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stanley pneumatic net ring tool small great horned owl hilti closed loop daddy long legs motion activated sprinkler wood screw eye bolt stainless anchoring and fastening systems for concrete and masonry anchors and fastening systems for concrete and masonry 14 anchors and fastening systems for concrete and masonry stainless steel mesh bird control scarecrow sprinkler girder clips girder clip bamboo poles concrete lag anchor galvanized lag screw lag screw eye eye lag screw lag screw eye 6 lag screw eye bolt 6 lag screw plastic anchor stainless eye lag screw stanley pneumatic tool stanley pneumatic tools stainless wood lag screw wood lag screw tension plastic concrete expansion anchors cable anchor crimp ring wood screw eye bolt wood lag screw strength stainless steel wire mesh attachments wood to wood lag screws stainless steel turnbuckle ends concrete to galvanized steel anchors bolts bolting ferrule crimping tool crimp rings and ferrules 2 way garden hose connectors food grade pvc hose architectural stainless steel fasteners carbon fiber sizing agent steel beam to steel truss connectors bird power meter biconet jackit hilti drill hilti drills drill hilti hilti bolts hilti pins biocontrol lag eye screw screw lag eye dr jays pigeon food kite patch

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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs lifesize great horned owl scarecrow helps protect gardens fruit trees berries grapes and strawberry beds from birds and other pests for best results place the owl in a prominent position so birds can see it and move it around garden every few days 2669 2669.6 natural enemy lifesize great horned owl natural enemy lifesize great horned owl 6/cs $16.95 $91.95 bird control visual deterrents bird alarm discs keep birds out of gardens fruit trees berries and other areas made from recycled compact discs the shiny holographic background makes the bird-of-prey image jump off the disk scaring even the most persistent birds 2305 springstar bird alarm discs 3/pkg $8.50 rotating head great horned owl scarecrow realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes to startle birds squirrels mice and other small animals place owl before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop place owl in a prominent position so birds can see it 2668 2668.4 $5.40 $24.00 $44.80

biocontrol network scarecrow snake this inflatable 6 foot snake scares away birds rabbits and other garden pests that are attracted to fruits berries grapes and vegetables keep relocating the snake so the birds will not get used to it 2661 2661.12 natural enemy scarecrow snake natural enemy scarecrow snake 12/cs $8.50 $89.90 1-800-441-bugs allsopp vigilante helikite allows bird control where none was possible before it is a bird control system that works well over a long time because birds find it extremely difficult to overcome the innate terror of predatory hawks that helikites create 2636 2636.4 2636.10 2636.20 2637 2637.4 2637.10 2637.20 2636.1 2637.1 2638.5 2638.1 2638.2 2639.1 2639.2 2639.3 vigilante helikite vx vigilante helikite vx 4 vigilante helikite vx 10 vigilante helikite vx 20 lightweight helikite lightweight helikite 4 lightweight helikite 10 lightweight helikite 20 ripstop vigilante helikite sail ripstop lightweight helikite sail 32 lightweight helikite balloons 5/pkg

biocontrol network bird-x goosechase it s a safe food-grade taste aversion agent made from a bitter smelly part of concord grapes it renders food sources unpalatable to geese geese leave treated areas for the long term as they cannot habituate to the taste 2913 2914 2914.4 goosechase 1 pt goosechase 1 gal goosechase 1 gal 4/cs $16.00 $93.00 $360.00 1-800-441-bugs bird-x spikes birds instinctively fly to landing strips such as roof ledges windowsills signs building projections statues trusses and beams now you can keep them from landing on your property inexpensively and permanently 2679 2679.1 2679.2 2679.3 2680 2680.1 2680.2 2680.3 2681 2681.12 bird-x spikes 10 ft std bird-x spikes 25 ft std bird-x spikes 50 ft std bird-x spikes 100 ft std bird-x spikes 10 ft nar bird-x spikes 25 ft nar bird-x spikes 50 ft nar bird-x spikes 100 ft nar spikes special adhesive 10 oz cartridge 20 spikes special adhesive 12/cs $46.00 $115.00 $220.00 $425.00 $38.00 $95.00 $180.00 $375.00 $8.50 $99.00

