-10-1 25 lbs dry-bar hi-phos $4.90 $11.50 $35.90 $59.90 $4.50 $21.90 $35.70 $53.50 trellis netting trellis netting is a permanent nylon mesh with a 60 lb breaking stregth for supporting extremely heavy

biocontrol network bio/organics mycominerals all in one this product provides essential mineral elements plus important biological life to garden soils and potting mixes apply to edible or ornamental plants for maximum performance 3909 3909.6 bio/organics mycominerals 4 lbs bio/organics mycominerals 4 lbs 6/cs $32.00 $165.00 1-800-441-bugs soil ph test kits accurate ph testing is essential to determine lime requirements to insure that a mineral-rich soil is also fertile morgan method not for heavy clay soils duplex indicator reagent 5 color chart spot plate 50 tests 2764 5023 lamotte soil ph test kit model st-t model st-m morgan ph test kit $14.00 $76.70 soil moist flower garden plus this hydrogel formulation contains a diverse blend of endomycorrhizal fungi that are adapted to a wide range of plants and conditions to inoculate planting areas such as flower beds trees shrubs and containers prior to planting 3898 3898.6 3899 3899.6 soil soil soil soil moist flower garden plus 1 lb

biocontrol network earthworms nature s soil aerators earthworms redworms improve and condition the soil as they burrow in search of food earthworms excrete a highly nitrous fertilizer called castings use 2 to 3 worms per square foot 3080 3082 3083 3084 3085 3086 3087 earthworms apprx 400 1/2 lb earthworms apprx 800 1 lb earthworms apprx 1600 2 lbs earthworms 4 lbs earthworms 6 lbs earthworms,10 lbs earthworms 20 lbs $12.50 $22.50 $40.90 $77.00 $108.00 $180.00 $340.00 1-800-441-bugs compost thermometers monitor the interior temperature in your compost pile with one of these stainless steel thermometers the temperature reading tells you when to add water turn the pile and when it is ready to use 4041 4043 4045 4046 4047 4048 4043.1 compost compost windrow c windrow c windrow c windrow c compost thermometer 20 1/4 dia only f thermometer 24 5/16 dia thermometer 36 5/16 dia f thermometer 48 5/16 dia f thermometer 60 5/16 dia f thermometer 72 5/16 dia f thermometer 24 5/16

biocontrol network organica heavy duty degreaser this industrial strength cleaner is an effective alternative to chlorinated solvents and harsh alkaline detergents ideal for cleaning grimy metal parts and for use in garage or shop 3225 3225.4 322555 organica heavy duty degreaser 1 gal conc organica heavy duty degreaser 1 gal 4/cs organica heavy duty degreaser 55 gal conc $21.95 $77.00 $599.00 1-800-441-bugs hot spot shampoo for cats dogs kittens puppies a special combination of natural moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients soothes dry skin removes dandruff flakes and provides fast relief from itching scratching and sore skin 5851 5852 vet s best hot spot itch relief shampoo 8 oz vet s best hot spot itch relief shampoo 16 oz $6.95 $12.95 organica organic stain remover a unique combination of natural enzymes biocatalysts and organic cleaning compounds that consume organic stains without harming carpet fabric or hard surfaces safe for use around children and pets 3226 3226.12 3229