biocontrol network birdxpeller pro programmable bird repeller the new sonic repeller from bird-x that uses different birds own distress calls to create a danger zone which effectively frightens the infestation flock away 4181 4181.6 4182 4182.6 4182.1 4180 birdxpeller pro model 1 birdxpeller pro model 1 6 birdxpeller pro model 2 birdxpeller pro model 2 6 birdxpeller pro model wp woodpeckers bird xpeller solar panel $239.00 $225.00 $239.00 $225.00 $239.00 $160.00 1-800-441-bugs crop gard super pro effectively repels birds in agricultural areas covering up to 3-6 acres per unit features recording play modes time delays and time of operation the random operation keeps birds from habituating to the harassment sounds 415001 415002 415201 415202 415501 415602 crop gard super pro w harassment chip 4 speakers super pro w harassment chip 4 cropgard speakers individual extension speaker bird gard 220 v bird gard 4 speaker box assembly bird gard battery cable clips 10 feet /3 meter of

biocontrol network bird-x birdnet prevent birds from damaging your trees or crops or from entering architectural openings with bird mesh ideal protection for vineyards orchards and other agricultural concerns allows light and moisture to reach crops 2673.1 2674.1 2675 2676 2926 bird-x net std 3/4 mesh 100 x 14 bird-x net std 3/4 mesh 200 x 14 bird-x net structural 1/2 mesh 100 x 14 bird-x net structural 1/2 mesh 200 x 14 bird-x mounting clips 250 $55.00 $99.90 $170.00 $325.00 $90.00 1-800-441-bugs cable bracket this versatile stainless steel bracket can be used as an end or intermediate bracket and can be used either as a permanent fixture or as a quick-release cable holder when you need access behind the netting 2936 multi-purpose cable bracket 100 $34.50 cable bracket u allows you to run net cable along thin hard to fasten surfaces like sheet metal cladding gutters etc two screws give a stronger hold for the hob zinc plated steel 6517 cable bracket u shaped 100

biocontrol network hilti open loop same as hilti closed loop except the loop is open so you can remove you cable if necessary great for removable netting jobs simply drill a hole and hammer it home 6514 hilti open loop pack of 100 $108.50 1-800-441-bugs netbolt this high-load bearing expansion bolt is the perfect anchor for most masonry stone or concrete corner/end attachments use the smaller bolt for cable runs under 100 feet and the larger for cable runs over 100 feet 6498 6499 6500 netbolt m8 galvanized 10 netbolt m6 galvanized 10 netbolt m6 stainless 10 $49.75 $34.75 $77.25 kwik tog and eye loop stucco is a very difficult substrata to fasten net cable to due to its weakness hilti s durable plastic attachment affords a solid base for this screw eye drill an 3/8 hole insert the kwik tog so it expands behind the stucco 6516 kwik tog and eye loop 50 $20.75 plastic net anchor light-weight inexpensive intermediate concrete stone anchor for smaller net hobs totally u.v stable this one

biocontrol network turnbuckle use galvanized for dry salt-free climates use with galvanized hog rings and net cable use stainless steel in wet or salty climates use with stainless steel cable and hog rings 6529 6530 6531 6532 6533 6534 turnbuckle small galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle small stainless steel 10 pack turnbuckle medium galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle medium stainless steel 10 pack turnbuckle large galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle large stainless steel 10 pack $19.25 $103.25 $21.50 $111.25 $26.00 $137.25 1-800-441-bugs songbird magnet purple martin and song bird caller reproduces the charming songs of beautiful and melodious eastern bluebirds baltimore orioles house wrens house finches american goldfinches and indigo buntings 417901 songbird magnet for purple martins songbirds $49.00 7 prices are subject to